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  1. Blue 72

    Mance news

    What kind of process will be used to hire a replacement for Mance? Will Mance or the RHS principal have any say, or will it be up to the school board? How long does the hire process usually take? Just seeking answers that i am not sure of, we all have heard a lot of rumors and probably will hear plenty more before this is over. Any clarification would be appreciated.
  2. Blue 72

    Mance news

    Thanks for the info, wish coach Mance well in his new position. Hope he is as successful there as he has been here. God speed to him and his family. Some of us true blue fans will be checking up on his new program and wishing for the best.
  3. How many schools are involved the merge?
  4. Blue 72

    Mance news

    Don't necessarily need to be quick, just need to get it right. I'm sure Mance already has talked to some good replacements and passed that along. He's not just going to leave Richlands high and dry, cares to much for the Blues. Who ever is on the radar, I'm sure Mance can tell you all about them. Hate to see him go, but wish him and his family all the best, it's been one heck of a ride, and all the Blues fans will forever remember Coach Mance.
  5. Blue 72

    Mance news

    I Don't fault Mance for bettering himself, and the Loris program will benefit greatly with this hire, but the question remains, who takes over? IMO it should be someone new to the program, with an established winning record. Yes, Thad Wells is not necessarily new to the system, but would be a great replacement, but have to agree with others on the board, he's doing pretty good where he is right now. I hope the Blues fans stay true fans, but I suspect there will be plenty of (fair weather) empty seats at the Ernie for a couple of years. It is going to be very interesting, and fun to watch this transition no matter who the new coach will be. Good luck to all, GO BLUES!!!
  6. Hats off to Appo for a great season and another championship. The Graham vs Appo was the true championship game, and I for one am glad to see our end of the state have the better teams. I'll always pull for SWD to win it all, but maybe we need to adopt Appo for the next few years, if we have hope of another championship, as young as that team is, they will be hard to beat for the next three years. Good job and congrats to all the Appo coaches, fans, and especially the players, very deserving IMO.
  7. Appo fans were great an very respectful. Their coach showed the Richlands fans that he had respect for their program and the fact that they traveled so well. Top notch sportsmanship, I'll be pulling for them also.
  8. I know this will never happen and not many will like it, but if we're concerned with injuries, do away with the benefit games, and shorten the playoffs. The regional playoffs could be between the top four teams: 1 vs 4; 2 vs 3; winners play for the championship. What we have now with 1 vs 8; 2 vs 7 and so on, puts the least talented teams against the best talented teams and it sucks if a team wins 2 games in the season, ends up being the #8 and playing #1 who is undefeated. That never did make much sense to me, but like several have said VH$L won't allow fewer playoff games, to mush money to loose. I guess I'm just an old fart that likes to see a good close game, especially in the playoffs, and not a blow out.
  9. Some of the SD fans were upset about the outcome of the game and actually spit on some Richlands fans leaving the stadium, cussing and calling the Richlands fans cheaters, and basically being overboard with obscenities. I witnessed the spitting episode and that's totally disrespectful. The obscenities and calling someone a cheater, although rude, can be overlooked, but cussing and spitting on someone over a high school football game's outcome is a little much IMO. Didn't see any of their players acting out of order, just their fans, and it's a shame that such a good played game was disrespected in that manner. Nothing against the team or the players, but I for one will never return to that venue for another game.
  10. Appo wins easily. Pulling for Appo in this one. Don't like saying it, but truth is truth and Appo is by far the better team and after the experience we Richlands fans had at SD a few years ago there's no way I'd ever think of pulling for them. Understand being for your team, but those fans were far worse than any in our area.
  11. What I, as a Richlands fan, can be proud of is the way this area pulls together like a family. I came from a rather large family and we had our arguments with each other, as families often do, but if anyone else came against a family member, then they had all of us to contend with. I see our area in much the same way. Most often if only one team from the area is still standing, most everyone rally's around that team. I'll be honest, I don't like Graham, and usually pull for two teams throughout the season, Richlands and whoever is playing Graham, but I'll also take my lightening "R" hat off and cheer for Graham, if they are the only team from SWD that is still standing. I think Graham is just to stacked with talent and although Appo is a good team, don't think they are good enough to beat Graham if the Graham plays a good game. Nothing against Appo, but Graham will win and move on. If Appo wins this week, I'll pull for them next week, but this week I'll be cheering for the G-men. "GO GET 'EM G-MEN"
  12. If Graham plays their "A" game and limits penalties and turnovers they will win by 2 TD's or more, but Appo seems to always come out on the good side of turn-overs and penalties, which could make this game really close. IMO, the winner of this game should win the next week and bring on the hardware. It pains my heart to say this but "GO G-MEN, bring home the hardware", make SWD proud.
  13. As I stated in a previous post, I'll pull for whoever wins the region, but for now I'll pull for the SWD champion and being away from my desk the next few days, I'll go ahead and say Graham's talent wins this one going away. Graham 42--Central 14
  14. Blue 72


    Cannot remember if it was a semi or state championship game way back in '92 (and I know someone will bring up cleat gate), but I think it was Orange County who protested using the Richlands field, (it was still grass). I believe Orange county had received information from Salem about the condition of the field in the form that it wasn't fit for a tractor pull let alone a football game, and VHSL sent a delegation to inspect the filed. They determined the game would not be moved and the game was played at the Ernie. I believe up to the semi finals, the region has to make a decision on the condition of the field, and to me, the host team has won the right to host the game and should be the total decision of the school they represent. In other words, if it's good enough for our team to play on, it's good enough for your team to play on. I remember Richlands and Tazewell playing a regional championship game at the dog pound, and the field was horrible, but it was one heck of a game and perhaps one of the best old fashion slip and slid games I've witnessed.
  15. Haven't posted much this year, but have been following and loving it. I'm one of the old farts on this board and have seen a lot of high school football throughout my 66yrs of life, and to me it's going to come down to talent and Graham is packed. Being a Richlands graduate, way back when, and following the Blues for many years, it appears to me that talent travels in cycles in this area. I think all four teams remaining in this region have good talent, but Graham's talent goes a little deeper than the others, which gives them the edge. I think Graham will not only win this game, but will make an appearance in the final game as well with a very good chance of bringing home the hardware. It doesn't matter to me who wins the region, I'll be cheering for the team from this end of the state, even if it is Graham, and I'll say it with all the respect I can muster, (I hate cheering for Graham), but I'll support them with all the energy I have if they win the region.
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