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  1. jarhead24219

    Abingdon @ Union

    I agree , this game is about even both clubs like to grind it out , being at home gives Union a extra advantage
  2. jarhead24219

    Abingdon @ Union

    This may be the best game of year at The Park, the fans kinda been flat but expect the hype to grow. Union May have Wildcat to let go or they may Spread the ball around, different Union come Friday night, Can you imagine Jenkins in the Wildcat ....lions tigers and Bears oh my!
  3. jarhead24219

    Abingdon @ Union

    Until last night I thought that Union would win easily ,not now, wow what a game plan the had....kinda like a old Gate City team smash mouth. There are going to be some licks thrown, better get that passing game going or Union will be in trouble.
  4. jarhead24219

    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    Yes they did, Union better have that jock strap on for sure . Power vs power next week , looking forward to seeing it should be a good game
  5. jarhead24219

    Score Updates: Week 9 (10/19/18)

    Congrats Wareagles
  6. jarhead24219

    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    Great game, listened to WDIC , good good call by the radio guys, not homers like most broadcast. Ridgeview hurt themselves several time but showed great character taking the lead after the bad first half
  7. jarhead24219

    Score Updates: Week 9 (10/19/18)

    Congrats Falcons
  8. jarhead24219


    I stand corrected, basketball it was , sorry for the bad info on my part, that’s why you are wise men on the board . Thanks for the correct info
  9. jarhead24219


    You know him , I do not , the way the article is written would lead you to believe it was football that he played. Good coach regardless
  10. jarhead24219

    Richlands vs Graham

    Wouldn’t want to play them at home, ouch! Peaking at the right time. Lots of things on Richlands mind this week besides football, prayers
  11. jarhead24219


    Roanoke times July 11 2014
  12. jarhead24219


    I have re-read the article, it said he was a starter for Roanoke college maroons, this article was written when he was inducted into the VHSL hall of game he also in Roanoke college hall of fame . I have no personal knowledge, just quoting the article
  13. jarhead24219


    Not true, his fathe was a coach and he played at Roanoke College who won the national championship in 1971-72 in their class , he went to Narrows high school were he played for his father.I don’t disagree with your all’s points great coaching doesn’t mean they were great players
  14. jarhead24219

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    In Va there is no criminal charge for bullying, but the code provides for civil penalties (money)if the offended party brings a lawsuit. Va law does state that all schools districts and their boards implement anti-bullying policies with zero tolerance. As a father of a special needs child I cannot imagine other children bullying my son, and what I would do.My heart goes out to this young mans family , I pray that GOD gives them peace and suuronds them with his love
  15. jarhead24219

    Central @ Lee

    Lee is better by14