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  1. James Mitchell is a.....

    Not sure you've met Ryan but he's a pretty good size dude. Be careful your mouth don't overload your a##. Lol
  2. Appomattox

    You guys still don't get it. You don't understand how SWVA fans can pull for the team that knocked out their team. I pulled for Richlands against Union and Graham, in the regular season, but pulled for Graham to beat Union because we are in the same district, I pulled for Union to beat Appo because we are in the same area, and I pulled for Appo to be Lee because we are in the same Region, so what I don't understand is why you Appo fans have to be so darn arrogant. We all agree that you have a great program and we will be for you when you defeat everyone from our area, so how is that being redneck hillbilly stupid and drugged out dumb?
  3. Appomattox

    Hats off to you guys for a job well done. All the players and the coaches have done a great job for the last three years. To all the Appo fans, thanks for the attitude you have shown with the utmost respect you have for the opposing fan base, (NOT).
  4. Title games

    You're on the wrong end of the state, could not have gotten away with it. VHSL WARNING!!! WARNING!!! SWVA team talking transfers DANGER WILL RODGERS, DANGER!!! Yes this whole thing is laughable, especially VHSL
  5. Title games

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME.....If this was in SWVA the VHSL would have someone's head, but it goes back to the same thing we've seen before, any team in the Roanoke Valley an eastward can do whatever and VHSL turns a blind eye. If Union had received a couple of tranfers from Graham would VHSL have allowed that??? Can not imagine what the rule is that allowed this to happen. Richlands has had transfers, but I thought the rule was that the kid had to have a semester of education under his belt at the new school, if I'm wrong, I must have fell asleep during the rule change meeting.
  6. No need for hate messages here

    Hate is a cancerous attitude if fed long enough it will consume your life and you will become hate.
  7. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    No one can make a claim that it would have changed the overall outcome of the game, but you my friend have to admit that if that call had been made the score would not have been the same going in at half time. If you look at the second half, without that score Union would have won, enough said, no one is crying over spilled milk. Everyone in SWVA knows when a team from our area plays any team from the Roanoke Valley and eastward, things like no calls, bad calls, and unusual calls always happen and we have come to accept this as the normal in that situation, and believe it or not we have come to understand that we live with it. Appo is a great team, no doubt, and we hope thay win state, but it is what it is and if you watch the film called out on this board you will see that the Appo player has Mitchel's arm wrapped up with a hand full of jersey right in front of two ref's, so you make the call.
  8. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    That was a hold with two hands full of jersey in front of two officials, how could they both have missed that, and i know that one play may not change the outcome of a game, but in this case I will disagree with that. Mitchel was on line to tackle the returner and you can see the other Union players kinda pull up thinking the play will be stopped, but it is what it is, and Appo wins again. Great game Union!!!
  9. Congrats Union!

    Thanks Union for one heck of a season. You guys are going to remember this season for a lifetime. Forget the loss, and remember all the great times. God bless all of the players and coaches, great job. You Union fans are fantastic, and we can not wait to play you guys next year.
  10. 2A Teams To Watch In 2018

    Yes, its way to early, and the big question for all the Richlands fans is, "Will Mance Be back?" That's an unknown factor that has a lot to do with the direction of the football program, and how next season will go. Richlands should have a good season, just how good depends on who is coaching. We are in a "wait and see mode", and with all the area teams improving, and the same schedule next year, I see Richlands about the same as this year, but with an improved record against the 2A schools.
  11. Go Warriors!!! Bring home that trophy. One Richlands fan backing our area teams all the way. Be safe in your travels. GO WARRIORS!!!!!
  12. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    I agree, they got away with one on this and also on the off-sides where they called Union on motion. Hate to see this happen at this high a level, but it happens and nothing can be done about it. Great game, hope Appo wins state, regardless of some of the post we have seen from a certain troll on this board. Great season Union and hope that James picks VT, will be watching him in the future. Can not wait til next season, wish it started tomorrow. Everyone, (except a few) on this board has been great to post with throughout the season. Everyone have a good off-season, and God bless one and all.
  13. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    Unless you fall behind by 2-TD's, you GROUND & POUND, and stay with the game plan. No need to panic. Yes Union can win without what you called a TRUE QB, they have done so for most of the year, when everyone thought they couldn't. To answer your "realistic question" with an Unbiased answer, (from a Richlands fan)--UNION can win this game without a TRUE QB. Enough said.
  14. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    Go Bears!!! its your time, this is your day, make it happen, leave nothing on the filed, 4 full quarters, GROUND & POUND. Good Luck BEARS!!!
  15. Way to go BEAVERS, congratulations you deserved it.
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