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  1. Blue 72

    New Member to the Forum:

    I think our fan base looks forward to the Richlands / Union game more than any other game. Just a kind word of advice: Don't leave this game until the final tick of the clock, no matter what the score is going into the fourth quarter, this one is usually decided in the last minute. Nail biters for the last four years, and its looking like another barn burner this year.
  2. Blue 72

    New Member to the Forum:

    Welcome to the board, and hope your son does well. What position will he be trying out for, and how much experience does he bring with him. Just want to be able to pick him out on the field in two-weeks at Richlands. Wish him and you the best success and hope you enjoy the area.
  3. Blue 72

    Thomas Jones Interview

    Totally agree, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." Seems like the post you mentioned has a lot of hate behind it, and I'd rather just stick to football on this board than to indulge in someone else's dirty laundry. Territorial pissings or not, to me this is not a place to throw stones at anyone. Be careful if you live in a glass house, the stone that breaks the class may just come from within.
  4. Blue 72

    8 Man Football

    You wouldn't have to have kickoff's. Just place the ball on the 20 or 25 yard line after a team scores and you would have 80 or 75 yards to go on offence to score. That way you have a more interesting game and not as much scoring. I lived in KY for a period of time and some of the feeder programs there used this concept and it seemed to work really well. Just kids having fun learning the game and every player got to play in every game if they wanted to play. I think this would be an interesting concept, and just as exciting to watch for the smaller schools.
  5. Blue 72

    Prayers Needed

    Prayers for this young man and his family and the Princeton Tigers. May Almighty God pore out a blessing upon each and everyone involved.
  6. Blue 72

    Richlands 2018 Football Trailer - #Thunder18

    Old school: run the ball with a threat of passing. New School: pass the ball with a threat of running. Brown showed to be a good short yardage runner last year and having him in this position creates a great opportunity for options, but it will be good to know that Tonney can be thrown into the mix for the speed effect. I agree that this season will very interesting for the Blues.
  7. Blue 72

    10 years!!!

    Haven't been involved as long as some others, but its been one heck of a ride so far. Love the back and forth, the good sportsman ship, and the fact that most on here know what they are talking about. Oh, there's been a few, but for the most part, I think the turnout at Union last year in the playoffs show that if one team goes down, we'll all rally together round who is left standing in SWVA. Time for some football, can't wait!!!!
  8. Blue 72

    Darren Reed In

    Takes more than one coach to turn a program around. Hope for you GC Fans it all works out, and you can field a good football team, but it will take time and if the new coach doesn't have the assistants or if the talent don't bye into his scheme and he don't have a good showing the first couple of years, you'll be on this board dishing him also. Order in southwest VA will continue to stay the same for at least the next couple of years, but glad to hear your encouragement for the GC players.
  9. Blue 72

    Darren Reed Out

    No matter who coaches GC it will take time and effort to bring that program back to dominance. All high schools have similar problems when a dominate program looses long standing coaches and the crop of talent is not what it once was. We will face somewhat a similar situation in "Blues Land" when Mance retires or leaves the program. We've had a great run, but chances are we will struggle without Mance. A true fan will always support the team no matter the situation. I remember attending games when the Blues were only winning one or two games a year, plenty of seats at the Ernie, so hang in there GC fans, keep supporting your players and encouraging those young men who are still playing their hearts out, its always easier to cheer for a winner, but we are needed more when the team is loosing.
  10. Blue 72

    Rivalry Game(s)

    Richlands vs Graham should be a very competitive game and always a hard hitting battle. Richlands vs Union has become a must see game always supplying excitement, and once again Richlands vs Tazewell is becoming a classic match up, thanks to the Dawgs improving. Just want to see some good old fashioned hard hitting, heart pounding, down to the wire, SWVA high school football.
  11. Blue 72

    TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    I work in the welding industry as a quality manager and know for a fact that nation wide there is a shortage of hands on workers. In our computer technical world, our young people are not being taught to work hands on, except with their hands on a computer or smart phone. In the SWVA area, we are experiencing shortages on qualified welders and metal fabricators, also general laborers, equipment operators, carpenters, electricians, and so on. Closing the Vo-Tech would be a mistake in my opinion and the work force would suffer for it, causing the hands on laborers that are here to migrate to other areas for employment. Everyone in our area cannot work in the service industry, someone has to supply the need for the service, and usually in an industrial country, that is the hard working hands on people. In my opinion The Board of Trustees need to concern themselves with acquiring more industry into the county.
  12. Blue 72

    James Mitchell is a.....

    Not sure you've met Ryan but he's a pretty good size dude. Be careful your mouth don't overload your a##. Lol
  13. Blue 72


    You guys still don't get it. You don't understand how SWVA fans can pull for the team that knocked out their team. I pulled for Richlands against Union and Graham, in the regular season, but pulled for Graham to beat Union because we are in the same district, I pulled for Union to beat Appo because we are in the same area, and I pulled for Appo to be Lee because we are in the same Region, so what I don't understand is why you Appo fans have to be so darn arrogant. We all agree that you have a great program and we will be for you when you defeat everyone from our area, so how is that being redneck hillbilly stupid and drugged out dumb?
  14. Blue 72


    Hats off to you guys for a job well done. All the players and the coaches have done a great job for the last three years. To all the Appo fans, thanks for the attitude you have shown with the utmost respect you have for the opposing fan base, (NOT).
  15. Blue 72

    Title games

    You're on the wrong end of the state, could not have gotten away with it. VHSL WARNING!!! WARNING!!! SWVA team talking transfers DANGER WILL RODGERS, DANGER!!! Yes this whole thing is laughable, especially VHSL