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  1. Well I guess that changes things.
  2. I didn't think their line was that big, but they were well coached. I think #7 from PH and #7 from Burton will be a good match up. I have watched both Burton and PH play the past two weeks, and I think Burton looked better than PH.
  3. I know where the coaches came from, and I know their schedule....but I am not going to sit here and bash Lee high... I hope they have success, and that is the way we should feel about all of the schools in the county. I will say that I like Coomer. He is a lot smarter than people realize, and I learned a lot from him. They need to get him some help on the coaching staff.
  4. Yeah, or you could stay at the bigger school with only one good coach..the same school that always seems to under perform. I agree with Union4sure.
  5. I understand that. You're right.
  6. I believe TW will pull off the "upset." They have a lot of little things that they will work on this week. If they can take care of those, they should have a good chance. Johnson and Mooney will have them ready.
  7. I work with his dad also. We were talking about it this morning. Sounds like a good fit for Fork Union for a year or two.
  8. I heard that the Garrett kid from Virginia High was getting looked at from some small colleges. Has anyone else heard that?
  9. How does Burton's line look at this point in the season?
  10. Yeah, it's good for the kids. Gives them something positive to look forward to the next few years at least.
  11. It's great to see a community support their team like that.
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