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  1. Phew! Keep the updates coming! You have at least one person hitting the update button every 5 seconds.
  2. Nevermind, I missed the "2:00 minutes" posted above.
  3. - - Round 3 - Thanksgiving weekend - - So, what if Richlands and Giles win in the West and Brunswick and King William win in the East? There would be a 1 and 6 seed in the West and a 6 and 9 seed in the East. I would assume #1 Giles would host #9 King William, but who would host the game between #6 Richlands and #6 Brunswick?
  4. Kinda like how people* claim there is a "War on Christmas" every year. Just look around...everyone obviously hates Christmas. *By "People", I mean Fox News.
  5. The Braves have also swept 3 of those 4 teams (Cards, Pirates and Dodgers). To be fair, we swept the Dodgers in May before they started getting hot, but still not bad.
  6. I assume you mean the four slices of pizza (half of a medium) that you get for $5?
  7. Pretty funny, but it was confirmed by the couple in the video that it was set up by the minor league team as a PR stunt. I know...I'm a Debbie downer.
  8. Carnival has had a ton of bad press lately, some of it deserved, some of it not; however, Carnival does not deserve the bad press for this. I have been on several cruise ships, and I assure you it would be impossible to "accidentally" fall over board. You would either have to be pushed, jump, or be very careless and stupid to go overboard.
  9. Most of you have probably seen this, but it always makes me laugh...
  10. I think it will depend on how JT looks when Beachy returns. He is probably the biggest ? in the rotation, but he looked really solid after the second inning of his last start in DC. That is also assuming everyone else stays healthy.
  11. You can tell Gattis used to be a janitor... ...because the Nats just got swept!
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