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  1. This is what I heard . Cameron Carroll who grad last yr wore # 6.. Cameron's Dad is battling cancer. He is wearing this number to support Cameron.. Just what I was told.
  2. Everyone is giving Union the edge here. I'm going with the Pack . 27-21
  3. Va Roster Isaiah Ramsey-Ft.Chiswell --Noah Atwood and Jake Martin of George Wythe- CC Grubb of Pulaski county,-- Cole Meadows from Giles and Jacob Thompson and Raul Ramirez from Chilhowie-- Holton Carter of Rye Cove, Alex Inman and Johnny Gyunn of Va High--Caleb Goins of Battle and Taylor Williams of Thomas Walker --Wayne Rasnick of Va High coaching Tenn Boys---Bud Icenhour of Johnson County--Trevor Hensley of Unicoi Co--Hayden Cassell of Dobyns Bennett-- Jacob Deal-Volunteer,---Tee Johnson of David Crockett--Jared Lawson of Daniel Boone---Tyler Parker of Tenn High--Jordan Self of Sullivan Central--Ethan Whitley of Sullivan East--Tate Wheeler of Science Hill--Coach John Dyer of Sullivan East
  4. Girls team Va has Ft. Chiswell, Abingdon, Tazewell, Va High, Lee, Northwood and Holston seniors. VA boys has Ft. Chiswell, Pulaski, Giles, George Wythe, Battle, Va High, Chilhowie, Thomas Walker and Rye Cove seniors. Tenn girls has Science Hill, Daniel Boone and Sullivan East, Tenn High and Hampton and Sullivan North and Johnson County. Tenn boys are Tenn High , Sullivan East, Sullivan Central, Daniel Boone, Dobyns Bennett, Science Hill and Unicoi County, Volunteer, Johnson County, David Crockett.
  5. This Friday the annual FCA Battle of the Border between SWVA and Northeast Tennessee senior girls and boys will be at Emory this Friday evening. Girls play at 6pm and boys at 7.30pm. Nearly 24 different high schools represented. 3 point contest and slam dunk contest. Sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in SWVA.
  6. Coach Colley though he was a Haysi guy and he pulled for our region. So there are still those kind of folks in each town.As well as those whom you say cheered for Floyd..sad whoever they were...But life goes on! Go Warriors. Go Wolf Pack Go Bears Go Raiders! God bless
  7. I was there at Buffalo Gap and Franklin games. Been in the trenches with those guys for over 15 yrs. Loved it when we put LPD pride on the helmets as the LPD was being replaced by a new district. Forced the Greenwave into a weak Cumberland District that they dominated every year!
  8. Root for that Buffalo Gap bunch that beat Clintwood in the State Football Championship several years ago!
  9. Eastside beat a very good George Wythe team the other night. I haven't seen Lancaster play. Sure hope the Spartans can bring home a State Championship Friday! Any thoughts on what may be keys to victory in this game by either team?
  10. Mac has the game of his life. This is his night. He battles through all the GMEN put upon him. He knows this could be his last high school game. 47 points tonight. 18 in the 1st half and 29 in the 2nd half. Gate City wins 72 to 64 as the GMEN can't seem to hit the jump shots tonight.
  11. Score 50 points and lose to Graham would be a double heartbreaker!
  12. You and I both are going with Honaker. I'm picking Eastside over Galax because Eastside has played so much at UVA Wise.
  13. I think Honaker, Eastside, Graham and Gate City advances.
  14. Shows immaturity on both sides. Great role models are abundant aren't they. My daughter grads from Wise but I pull for Ridgeview, Burton, Union, Eastside ,etc..Good people and hard working athletes in each school.
  15. I heard Abingdon was playing Brookville at Emory...Any thoughts on this?
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