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  1. The way you posted the question was like Mance was beyond his time and his coaching skills were not up to par, with which I totally disagree. Nothing wrong from my view point with you being new to the board, glad to have you here and appreciate your outlook, sorry for being so direct, but I'm at fault for letting your post rub me the wrong way. You may not have had the intention of implicating that Mance is slipping, but myself and several others, took it that way. Don't let this old (sometime grumpy) fan keep you from posting, by all means. Glad to hear from you.
  2. Back to the topic. Talent in the SWVA district over the years seems to come and go in cycles, although the number of students will effect those cycles. The industrial situation being what it is in our area has greatly effected enrollment so the talent cycles have changed. Most high schools have a down year about every four to six years, but the lack of incoming talent and low numbers may stretch the down year into several down years. The feeder programs as we call them, (little league) have dropped off and lack of interest has come along with the ride, so maybe it's time for eight man football, or consolidation.
  3. I think this game gets back to the basics, whoever produces the lest turnovers, penalties, and dumb mistakes gets the win. Good luck to both, look forward to a good game at the Ernie. GO BLUES!!!
  4. You've only posted 9 times and you come out with this! No Mance should coach at Richlands until HE feels its time to hang it up. We've all been spoiled by the last 10 years or so of winning, and many feel that if a Mance coached team doesn't win every game he should hang it up. Back in my time at Richlands, (many, many, moons ago) we felt good if we won 3 or 4 games a year, and many times we gauged our teams not by wins, but by how well we played Gate City or Bluefield. I remember getting beat by both teams by several points and saying we had a good game. We Richlands fans have focused so mush on win, win, win, and have sometimes forgotten that a winning season is so much sweeter after a loosing season. I for one don't enjoy loosing, but I've noticed over the years that SWVA talent comes and goes in cycles, and Richlands talent is on the down side of that cycle, not the fault of coaching, or the effort of the players, just the same old usual talent cycle. As Arron Rodgers told the Packers fans a few years ago, "Stay Calm". Mance is still the best coach for the Blues and will be until he decides to walk away, and then we can be in the stands wishing we had him back, and remembering how good a coach he was.
  5. Really hate to get into the fray, but why not, opinions are what they are, and I (along with everyone) have one, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. The spread is the best offense if you have the personal to run it, if not the "T" or "Wing T", the "Pro Set" or any other running formation will work better, (if you have the personal). Richlands has a mixture of personal, different than from past teams. One of the problems with Richlands running the spread this year is lack of speed, and receivers not getting open. I think the QB is a good athlete, but not a good enough passer for the spread. Now as far as the run game, if Richlands chooses to go that way, they have a couple of good backs to go along with the QB as a runner, but when there is no threat to pass, and no misdirection in the backfield, the defense can stack the box all night long, and to be honest, Richlands has an experience line at running the spread and pass blocking, but no so good at run blocking. To be a great run blocking team, we all know that you have to control the line backers, and most linemen who are tried and true pass blockers, are not experienced at controlling line backers. Back in the day (way back) when I played as a lineman, we were taught to move the defensive lineman, go take out the line backer. Not sure Richlands pass blocking line has experience doing this, so with the personal they are between a spread offense and a run offense. I think as the year goes along, they will improve at both, but in my opinion this is were they are now. Does this mean we quit being fans? NO! we get behind them through this rough period and let them know we are there. We all know that Richlands will make the playoffs and be a dangerous team by going through this, after all this is "The Blues" and Mance we're talking about!! GO BIG BLUE" I want to take a minute and thank all of you guys for having this board, and all those who post here, it makes football season even better.
  6. Agree, the Blues have got to find a way of putting points on the board. Multiple trips into the red zone in the first two games and came up empty. The defense is far ahead of the offense. In both games so far, the offense moved the ball well between the 20's, but once inside the 20, the offense failed. I'm sure Mance and company are working on this, sense both games were in reach of winning. If the Blues had scored every time they entered the 20, they would be 2-0 not 0-2, but if a frog had wings...................... In the end we all have to remember, it's just a game, to be enjoyed by all. GO BLUES!!!
  7. We can only have opinions about what the Blues do moving forward, and what we would like to see happen or change, so here's mine. I'd like to see Simmons moved to RB and bring Cox in as QB to let him get the experience for next year. May even line Webb and Simmons up together in the backfield.
  8. Blue 72

    Mance 200

    You'll not hear any grips from this long time Blues fan about the noise, or the atmosphere, loved it, High School Friday night football at its best. Loved the game, just not the fourth quarter, LoL Thought Union made the right adjustments, and the Blues just got worn down in the end. A true Blues fan doesn't hate on other teams fans, we respect them, and when the last whistle blows and we loose, we take our hats off to the other team, and say "Wait til next year. Congrats to the Bears and their fan base, good game.
  9. It's that time, Blues fans be safe traveling, Union fans get ready for our crowd, everyone be proud, be loud, and overall show good sportsmanship. Hope both teams play well and play injury free. Good luck to both teams, have a good game, and my the good Lord smile on all of us who love this game. GO BLUES!!!
  10. This game is so unpredictable. A few years back Union was down and thought in no way were they going to win, and in the last seconds of the game they pulled it out. That's happened a couple of times, along with the same situation and Richlands pulled it out. In reference to both teams play last week, Union should win by 7 or more, but the end results will hinge on how much each team has adjusted and improved this week. If your're able to be at this game, enjoy it, but don't leave until the last whistle blows, or you may miss the best part. Good luck to both teams and I'm hoping the Blues can manage to put enough on the board to come out on top.
  11. I'm pulling for GC in this one. Not because they won against Richlands, but because of the heart the players showed on the field. The GC players had no quit in them and kept their head in the game until the final play. I liked the GC fans getting behind their team with the "We are Gate City" chant. Not sure I would say they are back, but in my opinion their on the way. Congratulations to all at Gate City, hope the season is a success, and all you fans enjoy it!!!
  12. Let me break it down for you: "More receivers than one", meaning he throws into double coverage instead of scanning the filed and finding the open receiver, didn't mean he threw to the same player on every play, as you thought. I guess I didn't word it right to start with, and I know its the first game, and I'm sure the QB will improve, but in this game he threw into double coverage quite often with open receivers on the field. That's what I saw, and as usual just my old man way of thinking, and gray headed opinion.
  13. I'll be real polite here: First of all you don't know me well enough to call any comment of mine absurd, but if that's your opinion, I'll accept it. Second, I've played football, and I have witnessed Richlands games for the last 49 yrs. and I wouldn't say I'm an expert by any means, but I do know more than a little about the game. Third, the weapon that Richlands has (that most other teams don't) is the field goal kicker, and in my little knowing opinion, if you are in the red zone and try three downs to score and are unsuccessful, you put points on the board with field goals. That's the point I was making!
  14. Richlands and Union is always a must see game, and it will be a dog fight. Richlands lost to GC because they didn't put points on the board when in the red zone. Hats off to GC, but three trips inside the 10 and no points, one TD called back on a shove in the back (legit). A field goal in all three trips inside the 10 would have won the game. Got to take advantage of the weapons you have at your disposal and Richlands didn't. This game will be a barnburner as usually. Hope Richlands QB realizes he has more receivers than one, and gets away from throwing into double coverage. I'll go out on a limb and have all Blues fan in an uproar Union by 7.
  15. Blue 72

    Mance 200

    Last score of the game; Levi "the LEG" hits a 52 yard field goal to seal the victory.
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