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  1. Donald Trump

    Have to wonder if Trump hanging around them Marine Generals is not making him even more salty. If you have never been around Marines, they are very direct and to the point, willing to do or die, that is why they are as tuff and successful as they are. If the Democrats had allowed this effort to succeed it would have been a Trump success. It would have took some of those voters concerned about DACA and jobs and possibly turn them to the other side vote. To let him succeed at anything could mean he's done something they couldn't and haven't for years and years. Politicians have to have their issues to get their vote out. Fix the issues and that voting block will not be there. The ironic thing for me is their hurting their own voter by not working to the middle and fixing things and the voter is still voting for them.
  2. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    I am so happy to finally see these guys have to travel to SWVA. The distance of travel will have an effect. Be sure to bring that horn just for Appo, they deserve it the way they have been at their place. Need to let them know you are going to give them a good old SWVA welcome, those can be intimidating. It would be fun to set on their side just to here the cry. Maul'em Bears!!!!!
  3. Graham vs Richlands

    I'm like Bigrhsfan, I came out of the 70s and remember more bad than good from that time. The last ten years have been a blessing that I will always treasure. Unfortunately good times grows fans that expect winning all the time, if you have read this board for any length of time you know a few of those, all schools have them. Time always has a way of humbling them. I had a uncle who moved to Tazewell back in the 60s with his boys, would bet G-Man was good friends with him. Before I knew what football was one of his son's was always rubbing it in when them Dogs beat Richlands. Time changes things back and forth if you are around long enough to notice.
  4. Week 9 Updates - 10/20/17

    He was so addicted he's still here.
  5. Week 9 Updates - 10/20/17

    Have you every wondered where fulbolking went to?
  6. Future of Gate City Football

    15 and 0 Come guys let a man have some hope. If you could get travel football going like some of these travel softball teams a whole new level of play could be created. If you can get 7- 10 players that stick together that really have that drive and stick together7th or 8th up they could be tough.
  7. Richlands at Marion

    If and when Richlands gets those receivers and qb settled in they will be a different team.
  8. Richlands @ Tazewell

    Richlands is in the grow mode as far as offense. If you look at the experience this year vs last year you could see. We had receivers with two, three, and four years of experience last year, pretty sure Chase played as a freshman. Of the receivers this year they look to be mostly first year with the two most experienced not playing against Tazewell. Last year you had a two time all state quarterback? This year we have a first year starter, given time he will be very good. We have always had a schedule that allowed us to grow, learn and adapt thru the season. With 4A schools stacked up front we taken that away. I still can't get over Blacksburg beating Salem as they did.
  9. Hypothetical.....Union Vs Blacksburg

    This is one of those threads one could debate from now on and never accomplish anything but get cross-eye at each other. But, but you all do play Abingdon? this year so that should be a good one to look forward to.
  10. Hypothetical.....Union Vs Blacksburg

    4A -- think about the number of students and the demographics of that area. Given a solid coaching staff they should be doing just what their doing. Looks like somebody from Abingdon started the thread. Anybody know where Colorabo ended up at. Is he still coaching? back at Abingdon? Ironic thing is, for years we wanted a level playing field to complete better, we got there, and now because of points or what ever we are going back to playing teams that should have gigantic advantages.
  11. Tazewell @ River View

    Leaving War going to Bradshaw. War has a fall festival that starts Friday, should be some street food vendors setup as you go thru they have stuff going on that night. Bud's, I get the tenderloin biscuit with a egg, things are big as a sandwich. Best biscuit I have found in this part of the world.
  12. Tazewell @ River View

    If you remember the old John Boy 's drive thru they just opened one of those back up and they call it the Owl, it is as you are leaving War beside the old service station. They make a good Cheeseburger and fries, suppose to stay open till 7. Belongs to the Jones who own the hardware store, their daughter was a tennis coach for VT, pretty sure she made it into Tech coaching hall of fame, or something like that, some really good people.
  13. Tazewell @ Virginia High

    Wasn't it 2004 they meet Vick Hall and Gretna in the D-3 playoffs.
  14. Gate City @ Richlands

    Somebody send me a script. These games get me so wired up I can't go to sleep till about 3 in the morning. I'm getting to old for this. Going to have to find something less stressful.
  15. Graham @ Gate City

    If you have read any of Va preps there are posters over there that have Graham playing Appy in the State Championship. If that is so doesn't sound like Gate City is in to bad a shape. Nobody better take them lightly, one thing is for sure, sounds like their still trying to ring them bells.
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