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  1. Will the Generals go winless in the district? If so, it will be the first time since 2012 that Lee has failed to win at least one game in the district.
  2. I don't really care but it will be interesting to see if opinions change if Abingdon starts to rule the Mountain....just sayn.
  3. I saw the quote below from Jeremy Pruitt in the Knox News Sentinel, after the beating from Alabama. Whether you like Pruitt or not he speaks truth. Several folks have suggested several different problems with programs.....i.e. players, parents, etc... I thought the last sentence specifically applies to this topic.
  4. Blue Devil faithful, assuming Mr Leatherhead and Mr GrapeApe are correct and GC is looking for a new captain of the ship; are you going inside or outside the Big Blue family? Somebody suggested earlier the program has only had 4 head coachs in the last 50 yrs. The way I see it....Fry, Colobro, and Akers were outside the family and Houseright was the only guy in the family.
  5. I thought the TV and camera crew did a great job. I would love to see more local high school games televised. Back to the game, any word on #43s injury?
  6. LOL. I experienced that myself. Assuming "district" as the LPD, coalfield demographics and different VHSL divisions over the years it's hard to make a fair comparison between coaches. Never played for Phil or Tom but played against them. Those two would have to be at/near the top of my list. Best high school game I ever saw Appy vs PV, I think 1997. Travis playn at Appy and Julius Jones at PV. There was a wall of PV blue and red jerseys down the PV sideline and I think around 25 dressed out for the Bulldogs. Appy came up short on the scoreboard that night but I will never forget how much I respected the Turner's and the rest of the Bulldogs when I left that game.
  7. Now you've done it! Time to get the popcorn out. This should be entertaining. LOL
  8. Hey Duckthecook won't argue about talent. At least he was smart enough that they didn't transfer to Norton or Gate City. I think you probably left out a Jones. Thomas, Julius, and Barry. Not a big Robbins fan but you're being pretty hard on a coach that has more than twice as many wins as your school. Record speaks for itself.
  9. Hahhaha.....read my post again.....not sayn he was Vknce Lombardi, just sayn....it's all about the "Rings, rings, rings.".. ...
  10. Phil Robbins record speaks for itself. He had talent and good assistants for sure. Maybe one of the most important traits of a good head coach is......If it ain't broke, don't fix it and if it's working, don't screw it up.
  11. Hammer, your very last sentence sumed it all up. I couldn't have said it better myself.
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