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  1. May God Bless and keep coach Smith. Bless all the Raider community and football family. His name will be added to our prayer list.
  2. May God Bless and Keep this player and family. Will be praying for his recovery.
  3. Blue 72


    I'm guilty, like a lot of working class people of buying into that money, money, money; work , work, work attitude. I've never heard of anyone on their death bed say, "I wish I had spent more time at work." It has always been, "I wish I had spent more time with my family." So I can fully understand wanting to have more time with family, and I'm glad that I saw this years ago while my daughter was still young. I think Thad is wise enough to know that the job isn't what fulfills a mans life, its the memories made with loved ones that will create a lasting legacy.
  4. Blue 72


    You are correct, but the question I have in all this is "will Wells still be paid the same, or does this mean reduction in pay rate?" just asking out of curiosity. Just looks like he's giving up a lot here. On an different thread, I think it may have been the MANCE thread, someone said Wells would only take the HC job if he could also be the AD to enhance his resume.
  5. Blue 72


    We're not suppose to play football either, in fact most believe that the state of VA's western border is Salem. SWVA is just an imaginary place to those who live east of Salem. A lot of people also think SWVA is full of uneducated people who can't read or write, and don't know diddly about football. Been that way for years, even the VHSL has a hard time accepting that our high schools have a football program. lol
  6. Blue 72


    UPDATE: Heard from a very reliable source, Wells is not going anywhere, just rumors!!!!
  7. Blue 72


    Rumor going around town that Thad Wells has decided to move on to UVA if no football this year. Has anyone else heard this, and is it just the rumor mill that always seems to start up this time of year, especially when it comes to Richlands football?
  8. Any Word on the other assistant coaches?
  9. I think the major problem with fall sports will be crowd control. Players and coaches will pretty much follow the rules laid down by VHSL, but social distancing at the Backyard Brawl will be almost impossible to control, especially with the Bulldawgs having a shot at beating the Blues as many are predicting, can you imagine how many fans will be at that one game. I hope, beyond hope, that we have a football season, but with our Governor, who knows? We all need some form of normal right now, and like previous stated in this thread, if people can gather in the streets of major cities to protest, and exercise their constitutional rights, (which I totally agree with) than it would only seem right to allow fall sports to happen. Everyone please stay safe, and pray that we can get our teams on the field this season.
  10. One of the best for me was a Regional Championship game in Tazewell between Bulldogs and Blue Tornado, don't remember the date, but remember it was cold as heck, snowy and muddy, just good old fashion football. Also the Richlands vs Stuart Draft was a barn burner. One of the best beat downs came when Richlands had no chance against Brookville and got there a little late, got off the bus, and put a whoppin on Brookville.
  11. Welcome to the board, glad to hear you have seen the light. Good group of members on this board with good attitudes. If anyone seems out of line, it's corrected pretty quick. Just good conversation and football discussion on here. Thanks for coming on board.
  12. Blue 72

    Honest Answers

    Miss seeing my UK Wildcats play in March Madness, miss the Richlands girls softball being able to repeat. Other than that I don't miss the rest.
  13. Blue 72

    Mance news

    Is he bringing any assistants with him?
  14. Blue 72

    Mance news

    When Mance first arrived in Richlands as an assistant, his plan was to stay one year and then migrate back to Giles County, but as we all know, it didn't work out that way, and Richlands fans are all the more better for that situation. We can have all the plans we want to have, but often plans change and we're glad his did.
  15. Blue 72

    Mance news

    Speculation around town is that Wells will be the new HC along with being the AD. Someone close to the situation said he's projected to stay for at least five years, but Coach Mance only planned to be in the program for a year when he came to town, so I guess we will just have to wait and see. I feel the fan base will back whomever the HC turns out to be, but these fans can be very fickle if the program doesn't live up to expectations. Mance leaves a large footprint, and the fans have become very use to having a good program, almost to the point of being spoiled, so hats off to the new (whoever) HC, wish them the best.
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