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  1. Blue 72

    Prayers needed

    We are praying for this young man.
  2. Blue 72

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    Our prayers are with this family, we have experienced the loss of a grandson and also a son-in-law this year and it is never easy to go through this thing we call death. If bullying was a factor, it is a shame, I guess as humans we just don't get it. If we cannot lift someone up by our words, then we shouldn't speak. Please pray for this family and ask God to ease their pain of this loss.
  3. Blue 72

    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    Ridgeview has a chance to prove to all that they belong at the top in SWVA and i think this game could come down to mistakes and turnovers. I'll go with Ridgeview by a TD
  4. Blue 72

    Richlands vs Graham

    I won't make a pick on this one, I have family on both teams and wish all the players the best. Always a hard fought game, and this one will be no different. Tighten up the chin straps and be prepared to get hit, should be a good one.
  5. Blue 72

    Richlands and Marion

    Let me get this straight---Ridgeview is already worried about playing Richlands---is that what you mean, really!
  6. Blue 72

    Tazewell @ Fort Chiswell

    Tazewell takes this on by at least 2-TD's
  7. Blue 72

    Richlands and Marion

    Homecoming does have a tendency to throw everything off, but I see everyone on the Blues team getting into the action before this one is over. I'll go with the Blues 42 to 0 in this one.
  8. Blue 72

    Graham @ Virginia High

    This again. Graham by 2 TD's
  9. Somebody wake 99Bama up, he's dreaming again. This is Gate City you're talking about, not Alabama. Lol
  10. Blue 72

    Old Richlands controversy

    Nuff Said!!!! Best answer I've read so far.
  11. Blue 72

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    Been out of town, was only able to listen to the game, and was totally surprised with the outcome. I thought this would be close until the fourth quarter, but it didn't play out that way. The only question i have is why Tazewell didn't throw the deep ball more? Everyone is saying next year, next year, well if the coaching for the Dawgs don't improve then next year will come and go with the same results. The Dawgs have a very talented bunch of players, but in my opinion (I know everyone has one) the players were not used in the right way. I didn't hear anyone say anything about any changes made after the half on the Taz. coaches part and maybe I'm mistaking but did anyone at the game see any adjustments? I hope the best for the Taz. players, they are really trying, and would love to see their talent being used in the right way.
  12. Blue 72

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    This comes from first hand accounts of Tazewell fans and football parents, which I know is probably BS, but they state, "The coaches make some of the worst decisions in critical times during the game and don't make proper adjustments." So i probably should not have included that, due to it being only hear say on my part. We all have a tendency to be bleacher coaches from time to time, and no doubt the Tazewell fans and football parents that I talked to are probably doing the same. Biggest player on Richlands line is probably 265 or so, but Tazewell's line is still quite young and I think the Richlands line is better.
  13. Blue 72

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    I really hope you are right, I like a close game, but don't think this will end up that way. Tazewell has talent, but to many coaching mistakes, and their line play is still not a match for Richlands. This will be a good game for the first half, but Richlands pulls away in the second.
  14. Blue 72

    Bluefield @ Richlands

    Everyone has a chance, but have to agree, Bluefield is one if not the best high school football teams I've had the opportunity to watch during my 50+ years of watching high school football. That is for sure, one special team, and I doubt they loose a game this year. My hats off to them and I hope they go undefeated.