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  1. How much more does Tazwell county schools pay their coaches compared to other county's in the area say like Wise Co. Asking for a friend
  2. Yes I agree here. He will only get better with a full year under his belt plus the off season. Plus I wish that they would let him read defense's and find the open man instead of pre determined man to throw too.
  3. They've ended Union's season twice in 16 and 17. For the sake of Region D please beat them.
  4. Better hope you dont get refs from the Roanoke valley area. If so you are already losing 14 to 0. Good luck GMEN. Pulling for Region D.
  5. I can assure you all I got the phone call from Unions AD when Graham's AD called and asked us not to bring the train horn and that was all he said not to bring. So when the little 1 got fired up he didn't like that and had it removed. Ok your home field your rules but dont say we broke them when all you asked was not to bring the big 1. And it seemed to me the vast majority of Graham fans loved that horn last night as well. Just wanted to get the truth out there for all of you. I myself read that other board and see nothing but lies about this topic. How we disrespected you 1st come on man. This should be the last thing you are worried about you beat us badddddd.
  6. Ok might have went to far on that 1. I admit when I'm wrong wrong choice of words I apologize
  7. Ok now I defended you earlier on in a post. But now you are just crossing the line. I assume you are on that other board as well and if that is you I'm personally going to save you a seat next year right beside the dam horn. Go ahead and file a complaint Monday morning it doesn't matter what you do or anyone else that horn will blow nonstop next year when the baby sister of Bluefield comes to the park. Trust me. And yeah those boys whipped our boys last night but you didn't hear us talk all this shit when you guys came to the park in 2017 and got thumped. Union like Bluefield is still your Daddy 4-2 against you as of now.
  8. The horn will be there next September come on over and I'll save you a seat.
  9. Congrats G-Men you smoked us tonite like I said. Union was way too beat up but healthy i still think it would have been the same. Know 1 thing i will be rooting for you guys next week can't stand the Walmart warriors. Man what game next week we have the Walmart Warriors going to The McDonald's G-Men
  10. I hate this but Man did I call this 1 or not
  11. Central doesn't do rollbacks I mean holdbacks. 😂😂😂😂😂
  12. No mcribbs sorry. Now my real prediction I'll keep to myself. But we are 22 hours away from kickoff and the last thing I will say is it will be loud and Let's Go Bears.
  13. I'm not worried about what happened over there I was explaining the situation and what they could expect Friday night. And yes we like our horns and noisemakers at least I ain't 1 of those that just comes to socialize and sit on my ass and do nothing. But let's get back to the main topic heres my pick for the game Graham 42 Union 6 not going to be pretty. Union is way 1 dimensional right now and our secondary has lost its mojo.
  14. So sorry the rest of us Union fans will just quit talking on here and just let you speak for us all.
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