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  1. barondawg77

    The state of high school football

    Coach Go was also at Tazewell and was the offensive line coach on the ‘86 state team. He left Tazewell after the ‘89 season. Great coach and great man!
  2. barondawg77


    @EH31 I guess that settles it, you were right LOL!
  3. barondawg77

    Wrestling 2017-18

    Michael Webb. He is also the head football coach now.
  4. barondawg77

    Wrestling 2017-18

    Keep your eyes on Lebanon. They return a lot from last year. They will be strong for a while too.
  5. barondawg77

    11/24-25/17 Score updates...

    One of the best game I’ve seen in a while
  6. barondawg77

    Union vs. Marion

    Lol ok. Guy in all black on richlands sidelands, visor like the other picture, he’s at the games I’ve been too. Sure looks like the same guy to me. But could be wrong.
  7. barondawg77

    Union vs. Marion

    He’s at very richlands game I’ve been too. Someone from richlands can name that guy for sure. He was taking pictures of Tazewell warmups this year. Not sure what his reasoning was, but that’s what he was doing.
  8. barondawg77

    John Battle vs Graham @ Mitchell Stadium

    I'm not going to call a kid out on here, but I know one is for sure, and I'm pretty sure another is. I'll let someone else look that up. Everywhere has hold backs, and not all of them are for athletic reasons. My point is, be careful how much you say Graham doesn't do that, when it is more normal than you realize. The creativity of parents doing this in other grades than 8th grade, makes it a little harder to detect.
  9. barondawg77

    John Battle vs Graham @ Mitchell Stadium

    Two of Graham's best players are hold backs right?
  10. barondawg77

    Best teams in mance era

    Didn’t Rockbridge QB get injured and they lost those 5 games that year though? Mayo wasn’t it?
  11. barondawg77

    Worst place to play or see a game

    There is a track between the sidelines and bleachers at Tazewell. I don't remember any injuries ever occurring because of the bleachers being to close.
  12. barondawg77


    Isn't Central and Grundy going to Tazewell, with Lee, on the 11th?
  13. barondawg77


    We already know he will be there this week
  14. barondawg77

    Smyth County Schools in a state of despair !

    Are you saying that schools shouldn't use "volunteers"? These days there are more volunteers than ever. The amount of teachers willing to coach sports is in a decline. It is getting harder and harder for Head Coaches to bring in coaches because they don't have the luxury of teaching positions for them. It isn't like it was 20 years ago where you can just hire a coach and get them a teaching job at most places. I would bet that nearly every sport in Tazewell County has at least one "volunteer" on staff. Those "volunteers" also have to go through the same background checks and drug testing policies that a teacher does. If this guy did what he is accused of, he carries the entire responsibility of his actions. How the "heads" handled it after the fact is on them.
  15. barondawg77

    Grundy program

    That's the beauty of wrestling, you don't have to be a great athlete to be successful. Hard work and a strong mentality are the keys to success. If you get those things combined with athleticism, then you have something special, as in every sport. But those guys that are too small or too slow, can really benefit from wrestling. I've seen it first hand.