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  1. Appomattox

    damn ,you must have that hearing aid turned up to super...all i heard on the live feed was.....wait for it....touchdown. dont believe it , saw what i saw , apples to apples, it was the same, oh i forgot APPOMATTOX RULE
  2. Appomattox

    After the UNION,APPO game we heard some say that UNION should have been flagged for the coach walking out onto the field, but duing the APPO /LEE game the APPO coach walked onto the field when the backwards punt/score . Where are these posts now?????The game was a good game and that one play could have decided the game , so the coach wanted to know why it was counted as a score, and thats why TRAVIS TURNER wanted to know why a penalty was called when we had used the play every game......by the way the VHSL is reviewing the game film....it wont matter but we would like to know if there was a bias with the crew

    ONE MORE SATURDAY, we all should go to UVA WISE to watch JAMES MITCHELL one last time in high school.There is something special about high school football, ..no money or fame or bs NCAA rules , just pure football. Has anyone seen the team members on each squad? if so can it be posted
  4. Appomattox

    APPO beats UNION by 3 and LEE by 4, I would guess it would be fair to say they earned this one. The WEST still rules there is no debate about that
  5. VA Football State Championships 12/10/2017

    Appo wins, congrats , looking forward to seeing James Mitchell play next weekend
  6. Title games

    Damn we missed the boat we could have drafted...errrr transferred Cam Allen against Appo
  7. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    The refs told the chain gang “ there’s a right way and a wrong way to run the shift, you all didn’t do it right” never explained himself?????whatever!!!its over , I am done , Appo get you some Lee surrender ....again
  8. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    It was good seeing you while you were in line , hope you got a good seat and glad you got home safely.how did you like BULLITT PARK by the way?
  9. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    IF A COACH HAS QUESTIONED A CALL HE IS ALLOWED TO SPEAK WITH THE HEAD REF(SANTA CLAUS)TO FIND OUT WHY A CALL WAS MADE. THATS THE RULE, NO TIMEOUT NEEDED.tHE SHIFT HAS BEEN LEGAL ALL YEAR, and now its not????the refs were from the Roanoke valley so maybe that was the way they call games there,to understand the VHSL way of hiring different organizations for its games officials one would have to have a degree in "DUMB ASS".The game is over, things will not change even if it was the most blatant foul ever, so lets move on , a block here a tackle there ,a catch or a good punt, we can what if all day but its over ....enjoy the memories of that day.All the kids played hard, I hope APPO DESTROYS R E LEE, that way we can say we didnt loose to APPO. , we just ran out of time
  10. Happy 1 year anniversary...

    What did you think of our P.A. man.... MR. MUMBLES,I love PHIL LEE but he needs to get louder and a little more vocal....RYAN ,do you want a job on FRIDAYS????
  11. Happy 1 year anniversary...

  12. Any posters in BSG today?

    its hard to accept when a school smaller than you beats you, it would be like rye cove beating UNION
  13. 2A Teams To Watch In 2018

    Some really good players coming up , I still remember watching James on the 8th grade team....who could have guessed? Looking forward to the spread next year 5 wide here we come
  14. Any posters in BSG today?

    Stats - first downs- union 18 Appo 14 Rushing Union 41-266 Appo 41-191 passing Union 5/12-1 intercepted -50 yards Appo 8/13-1 intercepted 88 yards total offense Union 315 Appo 279
  15. Happy 1 year anniversary...

    Too bad you couldn’t add a video of Union beating Appo the same way. Hope you had a great time at the park yesterday
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