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  1. Congrats to Abingdon, and also to Graham for last week. I've been in covid lock down for a couple of weeks, and this covid is no BS believe me. I'm an old man to most of you and I had the vaccine J&J back in May and now I'm thankfull I did. Didn't have it too rough, just oxygen level problems and feeling like getting hit by a 300 pound linebacker, but other than that I didn't have it too bad, except for the elephant sitting on my chest at night, or so it seemed. I'll give God the praise for getting me through, and hope I never have to go that route again. Back to football---Hope the Blues will get it worked out, but the schedule is a killer. Just hope all the games get played, but heard that Bluefield is on remote learning now and no sports, so this weeks game may not happen. Does anyone have any info on this? GO BIG BLUE!!!
  2. Hey guys, just a quick word from an old man who loves high school football. A couple of our guys at work actually got the virus and ended up on ventilators. Both had blood clots in their lungs, and after recovery, (thanks be to God), their doctor told them not to get the vaccine, but are keeping check on the antibodies. We've also had a few employees that had the virus, didn't end up on the vent, and the doctor told them to get the vaccine, so I think it depends on the situation. As my view, I'd love to see everyone receive the vaccine, but have to say, it's still an individuals freedom to make that choice. As for me and my wife, we got the vaccine, and we've also used a cell phone for years, so the government already know were we are. Lol! Just my opinion.
  3. What's everyone's thoughts on this matchup?
  4. Hard to perdict what VHSL will conclude on the playoffs especially with this covid variant seeming to pick up speed. Heck, I'm just hoping to see the regular season be in full slate this year. Seems like forever since we actually got to attend a Friday night football game. Looking forward to live football!!
  5. Thanks for all the updates, good to know football is back, hopefully this new variant won't disrupt the fall schedule.
  6. Okay guys, seems like everyone is taking it all wrong, but I humble myself before everyone and do apologize for any post I've ever made on this board in reference to anything, other than football, I don't have hurt feelings, frankly I don't give squat about my feelings, and yes I posted something I shouldn't have, so as I said I humbly apologize, and hope we can all move on and get back to football. In respect to football, does anyone know when or where Richlands will be doing 7 on 7's?
  7. I apologize for posting anything rather than football talk, but at the same time question how food at your favorite spot on a beach or in Florida has anything to do with football. So if it's only about football, then let's keep all the other non-sense on another forum. Maybe you food critics need to move to a food forum, just saying fair is fair and from now on, this old fart will only post in relation to football on this thread, hope all of you do the same. Thanks for reminding me this is about football and not politics or food, or where the best beach hut is in Florida.
  8. Big City Liberalism rules VA, and don't give squat about rural VA. Just an estimate, but close to 83 out of 99 counties voted Republican in VA during the last election, but the Dumbocrates won the state, go figure.
  9. Thank you Coach Tarter for stepping up and helping the program move forward. This is a super great and well deserved move for the whole area. Coach Tarter knows the kids, and they respect his knowledge. If anyone can get the "Blues" back on track, it's Coach Tarter, and I for one wish him the best in this endeavor. One of Jim Valvano's favorite sayings is, "Never Give Up, Never Give Up", and Coach Tarter has that character about him. Hat's off to all involved in this hire, you could not have done better, and it's time for all to say, "Let's go Blues"!!
  10. IMO this all started several years ago when the Richlands feeder program had several teams. It's my understanding, (someone correct me if I'm wrong)the league management was made up of mostly coaches of teams themselves. Those coaches begin to have the attitude of win at all cost, and begin closing some of the programs down to enhance their team by moving players from the closed down programs to benefit their team. A group of concerned citizens in the Raven area even volunteered to finance the Raven program so it could remain open, and the league management closed it down anyway. The feeder program is now down to two teams, and there are a lot of parents with potential players who are still upset with that decision and will not play in the feeder program. The management has changed somewhat as I understand it, with those who made crucial decisions to close programs moving into assistant coaching positions at Richland high school and middle school, and the feeder program is now in a dismal state. Why have only two teams stacked with many players, (with many not getting to play), when you could have several teams with less players, but more would get to play? I voice my opinion, but many won't because of being ridiculed. I'm and old fart that just has an opinion and don't think twice about stating the truth, I have nothing to gain, and my only loose it seeing the Richlands program suffer as a fan. If I am wrong in my thinking, I will humbly apologize, but that's my opinion, and I believe we all have one. Always and forever a Blues Fan.
  11. Anyone have a count on applications. I've been hearing a few, several, a whole lot, not to many, which is all speculation, so does anyone have actual numbers?
  12. I played four years of Little League back in the day when the Richlands program had only 4-teams (Richlands Green Waves, Richlands Golden Eagles, Cedar Bluff Blue Devils, and Jewell Ridge Red Raiders) those were fun years full of many good memories, but I also played a lot of flag football later in life. I, like many others, feel that flag football at the younger age would be a good way to go. Back in our time, you couldn't play Little League until you were 8 yrs. old, and we really smacked the heck out of each other, but fortunately there were no bad injuries that I can recall, just good old fashion hard nosed football. Maybe we're just starting our youth league at to early an age, and when they start let them play flag for the first couple of years. Maybe hold off on tackling until they reach the age of 12 would be a good way to go, in my opinion.
  13. Yeah, over the last few years the feeder program has taken a beaten. To many little league managers playing CEO and forgetting that it's a game for kids to enjoy. When they close good programs down so they can manipulate who wins and who doesn't, it not only hurts the players, it washes away the feeder program. IMO, bad feeder program management has really affected the upper levels. Maybe I'm just old school, but the way I see it is that the high school team of the future will be found in a good feeder program, where kids still enjoy playing the game win or loose.
  14. Ricky will do well at that position and will make every effort to bring in a good coach. I feel the new coach should be someone from out of area, but I'm sure the school board will have a lot to say about the decision.
  15. Who is the new principal?
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