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  1. Hearing the game is back in Bluefield now at 1:30. BC agreed to move there game to 7:00. Kudos to BC if true
  2. Don't understand why BC can't move that game to 7:30 on Saturday night?? Its certainly not like BC football is a big draw around here!
  3. Bluefield Middle School finishes the season 8-0 after defeating previously unbeaten Beckley Park 14-12 tonight. Congratulations to the Bucs.
  4. I got a feeling the Beavers may see the same type of field friday night...
  5. It is my understanding that UT decommitted from him, right after the coaching change.
  6. bhs15

    Playoff updates

    Richlands score????????
  7. Colobro would be an excellent choice IMO. That is if he doesnt' get the Concord job with his connections....
  8. 3 tickets for sale. Pm me if interested. Sold
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