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  1. Will Hamilton Campbell be at Grundy next year?
  2. Did he play college football at UT?
  3. That is awesome!
  4. How many total team state championship has Washington County as a whole won?? What were the sports?
  5. Heard Aaron Williams will be announced as head coach at Abingdon this morning.
  6. Isn't the AAU coach the varsity assistant and JV coach?
  7. Saw where Tyler Webb was hired by Twin Springs as their new basketball coach. Any of the other head positions in the area been filled yet? Abingdon, Northwood, Marion, Lee, Tazewell, Galax or Burton?
  8. I agree. His Tennessee tenure might scare some away, but look at what Pearl did has done at Auburn. Forbes has been an assistant at some big schools and with some big names.
  9. I thought Steve Forbes would have been a candidate.
  10. Heard Abingdon interviewing this week. Any word on who they interviewed?
  11. Seen that is being advertised on the Washington County Schools website. What happened to Johnson and who are the front runners?
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