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  1. HurricaneWarning

    Chilhowie @ Eastside

    Chilhowie big!!
  2. HurricaneWarning

    Marion at Tazewell

    You can’t stop a hurricane once it’s hitting landfall. You can put a dog in a cage. Canes in a close one.
  3. HurricaneWarning

    SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 9

    Abingdon Wheeling Park Grayson Glenvar Radford John Battle Central Virginia High Marion Bluefield Galax George Wythe Rural Retreat Narrows Grundy Tug Valley Rye Cove Burton Chilhowie Twin Springs Patrick Henry Michigan State Oklahoma Virginia Florida Atlantic Alabama Clemson LSU Oregon New England Miami Tampa Bay Dallas Kansas City Graham-40
  4. HurricaneWarning

    Marion at Tazewell

    What are your thoughts on this one? Should be a good game.
  5. HurricaneWarning

    10-5-18 Football Scores

    What a collapse!
  6. HurricaneWarning

    Hidden Valley @ Abingdon

    I’ll go with the Falcons as well.
  7. HurricaneWarning

    Big game at Warrior stadium!

    Gotta go with Chilhowie in this one. This game may be close for a while but I believe the Warriors will pull away.
  8. HurricaneWarning

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 3

    Pulaski Graham Radford John Battle Ridgeview Sullivan South Lee Union Grayson Grundy Marion Tazewell Northwood Galax Narrows Honaker Hurley Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Hancock County Chilhowie VT Georgia Tennessee West Virginia Marshall Clemson Virginia Penn State USC Cincinnati Minnesota Arizona Carolina Green Bay Tennessee High-58
  9. I’m a Tennessee fan and I don’t think they should be favored at all. I do think that if they get a pass rush on Grier, it could be a good game. Tennessee should be able to run on WV, especially with their defense they have.
  10. What makes them irrational?