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  1. John Marshall is one of the few teams that has actually lived to, or exceeded, the hype. Now that I say that, Gate City will probably upset them😁
  2. After what I saw in Rockingham County tonight, John Marshall by 25+. Anytime they wanted a basket, they went inside to 6’11 Wheeler. He is pretty much unstoppable. Can’t imagine that will change Thursday.
  3. Some refs just can’t make a call at critical times. I’ve seen a handful of baseball umps who have no trouble calling strike 1 & 2 but will only call strike 3 on a swing and miss.
  4. Wish I could say but I have not seen Radford or Gate City this year. East Rock runs through Nickel. He is 6’7, handles the ball well, has good range and gets to the rim pretty much at will (so far). McNair controls their game as the PG. Very quick and physical. More of a drive and dish player than a jump shooter. Great defensive player. Evick (6’6) sometimes starts but often comes off the bench. His range is really good and apparently has the green light from anywhere. He’s a tough match up on offense but a liability on defense. The supporting cast seems to know their role. They go 8-9 deep. Upsetting JM will be a TALL order but I don’t think it is outside the realm of possibility. JM could also win by 20-25 so who knows? Just from what I read on here and other forums, sounds like Gate City would be the better match up against East Rock.
  5. Since I live in Massanutten now, I get to watch East Rock, many Bull Run teams and most of the Valley teams. My 2 cents of the 2A remaining teams: Girls: Luray and Strasburg are good teams, albeit very different styles and personnel. Neither is state championship caliber IMHO. Boys: East Rock is big, shoots lights out and is deep. Nickels is a legit D1 talent. They probably lose to JM Tuesday but I think it will be a much better game than most think. And if it is real close late, I like ERs chances. Tyce McNair is a heckuva guard/leader. If Evick is on, his range is out to the logo (seriously). ER doesn’t have a true center though. They have a bunch of 6’5-6’7 guys but they are slim. If JM pounds it inside, the ER party will be over.
  6. We love our condo at Sea Cabin in Cherry Grove...best pier on the grand strand IMHO.
  7. JM has a ton of talented ... and a huge lack of discipline. A good coach with above average talent can beat them, IMHO. Didn’t a similarly talented JM team lose to Northside a few years ago? Radford, East Rock, Dan River, Gate City, etc. may be able to take them on a given night. When they get behind, they turn to all out “And One” street ball. All that being said, they probably win 2A state.
  8. Ryan4VT...I stand corrected. My son was at game and texted me that the Richlands pitcher was the best pitcher Madison saw all year. Congratulations to Richlands...well deserved...defeating the last 2 state champs to win it is even more impressive.
  9. The girl who bunted does it all the time. She’s fast obviously. Did it against us multiple times. When the Richlands pitcher shut out Page, knew they had a real shot. Madison has struggled at the plate without Johnson (acl). It’ll probably be Richlands, Page and Madison again next year!
  10. Coaches...with Estes back, they moved the girl who has been catching for the last month to CF and 3B to catcher. Looks like that had cost them... but if they can’t hit it won’t matter.
  11. She scored on the throw back to the pitcher, not the passed ball? That’s odd.
  12. She was just cleared to pitch this week. Hasn’t been in the circle for over a month. Could be bad for MC; good for Richlands.
  13. She held them in check. Not that it matters, but I’m impressed. Page is a good hitting team...better than Madison. Good luck in the finals. Basically the same teams from 2017.
  14. Richlands should have a decent shot at the title this year. There was a rumor that Estes would be back in the circle for Madison but she didn’t throw today. Seale is good but not at Estes’ level.
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