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  1. I think he’ll be about the same as the past two weeks, limited & not utilized on defense. I do think he’ll give it all that’s humanly possible considering his injury. He’s a tough one that plays with his whole heart.
  2. From the clip you shared, they don’t look to be in as good of physical condition and maybe a bit slower but I guess we won’t truly know until Saturday when the teams hit the field. I really think GMen players and coaches are all dialed in , will be ready. KW is coming up Friday and spending the night which unlike Appomattox is new to them. It’s a 3.5 hour trip, they really don’t have a choice with a noon kickoff. I just wonder how having that many boys in a hotel together before the absolute biggest game of their lives will work for them. It may be to their advantage or it may have no bearing at all. It’s obviously better than leaving at 6am for the biggest game of the year.
  3. That Claiborne kid is speedy and shifty. Hope the GMen can put the brakes on him. KW has some big ones on the field.
  4. According to @BoBob & @oldfool Salem allowed cow bells in 2019. Make sure everyone coming brings their bells!!!!!! Get ready to make some noise!!!!!!
  5. As far as Galax/Graham game, with six starters out, that’s a hard row to hoe. I hope KW isn’t as successful containing Bradshaw. I wish Galax best of luck Saturday! I want them to win about as bad as I want Graham to win! Give ‘em you know what Maroon Tide!
  6. I feel like since he’s a Union guy making that prediction, we can’t count it as “Graham team”….I say close, nail biter, & hope Graham wins in the end. 🤞
  7. Have you ever carried a tuba around? Or those big drums? That takes some strength! Whatever it takes to win 😂
  8. Is it possible to “will” the rain away? 😂 I mean teachers supposedly do snow dances right? Can the fans do anti-rain dances? If y'all think it will work, I'll start on my moves tonight! 😂
  9. I need to learn this lesson 😂 or just wear that pissy badge of honor! 😂
  10. I stated before the game, it wouldn’t affect the outcome and it didn’t. Maybe the players used it as fuel, who knows. What do they say, “It’s the principal of the matter.” The ire isn’t directed at Appo but the town of Bluefield, WV.
  11. I’ve already stated Tony is a class act and I’m petty on the Graham/Appo thread. I’ll proudly wear that label concerning this situation with the town of Bluefield, WV , lol
  12. So if Appo had called BSG local government official in 2017 and arranged to practice at the park the night before the game and morning of the semi final game unbeknownst to Coach Turner & Union, that’s kosher with you? I think it comes down to respect. Appo took advantage of a situation, can’t fault them but the town of Bluefield should have at least said, “Let us run that by Coach Palmer.” Graham found out from the gatekeeper. Graham pays to use for every playoff week after the regular season in addition to the fee for the regular season. Appo got to use it for free. Like I said, not faulting them but the town of Bluefield official that brokered that back door deal.
  13. Sent a message to City of Bluefield’s FB account asking whom I needed to speak with regarding what happened. “You will need to cal 304.327.2448 and ask to speak to Denise.” I don’t know Denise but she’s been chosen to take the verbal bullet!
  14. https://gofan.co/app/events/437395?schoolId=VHSL&fbclid=IwAR31jdaSZCHa-FIW2O8QQBGMego-B-ymMXzd8iv2T5J7svDxvSReouMSCXo Ticket Link
  15. No shame in my game, I’ll take any advantage Graham can get against a tough KW team! I hope turf helps us, lol!
  16. I’m sure the Graham coaching staff knows exactly what KW brings to the table as far as strengths and weaknesses. They will game plan accordingly. No one is taking this game or King William lightly, I can assure you of that. I don’t have a clue what the final score will be, I just hope the number is higher on the home side of the scoreboard when the final whistle blows!
  17. Nothing has been posted on Graham Twitter feed yet.
  18. I’d say he’ll be the same as the past two games. I don’t see him on D at all again and limited on O unless he experiences a miraculous healing of some sort. He’s as tough as they come & plays with such heart. I hate he got injured.
  19. I’m not sure I’d even take an occasional deep shot if accuracy is a problem if Bradshaw is anywhere in the vicinity. He’s liable to end up with a pick six.
  20. Let’s be honest Cole Beck is probably the main reason. 😂
  21. My bad, I thought they called Riverheads too. Just shows not all sources are created equal, lol.
  22. Graham called y’all and asked to play you at Mitchell and Riverheads declined not wanting to make the trip since y’all had already traveled to Tazewell for a game. I don’t blame them, it’s a long haul but Graham reached out to the Riverheads for a replacement game.
  23. Is there even a possibility Galax can squeak out the win? I think it would take perfection from the Maroon Tide and some serious miscues from the 2A Riverheads.
  24. I thought all in all, the officiating was okay. I’ve seen much worse. Appo played well and those boys are tough. That one kid y’all have is like lightning on the field. That kid needs recruited heavily. I think the real difference in the game was Graham’s defense & the adjustments made throughout the game. Our QB is actually missed more on defense. He’s an unbelievable linebacker. If he was full strength playing healthy, your QB probably would have had a very bad day and any outside runs likely stopped. As far as inappropriate behavior by Graham players, sorry about that. I didn’t catch anything they did during pregame but I was watching both teams. Maybe they were still fuming about y’all getting to practice on their home field without the coaches even knowing but for the gatekeeper. No excuse for bad behavior though. Great game, great teams, great coaches, great fans…hope we meet again!
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