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  1. i never said we were that good. we have an oustanding back, but we def. dont throw the ball enough. we are a very solid team but we did not play that well friday night. also i didnt say central was bad, i said they arent as good as they think they are
  2. gate city may run the clock and hold the ball but they don't stop adkins. We wear them down. 41-20 us.
  3. I think va high gets the upset. central isn't as good as central thinks they are that was obvious last friday. 35-27 va high
  4. what did you see Thursday, i didn't get to go, whats your thoughts on central
  5. i always like reading your take on things. you sound like you would make a good head coach. we drove over to the game because we played on friday. I would have to agree with the above statement. Central is fast and better, and i think they will be the better team tonight. i don't think they can match our strength next week, but will be a tuff out for some teams this year. us, abingdon, and union are the class of the mountain 7 and i feel like we will get abingdon at home this year but we will have to wait and see. the only thing i worry about with us is play calling
  6. Central will win but I think it will be close, 35-28
  7. We throw for 200 and rush for 300 you all will see tonight. win 49-6, i have faith in our QB line and RB and we have some good receivers
  8. Nick will be fine by the end of the season you will be wondering why he wasn't the qb last year
  9. I'm taking by the LOL that you are joking about the R, because it appears to be black to me
  10. A Graham athlete at the track meet last night handed Trenton Adkins the Grahams head coaches number and said coach wants you to give him a call. Take that for what its worth but sounds like possible recruiting to me
  11. I guess we will have to wait and see then. I will take the evaluation of college coaches about him, over a bunch of forum posters.
  12. Well they are offering his as a running back and he's hardly played any defense at Ridgeview, a little not much, so what do you think?
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