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  1. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    That is 3 pretty good teams they lost to and two of them are 2A.
  2. Hurley @ Chilhowie

    What would be downright comical is if you had something good to say about Hurley, instead of your negative remarks all the time.
  3. Someone is having trouble following directions.LOL
  4. Region A Essex West Point Colonial Beach Sussex Region B Central Lunenburg Altivista 3/6 @ William Campbell 4/5 @ Riverheads Region C Narrows Covington GW Galax Region D Chilhowie Hurley Grundy Patrick Henry Essex Sussex William Campbell Riverheads Narrows Galax Chilhowie Grundy Essex Riverheads Galax Grundy Riverheads Galax Champs Galax 49
  5. Week 11 Score Updates - 11/3/17

    Hurley big boy, Logan Justice !!!!!
  6. 2017 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 11

    Abingdon Ft. Chiswell Glenvar Union Ridgeview Galax Graham Tazewell GW Narrows Grundy JIB Castlewood Chilhowie Patrick Henry Penn State Syracuse Georgia Tech Clemson Iowa Wash. St. Okla. ST. Tenn. Ala. USC Tenn New Orleans Atl Seattle Dallas Oakland Gow Richlands 42 Rye Cove 48 VA Tech 58
  7. 2017 SWVA Sports Pick'Em Week 10

    Union Graham Giles Radford Pike Central GW Richlands Marion Grundy Galax Auburn Chilhowie Narrows Honaker J I B Eastside Thomas Walker W VA Pitt Ohio St. Georgia Notre Dame V Tech Ky Buffalo N E T B Seattle Dallas Pitts Gow Lee 51 Gate City 47
  8. 2017 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 9

    Fort Chiswell Radford John Battle Lee Graham V High George Wythe Galax RR Narrows Pikeville Patrick Henry Tug Valley Rye Cove Castlewood Chilhowie North Greene VA VA Tech Ala. W VA Penn State Notre Dame Buffalo New Orleans Minn Pitts Denver New England Gow Glenvar 58 Abingdon 58
  9. 2017 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 8

    Graham Fort Chiswell Giles Union Lee Castlewood Auburn Chilhowie Narrows Grundy Hurley Thomas Walker Eastside Rye Cove Northwood W VA Oklahoma South Carolina Miami North Carolina USC New Orleans Arizona K C Oakland Denver GOW Galax 51 Richlands 61 John Battle 57
  10. New top 5

    1 Union 2 Bluefield 3 Abingdon 4 Richland's 5 Marion
  11. New top 5

    Yeah, I was just wondering .
  12. New top 5

    Is Riverheads enrollment numbers still 474 this year?
  13. Richlands final record predictions?

    Are you trying to say that we have some bad officials in Southwest VA. If you are, you might expect to get the hammer. That is a no no.
  14. 2017 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 7

    Galax Giles Floyd John Battle Marion Union Grayson Graham Richlands RR Covington Hurley Eastridge Castlewood Eastside Thomas Walker Patrick Henry NCST V Tech VA TCU Florida State Michigan Cleveland Miami N Y Giants Dallas K C Abingdon 55
  15. To those who care

    Maybe I should say I am sorry, would I get all this love? well I am not !!!!!
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