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  1. I think you might be right on those two. But I think Honaker will be surprisingly good in 1D. My previous comments on a predictions post had Honaker, Burton and Patrick Henry as front runners and I’m not sure that to be as true. I think I may have doubted the Chilhowie warriors a bit too much I think they may be able to play with all teams in region. I’d also have some doubt about the Burton Raiders if they don’t have Coach Jim Adams they may be hurting. That’s 20 years of him being the guy possibly gone. From what I understand the interim HC is an internal guy but without Adams they may have a rough year. Wise and gate city may both surprise a few people. I’m not convinced Union will be the team they have been past years. Certainly would be a big win for Gate city and wise to be beat them.
  2. Ryan/Brady will the show continue this year? Any thoughts to a preview show breaking down the districts?
  3. Well honestly my 1D I looked at last years all state and they were only players coming back besides Chilhowie kicker. And I agree Graham is LOADED but I think Adkins will be the spotlight player for the region.
  4. Who will be the top players in 1D and 2D this year? My picks would be: 1D- either Culbertson, John I Burton or Brown, Patrick Henry 2D- Adkins, Ridgeview will get to see all 3 play at some point unfortunately honaker plays them all away this year.
  5. Found these on the board figured needed to be added to the thread!
  6. If your team has some new designs this year share them here! Excited to see which one will look best this year!
  7. Anybody go to the one at eastside today?
  8. I heard from somebody who is a very reliable source that a recently resigned HC was selected for Castlewood job. Recent as in past 4-5 years. Wise Co guy. Not saying a name don’t wanna distribute bad information if my guy is incorrect. But hasn’t done me wrong yet.
  9. Good answers! Waiting on some Richlands folk to join in. I’m sure there will be a few different answers to it.
  10. What is the most iconic play in the our coverage areas history? Really missing football and just wanna talk ball LOL by the way 85 days until VHSL week 1 games...
  11. Jim Adams to Castlewood confirmed LOL
  12. Any word outta Castlewood? Middle of June Gonna be a tough run for whoever gets the nod.
  13. Says school will not be renewing his contract. 20+ years as HC wow. Thoughts? http://www.timesnews.net/Football/2019/06/05/Adams-says-his-coaching-contract-at-J-I-Burton-won-t-be-renewed.html?ci=stream&lp=1&p=1
  14. How do you guys think each district will finish this year? 2A: M7 Union- Not sure if this is picked correctly but Union or Abingdon one will win the M7. Polier will be BIG on defense for the Bears. not sure how the Offense will look but Turner will have them ready come August. Abingdon- As I said I’m not sure who will but one of these two will. Abingdon has a community behind their coach and the players. Not sure what they have returning but I think some coaching up with the size of the school they will be ok. Ridgeview- Adkins will be a one man show with Sexton graduating. Graduated most of OL I believe should be interesting to see if the pack stays afloat in the M7 Gate City- Akers has a tale.. oh wait a new coach in Houseright has a talented bunch coming in. Community seems to be behind him should be a solid first year in for coach. Central- Owens had to make due with a new QB after his got injured last season. Warriors have a lot of good talent. Should be a scary bunch this year or next Lee- New coach and some young talent looking to make a name for theirselves. May win a few they aren’t supposed to. John Battle- First year head coach. Struggled much of 2018. Should be young team looking for experience SWD Graham- great coaches will keep this team in the front after losing a game changer like Cam Allen Richlands- Richlands will be Richlands. They got a good kicker 🙂 Virginia High- Lost a lot of kids from last year not sure how the talent looks below that. I think injuries may had been the problem last year. Tazewell- I have no idea what to expect this team seemed so promising last year but struggled. Seems to be a lot of talent being groomed hopefully they can capitalize. This is my 2A dark horse pick. Marion- new head coach should be decent year for the Canes. Have some good younger talent returning this year Lebanon - Struggled in 2018. Hopefully they can load in some talent and gain some experience 1A Cumberland John I Burton- a lot of young talent on this team last year but also lost some very good talent in the Thacker kid. Seemed to be their glue last year. Expect the raiders to be a front runner for the Region D. Eastside- Lost the best QB in the area in Rasnick. Not sure if they have anybody that can match him coming up. Whited kid will be a star for them along with LB Bellamy. Rye Cove- I believe this team will shock many people this year. Aside from losing DC to Gate City I think they had some solid players last year and may have one of the dark horse squads in the Cumberland. Thomas Walker- Unfortunately TW couldn’t live up to the hype last year. I know a lot of people on the board were “on board” for the Pioneers. Got a few returners hopefully they can get something going and get a few wins in the district. Twin Springs- 2018 wasn’t good to the titans. Hopefully in his 2nd year coach Warner will get something going. Castlewood- still no coach and nearing June. Not sure they return a lot I know the Mullins kid was pretty good but I believe he was a SR Hogoheegee Patrick Henry- Should be one of the better if not the best team in region d. Returning almost an entire offense from last year. PH should thrive behind the 2 back tandem of last year. Only lost twice to the buzzsaw known as Chilhowie. Chilhowie- Lost a lot not real sure if they have the talent on lower levels to reload with the amount of talent they have had over the previous 2 years. BHC Article has one “Key Player” returning from last years squad Rural Retreat- first year back in the Hogoheegee should be interesting for the Indians. Not much should change seeing as they play almost all the district teams already. Holston- Their QB was the bright spot but he is graduated and it’ll be interesting to see how they regroup after a very impressive 2018 Northwood- it’ll be interesting to see how new head coach Tim Johnson recruits some of the athletes at Northwood. They have talented athletes on basketball team maybe some of them come to play and they win a few. Black Diamond Honaker- should have one of the top teams in region d. QB and Hubbard’s son was one of the best tandems in our area last year. Grundy- Lost one of the best backs in 1A to graduation will be interesting to see how the wave does in 2019 Hurley- First year head coach few kids coming back. May surprise some people with a few more wins than expected Twin Valley- Lost a lot. missing Keen kid will hurt
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