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  1. I went to the VA peeps site for the first time in years this week and it was a lock that Rockingham was going to win today 😂. Congrats to the G-Men. I was able to watch most of the game today and they looked good.....and inspired. Hope next week is the same result!
  2. Does anyone know if you will be able to watch this game online?
  3. Just hope Tommy Edwards doesn’t suplex any of our players. Circa 1991 (I think) You older Gmen fans might know what I’m talking about,
  4. The “Union High Bear Den” Facebook page only congratulated Richlands on their win. Seems their is a lot of animosity toward Graham after getting beat.
  5. Graham scores with 8 seconds left in 2nd. 21-7 Graham
  6. Graham intercepts Union, scores very next play. 14-0 Graham
  7. Probably was suspended from school if he didn’t play.
  8. The crazy catch made by the Abingdon receiver is now featured on the House of Highlights Instagram
  9. Up until a couple years ago when Virginia reclassified to a 6A system LB, Blacksburg, William Byrd, Salem etc. were all 2A teams
  10. Graham 14 Lebanon 0 8:07 1st quarter
  11. WAXM is covering the Raiders game and kicks country Announcers sound like they are on speakerphone and whenever the crowd gets loud can’t even hear them
  12. Should be a great game. Lots of college’s in attendance. Kirby smart going to helicopter to this game as well? Haha
  13. TD Graham GHS 34 GCHS 0 3:35 2nd
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