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    Congratulations to these gentlemen for going viral in all the wrong ways. I notice one was a high school referee in the middle of it all. I think he was trying to keep the peace, but ended up getting taken down hard.
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    What happened was awful and the people involved look like idiots, but to imply that it's the 2 high schools fault is ludicrous and not the rapper. Most high schools have nothing to do with little league or than allowing them to use their fields. They are separate entities (for lack of a better word) and I'm sure the head varsity coaches from both programs were as embarrassed as most. I would hope so at least.
  3. HaloSports2

    Largest Coaching Staff in SWVA

    Just for fun and I'm a homer, but anyone who has seen the size of Ridgeview's coaching staff I don't think would want to line up with them head to head. They have some big dudes. If you had to put together a staff of coaches to hold the front for you, who would you choose? Let's not be mean, just something fun on a slow Friday morning on the lake for me. Also as I mentioned in another post I'm the same HaloSports just couldn't get this site to let me log back in. Couldn't remember my password and couldn't ever get it to send me a new one to my email, but I digress.
  4. HaloSports2

    Wolfpack @ GC

    This will be a blow out. I'm the same HaloSports from before, but I couldn't remember my login and I'm not very computer savy. Been reading all season, just haven't been able to post. haha