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  1. https://www.highschoolot.com/person-selects-joey-carroll-to-lead-football-program/18268922/
  2. What number do you wear for Riverheads? I just want to keep up with you! Thanks.
  3. Northwood's principal was a good football player at Chilhowie. Probably has a lot to do with them offering to host.
  4. What a complete joke and major distraction for those kids from Chilhowie. Galax has to have all of the motivation in the world now. Chilhowie fans, staff, and administration are acting like moving a game from a muddy field to a college stadium with wonderful facilities to a field with sinkholes and giant rocks in the corner of the end zone with pine trees two feet from the pylons is a great idea. Also why did they go practice at Emory & Henry? I smell ego city because VHSL moved it to Emory without consulting with them first. I hope all that complained are happy with the outcome. I hate it for those kids especially the seniors. Reminds me of Tennessee trying to hire Greg Schiano lol!
  5. The above link will provide a listen live stream once the pregame show begins at 1pm.
  6. 2nd TD pass of the game as Chilhowie clears the bench
  7. IMO Graham just doesn't have the same culture. They are in need of the big W to go to that next level. I think they are capable this year but they will need to take that step. I feel as though the Union's Richlands' and Ridgeview's are in the Gmens heads a little. Just IMO of course!
  8. The way I saw it from the stands both teams played in the same conditions. I mean I just read here last week how much fun it is to play in the rain. From my vantage point Marion's qb was better throwing the ball. Marion threw it better. Marion moved it better. Marion scored the same number of offensive touchdowns. Graham took a deep breathe when it was over. Correct me if you watched the same game I did.
  9. Honaker up 20-8 in 2nd qtr according to score stream on WCYB
  10. I am just being curious but what happened to Cam Allen in Graham bball? I was an outsider looking in.
  11. Congrats sir you won the internet! Not on everything but on some of it. He did break the record but without the loss to Graham in the region final I don't think they could have done it. Much better starts, much better defense, and much better rebounding. Not to mention playing together actually made things easier on Mac except for Radford when he was just double teamed. Kudos for a great prediction on your part. I am a lurker here, but remembered this post because I totally agreed!
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