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  1. I think Ben Brown ripping the ball away from the Va High running back "Brown" in OT a few years back and returning it for a TD is one of the greatest plays in Blues history. I also agree with Ryan on the super hit and the super finish at SD, but there are so many others, ( the fake punt in the 2006 Championship is another one that comes to mind, who would think 4th and 15 and you fake a bunt, are you kidding me) GO BLUES!!!!
  2. Thanks Ryan for clearing that up, I know that Cox has good height and arm strength, and Simmons was a good baseball player at one time. This could be really interesting especially with Mance who seems to always have a great talent for developing the QB.
  3. I realize we're hungry for action on the field, and I'm sure Mance will have it all worked out by the fall. For one, I didn't know if Cox had left the program, or if all this was a rumor. I have the upmost confidence in the coaching staff having Cox and Simmons ready to play and a little competition never hurt anyone, just makes for a good situation for the team. Two capable QB's on the team will be good for all involved, in my opinion.
  4. Does anyone know who will be vying for QB for the Blues? Rumors have it that someone who hasn't played football beyond eight grade is coming out for the position? What about the kid that has been in training on the JV squad, did he transfer or move away, or is all this just a bad rumor?
  5. No need for anyone from Richlands to be jealous of Graham, this has been happening for years in Bluefield, nothing strange about it, except for the fact that now they have been open about it, while back in the day they did it all behind closed doors. I wish all area teams well, but to say Richlands is jealous of anyone in this area is a misnomer in my book, and your talk about the economy in Richlands shows that the jealousy may be on your side of the field.
  6. Congrats to coach Reed, no matter what anyone thinks, I wish him the best. He has the potential to be an outstanding coach in the right position and I hope this is it. Happy for him and his family.
  7. From an old school fan. Coach hicks was a tough nut, no nonsense coach who didn't cut corners and held all players to a high standard. He expected the best of each player, both on the field and in the class room. A real gentleman, and a great example for boys becoming men. Don't understand why it took so long for this to happen, he well deserved it many years ago.
  8. I think Graham, and Abingdon will be two good teams. Ridgeview should be decent until the playoffs. Union, and Richlands will surprise some people, and the rest is up in the air. These four teams always seem to field the better teams in the area, and I hope Gate City,and Tazewell improves this year, tired of seeing these two team struggle. One thing for sure, it'll be an interesting season.
  9. Congrats to Cam, great job, young man, well deserved. Your cousins in Alaska, (Jacob & Jordan) are proud of you. Make us all proud, we'll be watching. Don't know about any other area signers as of now. Someone please keep us posted.
  10. If you notice my post, I'm not the only one who feels this way and its not pointed at any particular team, it was intended for the officiating crew. This happens year end and year out, and I'm sure others would agree with me. Thanks for backing Graham against Goochland.
  11. I think Graham was the best team in the area, and that includes Bluefield. Graham would beat Beaver by at least a TD if not more, if they played this weekend. Afterall Graham has a trophy that proves how great a team they had this year, where's Beavers trophy, oh yeah, that's right, they didn't get one. Hats off to Graham the true champion of the area
  12. Congrats to the Gmen, enjoy this championship, you deserve it.
  13. Totally agree. It's just the fact that SWVA has a team in the final, and the out east guys can not stand the fact that their teams are getting thumped. Way to go Graham, and hope you guys enjoy this championship. Also glad that an old friend, (Dennis Palmer) can enjoy another state championship, he really improved the Gmen defense throughout this year. Good job to all of the coaches and players. Gmen fans please enjoy this championship at least until you have to play Richlands again, can't wait for August 2019 to get here. Go BLUES!!! Yeah, I had to say it.
  14. Thanks for the info, I'll be listening and cheering for the Gmen to bring home the hardware. Go Gmen
  15. Can not attend the game, but can we listen to it on a local radio station. If so what are the call numbers
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