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  1. Giles is done!! In everything. Doesnt matter if they are 1A or 2A. No athletes, and lack of interest!
  2. Wow what a night it was going back home and seeing the NHS gym over flowing with green & gold. Congratulations goes out to the boys and their coach on a great win. Loved watching a team play such great defense, on what seemed to be every possession down the floor. Exciting time for the basketball program at NHS. I must say I did see a Lil bit of Coach Patterson in Coach Bailey. See you Friday night!!
  3. Being from Narrows and played at Narrows under Coach Patterson Im super excited to see the basketball program at NHS on the rebound. I havnt lived there for almost 20 years but Im not sure the last time ive seen this much excitement over the basketball program. The JV team went through district play undefeated and only lost a couple games total and varsity won the district Tourney for first time in 25 years. I know coach Patterson would be proud of the way his grandson is leading this program. Good Luck tonight guys, Im coming home for a basketball game for the first time ever!!
  4. After a couple years of exciting and successful football seasons at Narrows High School, that winning attitude and culture seems to be carrying over to the hardwood. Should be a very good basketball game tonight in Narrows with two winning teams that both are 5-0 in Pioneer district action. Ive seen Narrows play many times they are super athletic and have a number of kids that can score. Parry Mccluer is always the favorite in this district and always well coached and probably the favorite tonight. Either way should be a good high school basketball game if you dont have anything to do. Good Luck to both teams
  5. Ive seen Narrows play 2 times as well, including against Chilhowie. Narrows tends to not show up from time to time, but when they do, their Oline usually dominates, which mean all the speed in the world gets loose and it makes it a long night for the opposing team. Now when they come in not focused or not prepared like they did last friday night they really look ugly. GW never seems to make any adjustments and thats what Ive really noticed as a strong point for Narrows. If Narrows slows down the GW Passing game I think Narrows could run away with it. Narrows has been devastated by injury! If Narrows shows up..... Green Wave 27 GW 14
  6. Narrows has played and beat some good teams this year.... Auburn Chilhowie , 2A Giles, Holston who was # 1 in region D when Narrows beat them, Covington. I'm tickled for Narrows, they are something like 40-8 in the last 4 years!! I believe its time for those that hate on Narrows to give them their due. THEIR BACK!!
  7. Man they are good, super fast! We had nothing for them at all. Surprising a small school with that speed and size
  8. Your from narrows right?? I heard y’all have many guys out? I watched y’all Friday and you still looked like you are pretty dang good. All kinds of speed!!! How many are out?
  9. I’m new on here, but I watched Narrows for the first time this Friday. . I have heard everyone building them up and everyone bashing them... but let me tell you they have team speed like I havnt seen in a while. Exp at the 1A level. I saw a team that has at least 4 running backs that can fly. Number 20 is their best back I think, he is big strong kid that runs behind his pads but once he gets past second level nobody is catching him. The blaker that is the RB/ track star can absolutely out run anyone on this end of the state. The QB can roll as well along with a couple receivers. 24 has been getting flack on her but I will have to stand up for that kid he is a player. If Narrows can get over the injury bug and get healthy the next 3 weeks it could get interesting for them. They had as many kids in uniform but not dressed than they did dresses out. Oh yea their line is the biggest line we have played all year.
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