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  1. 70-56, 82-47, 67-47 according to maxpreps. Of course they are not as good without Mac, but it’s still early to be rule out this years team.
  2. It's one game. Not sure I would read into a single game that heavily. In one of the games last year, GC beat Union by 20. And it was pretty even except for the 1st quarter. 20 isn't a big jump from 15.
  3. Only won by 15. Anytime I've lost by 15 I considered it a whipping.
  4. So you think Dean is solid at #2, but Zac isn't #1? Am I reading that correctly? I must not be because that doesn't make sense.
  5. Agree with most of this. I know school size is a factor, but it wasn't a big of an issue in the old Highlands district (dating myself with that, I know). Those teams beat bigger schools on a routine basis.
  6. Not in the next few years most likely. Little league is a mess, so if those athletes are there, they may not even participate in the sport. GC could be relevant again, but I think it's going to be a long process. Darren (or Jeremy) could get it done, but who knows if the patience will be there to afford him (or anyone else) the time to turn it around.
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