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  1. Here it is Union at Lee High

    42-14 Save your cannonball's, no need to blast them on the Cubs. Here come the Landsharks
  2. Union and Richlands

    Looks like Richlands is showing their new all white's tomorrow...more than likely Union will be sporting their new jersey's as well
  3. Disc Golf

    Big Stone recently also put in a disc golf course as well down at AK Fraley's Park
  4. Gate City George Wythe Giles Galax Virginia Central Lee Ridgeview Carroll Graham Marion Narrows Hurley Twin Valley Chilhowie Honaker Patrick Henry Holston Harlan Independent, KY Michigan Virginia Alabama LSU Texas A&M G(s)otW Union - 35 Virginia Tech - 52
  5. Union and Richlands

    Unions field does extremely well with water. Now the amount of rain in a short time may be a different story. I've watched some PV/Appy classics in a mudbowl. As long as it's not lightening I say let the boys play.
  6. Union and Richlands

    I'm just ready for it to be over. my stress level is already nearly peaking.
  7. Union @ J.I. Burton

    It was a overthrown pass I agree, but I'm curious as if the sun in his eyes may have been a circumstance there
  8. Union @ J.I. Burton

    Agreed, especially with teams that have good speed on the corners. I noticed he was slow on some pitches to Owen's last night as well. Owens had to slow down and wait for it to develop moreso than zero to wide open, hit the hole and go. It's just week 1, were just getting settled in and we will be ok.
  9. Union @ J.I. Burton

    Tradition, we've traveled up state and they pull off on the side of the road and warm up in a cow pasture. I'm exaggerating a bit, but they don't like to show up til kickoff, and usually find somewhere else to warm up other than the field they are playing on. Carrying on I agree with others, I don't think Travis opened his playbook up completely for this game, he flipped to the pages he needed for the win. He's not wanting his big plays on film this year for the Blues to study this week. Mitchell only had 3 catches, yes he was targeted a few more though. Like the article said, Burton had more punts than they did first downs. Hopefully they can get their program built back up soon. I guess the JIB folks chanting "overrated" at the scrimmage last week against VA High seen what it tasted like. Good luck the rest of the year.
  10. Union?

    the possibilities are endless IMO, do you move James back to safety so he can scan the whole field? or leave him up front on the end, do you put Polier at LB or leave him on the line beside big Jeb and Barnett, or do you put some quicker speed like Dakota Owens at safety but is not as tall? Travis has alot of different options this year. Again, that's just my opinion
  11. Union?

    Look for the transfer from lee to be starting on defense at DE or LB, Nick Polier, he's just a sophmore, been watching him in practice and the kid loves to hit and goes 110% at all times.
  12. Far SWVA players going next level..

    Definitely not a commit yet, but a buddy of mine sent this to me a few minutes ago that James Mitchell posted up on Twitter today
  13. 2017 schedules.

    It is.. Edit: Just seen where you corrected yourself. we all make mistakes :D
  14. 2017 schedules.

    wonder what the deal is with the 7:00 games this year.
  15. VHSCA All Star Game

    Red west
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