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  1. honestjohn

    Twin Valley and Eastridge

    End of 3rd Twin Valley 26 Eastridge 14
  2. honestjohn

    Twin Valley and Eastridge

    Twin Valley 20 Eastridge 6 in 2nd qt.
  3. honestjohn

    Twin Valley and Eastridge

    Twin Valley 6, Eastridge 0 first qt.
  4. honestjohn

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 7

    Abingdon Ripley Galax James River Radford John Battle Gate City Union Grayson Graham Bluefield Bland Covington Grundy JIB Eastridge Castlewood Eastside Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Marshall Oklahoma W VA NCSU Kentucky VA Tech Cinn KC Denver Phila San Fran Houston Gow Richlands 65
  5. honestjohn


    Who won the game, fight wasn't much. If that had been at Hurley, people would have been Med Flighted out with arms and legs missing. lol
  6. honestjohn


  7. honestjohn


    Brady Justice, offense, David Davis, Defense.
  8. honestjohn


    They did not play for the same school.
  9. honestjohn

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 6

    Abingdon Graham Bluefield Ft Chiswell Radford Ridgeview Morristown West Grayson Marion Tazewell Northside Patrick Henry Narrows Grundy JIB Castlewood Pineville KY Georgia Washington Cal W VA VA Fla St. VA Tech Ohio St. Notre Dame Chicago Phila Oak. Seattle Pitts Gow Chilhowie 55 GW 50
  10. honestjohn

    Tazewell @ Hurley

    How long did you spend in the Hospital after your visit to Hurley, I am surprised you made it out alive.
  11. honestjohn

    Tazewell @ Hurley

    Have you ever been to Hurley?
  12. honestjohn

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 5

    Hidden Valley Musselman Giles Radford John Battle Graham Union Ridgeview Grayson William Byrd Bluefield Bland RR GW Twin Valley Hurley JIB Rye Cove Eastside Chilhowie VA ALA W VA VA Tech TCU Tenn Stanford ATL G Bay Jacksonville Rams Seattle New England GOW Grundy 60
  13. honestjohn

    Ridgeview at Ben Hur

    Don't see this game being close after the first quarter. Ridgeview is just to strong at every position. As I was watching the game with Union, I thought, did someone sneak some KY refs into the game.
  14. honestjohn

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 4

    Abingdon Parkersburg South Fort Chiswell Giles Gretna Blacksburg John Battle VA High Daniel Boone Lee Glenvar Bluefield Galax Hurley Northwood Castlewood Rye Cove Patrick Henry UCF FLA St. Tenn VA Tech VA Auburn WVA Boise ST. South Carolina Ohio ST. USC Atlanta G Bay Pitts Wash Jacksonville Dallas Gow Ridgeview 60 Chilhowie 60
  15. honestjohn

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 3

    Pulaski Giles Radford John Battle Ridgeview Sullivan South JIB Union Grayson Grundy Marion Tazewell Bland Galax Narrows Honaker Pike Central Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Rye Cove Chilhowie VA Tech Georgia W VA Marshall Clemson VA Penn State Stanford Cinn San Fran Arizona Carolina Green Bay Tenn High 60