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Buchanan consolidation?

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On 2/26/2020 at 4:08 PM, Retiredcoachq said:

I wouldn't call it Tazewell,  Graham, or Richlands.   I would opt for Clinch River High at one end and Clinch Mountain High at the other end of the county.

Been over this before...Bailey Switch Railroaders and Pounding Mill Quarriers....

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31 minutes ago, Dollar General Inc. said:

The best solution for all school systems in Appalachia is to turn over the reigns to Dollar General.

A Dollar General will be located 5 miles from each other by the year 2025, so we'll be saving money on transportation. 

Education will be at our forefront. Counting inventory (Math), reading labels (English), and even stocking shelves (Physical Education), will have our students "learning" on a daily basis. 

The kids we'll have two 15 minute smoke breaks and one 30 minute lunch break, per OSHA laws.

Athletics will be top notch as well! The winner of each sport will participate in only the best of games, the Dollar General Bowl.

Sign up today! 

dg bowl.jpg

New entry for "Post of the Year"!!!!

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