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  1. Graham 2018 home games

    how long did it take WISE CENTRAL to be built? It seems like similar work has to be done?GRAHAM needs to hire the same contractor too, it only cost $2,000000 for theirs WINK WINK WINK HINT HINT
  2. 2018 outlook region wide

    Thats really good news,he should be in the spread all year , it will give him more time and with the receivers we have it should be a quick strike offence.
  3. 2018 outlook region wide

    Turner is still healing, as for his senior season being gone .....just don’t know. I hope that he is able to go but there is a fallback plan I am sure. Everyone expects Union to finish behind the Wolfpack, but Union will be faster and stronger everywhere, these subs that replace the seniors competed everyday with Mitchell and the rest
  4. VA High Athletics

    The main budget drain is that city funded money pit built to bring in stores and of course $$$$, it has been a nightmare for the city of Bristol VA.They will go into bankruptcy in the near future and all phases of the city government will take big hits, police, fire, and school system. There are no easy fixes and it will be decades before the city becomes viable again.Some of the self supporting teams can survive,but there will be hard choices to make and some area business may have to provide support in the form of equipment , and travel .Maybe the former players that have made it big can step in and help out, anyhow goodluck BEARCATS
  5. 2018 outlook region wide

    Mitchell is gone at UNION, Bailey is still healing from the knee injury so whats everyone take on 2018? I expect that Union will work from the spread and look to get JENKINS the ball , the "D' should be pretty good but KENNEDY will be missed. This should be the year for the WOLFPACK in the mountain 7 but dont count out UNION .GRAHAM will be stronger than last year and RICHLANDS will be back to there old selves. mnt 7 1WOLFPACK 2UNION 3ABINGTON???? 4 BATTLE 5 CENTRAL 6 LEE 7 GATE CITY
  6. Graham Clark Resigns

    Christian will have a very short leash, maybe he is only a temp. solution untill they get who they want. Ballard from GREENVILLE will stay until his son graduates then who knows where he will be off to.I said from the start that to be the DB man you had to be a DB man. I worked in KINGSPORT for years with some really big football program supporters and they can throw the money at whomever they want, CHRISTIAN deserves his shot just like GRAHAM CLARK got his, but a sub .500 record will doom him quickly and next year may be a .500 % year
  7. Graham Clark Resigns

    If Tavis was to leave I wonder IF BARRY JONES would come home????BIG "IF'S I know but there will be a big hole to fill, TRAVIS is the heart of our program, he demands the kids are good kids on and off the field. I dont want to loose TRAVIS, but I will wish him well....after all GRAHAM CLARK was an old POWELL VALLEY COACH too
  8. Graham Clark Resigns

  9. Graham Clark Resigns

    CLARK played hs football there....GRAD in 1973 ....so yes he has ties there, I agree many will apply but you must understand its really not the school who decides , its the people of KINGSPORT, namely those who donated millions of $$$$ for the program.Graham was asst. coach for years at PV, then asst. at APPY STATE then on to CHILHOWIE for 2 going 19-3 after that he went to DB as asst.coach of QB's. i worked for WALLACE BOYD(OAKWOOD MKTS) AND RAYMOND GALYON both big time $$$$$ men at DB they told me a long time ago,"no one can be a D B MAN , unless you already have been a D B MAN. MONEY TALKS and BS walks.D B may hire outside , but it will have to be a very special coach
  10. Graham Clark Resigns

    I bet momma bear has the VETO VOTE on that ideal, BAILEY is a senior now and it seems he has something to prove...good as last year?????maybe not, but not a cellar dweller either , DA BEARS WILL CONTEND, as long as BAILEY is healthy....5 wide going deep to JENKINS. D B will hire a DB player from the past, or a UT GRAD
  11. Graham Clark Resigns

    I played for him at POWELL VALLEY,he was a great motivator and excellent coach, I spoke to him from time to time over the years while I worked in KINGSPORT and WEBER CITY, he never lost that fire in his eyes or the love of"HIS KIDS".I can say that if all of us turned out to be good men , it was because of him, coach POSS BOLLING AND BOBBY C.All great coaches but better men and role models
  12. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

  13. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    BARRY HAMLER IS BACK IN BSG, saleing used cars, he had some great teams while in NORTH CAROLINIA,I was hoping he would get back into coaching but he seems to be doing great at VIKING MOTORS
  14. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

  15. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    most of JERRY MYERS points were well beyond the arch, as well as DENNIS DAVIS,you have to remember POWELL VALLEY went to DB and won, this is during the BUCK VAN HUSS days, when DB was winning AAAAA and TEAMS LIKE KENTUCKY AND TN. used DB 'S GAMES AS RECRUITING TRIPS.BARRY HAMLER SCORED 2096 IN HIS TIME WITHOUT DUNKS OR 3 POINTERS, all the players I named had well over 1000 points, just check the VHSL RECORDS ......bro
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