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  1. VA Preseason Rankings

    He does it for the retweets!
  2. Graham 2018 home games

    Believe what you want to but Graham was never going to play more than one game in Tazewell this year!
  3. Graham 2018 home games

    Put the money on the table then. The plan was never for them to play at Tazewell. The plan was for the school board to take shots at the city of Bluefield and publicly offer them only $10,000 while holding people in the town of Bluefield, VA hostage until one of them ponied up the other $50,000. David Woodard is quoted in the BDT today saying the school board will pay $10,000 for graham to play at Mitchell even though last years lease contract was for $60,000. Then later in the same day at the Bluefield Town council meeting someone pledges to anonymously donate $50,000 towards Graham playing at Mitchell stadium!!! What a complete coincidence that news would break the same day that Woodard pledges only $10,000 to the city! Wait, the lease fee for Mitchell is $60,000?? That’s so crazy we found the other $50,000 in the same day the school board publicly puffs out its chest against the city of Bluefield! Praise be to our school board heroes that absolutely had pure intentions this whole time and never mislead the public for personal gain!!!
  4. Graham 2018 home games

    Bluefield took the TCSB for 75k last year and this year TCSB is saying here’s 10k for rent, take it or leave it. Each side is trying to flex a little bit with Bluefield winning last year and TCSB trying their best to look like they don’t need Mitchell this year. in my opinion this will get resolved in a couple weeks with the TCSB magically finding another 25-30 grand to pay the city of Bluefield and each side will proclaim they won the fight. I’d be willing to put decent money down that Graham won’t touch a home game in Tazewell
  5. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    Doubt they would’ve ever gotten rid of them anyway... seems like it was just a way to distract the rest of the county that they were closing Raven and Springville
  6. Penn State offered Ike today
  7. Cam Allen picks up first D1 offer

    Looks like Cameron is Big 10 bound
  8. Cam Allen picks up first D1 offer

    https://n.rivals.com/state_rankings/2019/virginia rivals ranked Cam as the #17 player in Virginia and the #80th Conerback nationally
  9. Marshall offered him yesterday
  10. Trenton Adkins D1 offer

    That’s big time for a freshman from SWVA
  11. Cam Allen picks up first D1 offer

    Cam is up to 12 offers now after receiving one from Appalachian State. https://247sports.com/Player/Cameron-Allen-46053021
  12. Been hearing around town that Isaiah Johnson has a chance to be the best to ever come through Bluefield. He’s already claimed MVP at the FBU all American game and had the fastest 40 time in his class at the Nike Opening regionals.
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