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  1. BallMom

    Boone @ GC

    As a parent, Yes I do want the best opportunities for my children. I have seen a Coach have such a connection with his players that the majority of them would run thru a brick wall if asked. But I have also seen said Coach not be able to do anything to reach a player. I believe alot has to do with how the kids are taught at home. If a player constantly sees/hears everyone personally attacking their coach, those feelings will spread like a cancer thru a locker room. Akers may or may not be the Best Coach for GC Football. But to say he is the ONLY problem is the 1st problem. I am all for constructive criticism. Not going to games because a team is struggling and the fans are trying to show the HC that he isn't supported hurts the school/kids. Can you imagine working hard on a presentation for work and when you go to present it no one shows up? I know that's a little bit of a stretch but it's the same for the kids. No matter what the outcome of the game is, if the kids are truly putting in the hard work, they are already defeated when they walk out and the stands are missing fans. The kids hear the fans heckling Akers on the sideline as well. Again, that spreads like a cancer throughout. You just can't put all the blame on Akers. GC Fans say there will be all kinds of people applying for the HC position when it becomes available. I think they have actually put a bitter taste in people's mouth in how they have shown their "school spirit". Akers has more support around SWVA than GC Fans would like. There is a way of handling these these situations and GC Fans have failed their team.
  2. BallMom

    Boone @ GC

    I am impressed with the number of "Perfect" GC Football Fans on this forum. But I must say I feel sorry for all the headaches you guys have because you know everything. Tylenol must give you guys free stock😁. Many times it has been talked about how the kids have quit or have poor attitudes and just give up. Gee, I wonder who they got their attitudes from? Everyone is constantly talking about how many hours Akers puts in compared to what they believe other coaches work. How do you know this? Do you live at the school/field? Are you constantly following Akers? If so, how do you keep your job? 🤔 People say the School Board supports Akers. Maybe they do or maybe they don't. Maybe they are actually pretty smart. They realize the numbers and talent just aren't there from Little League up. How would it look, if GC still didn't perform to everyone's Highest Standards? I mean GC's "Perfect" Fans just cannot be wrong. Akers has be to the blame for everything. I'm pretty sure I saw him doing some sort of Voodoo spell to conjure up Hurricane Florence just so GC wouldn't have to lose again this Friday. I guess he failed at that too🤦‍♀️
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