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  1. Well, if they determine the individual(s) that were bullying him and have evidence (social media, notes, direct witnesses to the bullying, then the family will have sufficient evidence to file for a wrongful death lawsuit. There is no burden of proof under this law. Sufficient evidence to prosecute/lawsuit will be there.
  2. I hope it's investigated, and, if bullying was the key factor, that the individual is charged with negligent homicide. That's the only way the message is going to get delivered...hold those individuals accountable and then spread the word on the repercussions. Prayers go out to the family.
  3. Honaker (CW Dotson)...back in the Clinch River Conference, Hogoheegee District, and again for a short time in the BDD.
  4. His brother was a pretty good coach as well...
  5. Eastside beat us, but it went down to the wire...GW is a tough matchup for the Tigers!
  6. Wasn't as bad as Honaker's 110-45 blowout of Grundy...
  7. To be seen! I think they can beat Eastside, but it gets sketchy outside the region.
  8. Yes, the girls team is heavy with freshmen, with three starting every game. I think there's only one senior, but not sure. They could be playing for state championships in 2019, 2020 and 2021, but not this year!
  9. The Tigers are averaging 87.80 points per game. They have broken the century mark in four games (2 straight). Can they keep up the pace or will the arms get tired?
  10. NM 79 GC 64 1:20 left in the game.
  11. Yep, that is exactly how it is still. I live just a little over an hour away from U of West GA. Those summer showers definitely bring more humidity and sticky weather, but probably not as bad as Florida.
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