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  1. Abingdon Giles Radford John Battle Graham Union Ridgeview Marion William Byrd Bluefield East Montgomery Holston George Wythe Hurley Twin Valley JIB Castlewood Eastside Chilhowie Boise St. Tenn V Tech Okla St. Georgia W VA Atl Tampa Bay Tenn KC Oakland GOW Grundy 62
  2. Abingdon Blacksburg Floyd Giles Gretna John Battle VA. High Daniel Boone Lee Union Glenvar Marion Galax Hurley Northwoods Castlewood Thomas Walker Patrick Henry VA. Okla. State W VA. VT Louisville Fla. USC Carolina KC NE LA Rams Green Bay GOW GW 59
  3. Which way will Tazewell travel to get to the Game?
  4. Pulaski Fort Chiswell John Battle Central Sullivan South Lee Union Grayson Grundy Marion Riverview Tennessee Northwood Galax Narrows Honaker Hurley Castlewood Patrick Henry Hancock KY Chilhowie Tenn. Louisville W VA Indiana VA Tech Oregon Clemson Notre Dame Ohio State USC Detroit Oakland LA Rams Green Bay Dallas GOW Graham 57
  5. Abingdon Fort Chiswell Giles Galax John Battle Central Lee Ridgeview Grayson Graham Marion Narrows Hurley Twin Valley Chilhowie Castlewood Patrick Henry Holston Harlan Ind. Michigan VA Ala LSU UCLA Union 47 VA TECH 57
  6. 1 Richland's, Union tie 3 Bluefield 4 George Wythe 5 Graham 6 Abingdon 7 Fort Chiswell 8 Marion 9 Giles 10 VA High
  7. There was a rumor after last season, he might have been going to a nearby 2A school.
  8. I was sure I made my picks, but don't seem to be listed anywhere.
  9. Union Abingdon Fort Chiswell Blacksburg Central Richland's Tenn. High Ridgeview Alleghany Honaker Marion VA High Bland Galax Narrow's Hurley Twin Valley Castlewood Northwood West Greene Holston GOW Bluefield 65 GW 51
  10. Very dissapointed he left Hurley, but was pulling for him to have a great year at Richland's He was by far the best defensive ball player I saw last season.
  11. How about an update on Logan?
  12. Best for what?
  13. 1 Richland's, Union tie 3 Pulaski 4 Graham 5 Bluefield 6 Abingdon 7 Galax 8 GW 9 Giles 10Gate City
  14. What does Grundy dropping to 1A have to do with anything?
  15. Who do you think in Region D is capable of beating the Rebels. I don't see anyone.