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  1. jarhead24219

    2019 Union Graham

    Appomattox has lost 1 game in 3 years,they do play up to 4 a schools, Union played Mo west and won,I don’t even care to argue with you b- dad , it’s pointless, as far as the benefit game last night , I saw lots and lots of 2nd and 3rd teamers out there for Union, the kid who was at QB on the final score is in the 9th grade A Jones, great name by the way. Good luck this year, you might be right on the woodshed but I don’t see it
  2. jarhead24219

    2019 Union Graham

    I went to DB vs Greenville tonight 15000 plus is just a guess, Greenville is the best team I have EVER seen , DB not so much, as far as Johnson City taking us to the woodshed, well Betsy was winning 17-7 early in the 3rd and Union gave Betsy all they wanted in the last couple of years ( scrimmage)
  3. jarhead24219

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    Here are some of the numbers for MANASAS PARK HS,number of kids enrolled 992, of that 52.1% are hispanic,25.4% are white, and 9.9% are black.49.6% recieve free lunches, the school is ranked 299th out 324 high schools as far as tests scores .This kinda paints a picture of that community, a poor community with many many hispanic peoples bringing their culture (soccer vs football).They have MS-13 problems and that in itself spells trouble for any town/city and its schools, football is the least of their worries
  4. jarhead24219

    Most wins by town

    So,the APPALACHIA TRAINING SCHOOL was the first, replaced by CENTRAL and then replaced by BLAND???, That explains why the two schools used the same colors and mascot. It should be noted that APPALACHIA HS also used the saame blue and gold as CENTRAL/BLAND ,as well as BIG STONE GAP BLUE AND GOLD.I bet it was hard to tell who was who out there. Another side note RALPH CUMMINGS played for the EAST STONE TIGERS DURING THOSE EARLY years , they wore the green gold and white ....like CLINTWOOD
  5. jarhead24219

    Most wins by town

    yes they did , CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL BUFFALOS,my understanding is that all the black kids went there from , BSG,EAST STONE GAP, and APPALACHIA.They were very good
  6. jarhead24219

    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

  7. jarhead24219

    Thomas Jones Interview

    TJ just like everyone else has those friends who have been on the other side of the law, several have been jailed for crimes involving drugs, he is/was/knew ERIC JONES, wanted for murder. There are always rumors about his involvement with these thing, but there is no proof. Just as SGT. FRIDAY said on DRAGNET...JUST STATE THE FACTS, JUST THE FACTS.What he is doing now has NOTHING to do with what he did for PV or UVA or his days in the NFL. He has given to PV and UNION, LIKE HIM OR NOT you cannot say he was anything but great...
  8. jarhead24219


    The one question that has not been answered is this, is there a different pay say:WISE CENTRAL head coach VS UNION head coach "if both have the same resume" and does RICHLANDS HEAD COACH MAKE MORE THAN GRAHAMS? THOSE TWO SCHOOLS could be changed with any other schools in the same system , UNION VS EASTSIDE ECT. ECT. ECT. JUST WONDERING IF THERE IS A SET $$$ for each head coach no matter where you are or how good your program is
  9. jarhead24219


    I agree that no one is getting rich by coaching, and I am not trying to throw mud, my point is that some programs are able to keep good coaches while others are not and i was just wondering how?
  10. jarhead24219


    Most coaches have such a positive effect on young men and ladies in shaping their lives, COACH BOLLING insisited that his players be great citizens first.I was just wondering about pay in general and how RICHLANDS keeps MANCE all these years when other schools must have offered him BIG $$$$ to coach at another school,I JUST FIGURED THAT STRONG COMMUNITY SUPPORT $$$$ kept him in place, and thats a good thing. Take a look at look at APPOMATTOXS' DOUG SMITH,untill he showed up they were just a average program. I spoke to several APPO fans at the UNION VS APPO game last year, they told me that several collages were trying to get him to coach , and that the community came up with GIFTS "$$$$$" TO KEEP HIM THERE.
  11. jarhead24219


    I have often wondered what kind of money is involved in coaching?Does each school decide what to pay a head coach and is it based on years of service, or is it set by the county, and is each head coach paid the same within , say WISE COUNTY, or other systems?I have heard that sometimes the community helps with the money issue when coaches win state or when another school is after the head coach.
  12. jarhead24219

    Defensive Coordinator

    I watched BARRY this AM, good to see him working the D out
  13. jarhead24219

    Eastside Head Coach

    Big big loss for UNION, but EASTSIDE will gain a great d-minded coach.We will see if he has the o-minded chops too, either way EASTSIDE will be better
  14. jarhead24219

    Eastside Head Coach

    I worked a 5k run this past Sat. the run was for the UNION BEARS football.All the coaches were there except D coach, but he not big into running distance ha ha. I spoke at lenth with TANNER KENNEDY grandfather he spoke of TANNER getting ready for college ball but never mentioned any coach leaving except to say that TURNER came real close , i.e he turned it down , to getting the D B job
  15. jarhead24219

    7 on 7's

    Someone woke up the GIANT, and MANCE always will bring a good game plan