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  1. HaloSports2

    Union @ Wise Central

    Now, now. If you did that all those Wise County adults wouldn't be able to hate on other kids. Well wait they probably still would, they would just hate on the kids at the one school that they didn't really even know. Kind of like now except with more schools. Never mind, make it one school. haha
  2. HaloSports2

    2019 schedules

    Not so sure Ridgeview is dropping people and beefing up their schedule or if people are dropping them because they don't want to play them. I think the people dropping them is more accurate.
  3. HaloSports2

    Girls: Gate City vs TN High

    We are 4-2 in the regular season against them. We swept them the first and 3rd year of the school, got swept the second year. I wouldn't consider that a team we can never seem to beat.
  4. HaloSports2

    Mountain 7 District All District Teams

    I will admit that I didn't watch Pollier enough to compare them and I don't think you watched either of them enough to compare them. I also don't like comparing high school kids. I did however watch Sproles a lot, and even with his awards he is undervalued. He is really really good.
  5. HaloSports2

    Mountain 7 District All District Teams

    You don't think Sproles, the MLB deserved Def POY? He was by far the best defensive player in the entire conference this year.
  6. HaloSports2

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    I don't claim to know big ugly vol well, but I do know he is no snowflake. haha just the opposite actually
  7. HaloSports2

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    Well obviously the point of the post was as it said, if you can line up and stop them you will beat them because there will be no creativity or no change.
  8. HaloSports2

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    I agree defensively I think it will be a chess match by both teams, but offensively Ridgeview will run the same things over and over. If you can line up and stop them you will beat them because they won't change and there will be no creativity.
  9. HaloSports2

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    There will be a big crowd. People who normally would have to work late on Friday and couldn't make the drive will now come and more people will come because the weather is supposed to be nicer. We had a terrible crowd there last Friday and I know no one expected the game to be that good, but the weather was terrible and probably hurt. Also we keep talking about Ridgeview not having a very good passing game, but I think it is better or could be better than people know. The OC pretty much refuses to throw the ball and we have very capable and actually very good receivers. I believe even if we had D1 prospects at WR he still wouldn't throw the ball much. Actually I'm not sure he would throw it to Randy Moss. haha I've watched every game and I love this team, but it doesn't take even a football expert to understand that we is very predictable. People sit in the stands and tell you what play is coming next. If Richlands has the athletes to stop or even just match up with our players, it won't take much of scheme to stop them. The way we beat people is we are just more talented or bigger than them. When we play people that are as big and talented. Well Abingdon is an example. We haven't played anyone else who is.
  10. HaloSports2

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    This makes more sense. I knew that they would bring Colley in for the pass attack. I mean he was an offensive genius. Good thing they have a Haysi boy as the QB I mean Colley's offense was probably bread into him.
  11. HaloSports2

    Union v Battle postponed

    It was a sarcastic post based on things said in other threads.
  12. HaloSports2

    Union v Battle postponed

    What? How dare they cancel a game at Bullit Park. Well I guess there is a first time for everything. dang entitled kids and coaches. and so on and so on.
  13. HaloSports2

    Wise Central @ Ridgeview

    7:00 but I would wait and come next week. The conditions may be nicer and this one will probably be over in the first quarter again.
  14. HaloSports2

    Luke Owens

    I don’t know much about him or them but don’t they run the ball now pretty much every play and they used to pass a lot before? Seems like he would be doing what all offensively lineman love to do and running the ball. But like I said you seem to have a better inside knowledge
  15. HaloSports2

    Sproles Ejection (Ridgeview)

    I stand I stand corrected thanks didn’t realize that