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  1. A Graham athlete at the track meet last night handed Trenton Adkins the Grahams head coaches number and said coach wants you to give him a call. Take that for what its worth but sounds like possible recruiting to me
  2. I guess we will have to wait and see then. I will take the evaluation of college coaches about him, over a bunch of forum posters.
  3. Well they are offering his as a running back and he's hardly played any defense at Ridgeview, a little not much, so what do you think?
  4. Gotcha man, just giving you a hard time
  5. Would you really want either of those guys as the coach?
  6. I thought you tucked tail and just on the bandwagon of a Tennessee school. Good to see you still care.
  7. So Jamie Hackney I'm assuming is an assistant coach on a team that won a state championship, so therefore that championships gives him the credentials to be a coach that would have won a state championship at Lee? Let's not even say state championship at Lee, but by him not being the guy on a team that won a state championship that automatically makes him as someone who is going to be a great coach? I don't even know the guy he may very well be a great guy and coach but this is far fetched philosophy.
  8. Ridgeview didn't lose as much as you think they did.
  9. Why are we yelling the kids names each time?
  10. Could you please explain your thoughts on how it is better for the school? I'm not disagreeing just curious.
  11. I figured Robin Dotson would want this game moved.
  12. Now, now. If you did that all those Wise County adults wouldn't be able to hate on other kids. Well wait they probably still would, they would just hate on the kids at the one school that they didn't really even know. Kind of like now except with more schools. Never mind, make it one school. haha
  13. Not so sure Ridgeview is dropping people and beefing up their schedule or if people are dropping them because they don't want to play them. I think the people dropping them is more accurate.
  14. We are 4-2 in the regular season against them. We swept them the first and 3rd year of the school, got swept the second year. I wouldn't consider that a team we can never seem to beat.
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