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  1. http://coalfieldsports.com/2019/01/31/swva-sports-podcast-episode-47-super-bowl-champion-mike-compton/ Take a listen to this very insightful interview that is here right in time for the Super Bowl!
  2. Nice run this past year by Thompson and the Golden Knights. Heading to Wyoming East to assume the same position. I wish him all the best. He is a great person
  3. rvtne215

    Podcast Q&As

    Ask away friends
  4. rvtne215

    Podcast Q&A?

    Any truth to this being lunacy?
  5. rvtne215

    Podcast Q&A?

    What is it like to know that it isn't "The Year"?
  6. rvtne215

    Regional semifinal updates (Playoffs week 2)

    Mount View falls. Williamstown 23, Mount View 12. The great run for the Golden Knights ends at 10-2.
  7. rvtne215

    RESULTS Final Top 10

    You the man, @Bearcat Dad
  8. rvtne215

    Devon Johnson

    Rest in Peace, brother.
  9. rvtne215

    More Heartbreak for Richlands Community

    Hey buddy. I try to stay off of forums on here because of lunacy like this. However, this is pretty terrible. In all honesty, it is in the top two worst posts I have ever seen on here. Maybe it is because I had a connection with Devon. That guy was my friend. We grew up together. We played together. He was one of the nicest guys in the world. Tonight, a son is gone. A mother, brothers, nieces, nephews and many other extended family members and friends are heartbroken. 25 years old and gone way too soon. Who gives a damn how he passed away? He represented our area in a fine light. I think anyone on this board will admit that. That was my boy. I don't appreciate your ignorance.
  10. rvtne215

    Eastside vs Chilhowie

    People have underestimated Chilhowie all year. I hope they go and get what they deserve.
  11. rvtne215

    VOTE for FINAL Top 10

    1. Chilhowie 2. Bluefield 3. Graham 4. Radford 5. Abingdon 6. Ridgeview 7. Mount View 8. Galax 9. Union 10. Patrick Henry
  12. rvtne215

    Luke Owens

  13. rvtne215

    Chilhowie Warriors