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  1. W Pulaski Co. @ Hidden Valley Central @ Abingdon w W Carroll Co. @ Glenvar Auburn @ Ft. chiswell w W Giles @ Floyd Co. Perry Central, KY @ Lee w Paintsville, KY @ Union w W Graham @ Princeton Lebanon @ Marion w W Chilhowie @ Virginia W Grayson Co. @ East Mont. W Narrows @ Holston W Hurley @ Grundy Castlewood @ Northwood w Eastside @ JI Burton w Harlan Independent, KY @ Thomas Walker w W Patrick Henry @ Rural Retreat W Bluefield @ Point Pleasant, WV No. 14 Iowa @ No. 19 Michigan w No. 7 Auburn @ No. 10 Florida w W No. 11 Texas @ West Virginia Virginia Tech @ Miami w Marshall @ Middle Tennessee w W No. 3 Georgia @ Tennessee No. 25 Michigan St. @ No. 4 Ohio St. w W Chicago @ Oakland W Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Denver @ Los Angeles Chargers w Green Bay @ Dallas w Indianapolis @ Kansas City w GotW W Radford @ Richlands 21-14 Gate City @ George Wythe w 28-10 W taxewell @ Honaker 17-10
  2. It did very much so and ricker has the same grit and toughness. I think I’m the end the program itself will be ok. However if the Trojans can somehow find away to win a couple of games they may still find themselves in the playoffs
  3. Yea actually a kid named Jamison he didn’t play quit yesterday. Yes Hutton is in concussion protocol. Thurston can run this offense for sure.
  4. Don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing the Trojans. However what I’m saying is this game will be a blowout.It would be even if Dylan was playing. It was last year and I think Patrick Henry is stronger this year.Zane is a very big speed guy for the Trojans having him out there opens a lot of things for John Battle however for some reason Zane only touches the ball like 7 or 8 times a game. He should have the ball more.The problem is Battle has a team of 27 right now less because another kid quit yesterday and a couple more have said there going to but a lot of our players are not leaving the field. Against Marion with all of our players out Hutton was sacked ten plus times and we had 30 yards rushing. When Zane comes back we will have a great passing offense. If we can block for Hutton and that’s where I think the loss of Dylan may hurt us the most he was very good at giving osborne the few extra seconds to throw or escape. Hutton has a great arm but he doesn’t have the legs of Osborne. However if we can find a way to block for Hutton Zane can light up a defense not to mention Blaylock. Cause trust me Hutton can put the ball anywhere he wants to. Defensive side the loss of Denton hurt us bad but now you have 4 of our big players out so that hurts.Truth is right now the thing that hurts the Trojans more than anything is injuries but it’s lack of numbers and now it’s a lot of young kids playing. Which is good for them for next year but it’s bad for this year. The Trojans have just had very bad luck this year Hopefully Ricker and his staff can pull the team together. But my opinion is it will not be this week Patrick Henry is to strong
  5. This game will be a blowout Patrick Henry by 4 scores. Battle can’t block Marion lives in there backfield. Without Cunningham and Osborne Trojans have no run game. Defense is weaker as well with Cunningham and Denton gone. Like I said blowout
  6. W Radford @ Giles (Thursday) Cave Spring @ Pulaski Co. w W Abingdon @ Tennessee, TN Floyd Co. @ Carroll Co. w W Ft. Chiswell @ Parry McCluer Gate City @ Union w John Battle @ Patrick Henry w Lee @ Ridgeview w Eastside @ Lebanon w W Grayson Co. @ Marion Richlands @ Bluefield w Tazewell @ Princeton w W Galax @ Northside W George Wythe @ Auburn Twin Valley @ Craig Co. w W Castlewood @ Rye Cove W Thomas Walker @ Pineville, KY W Chilhowie @ Northwood Rural Retreat @ Holston w Duke @ Virginia Tech (Friday) w No. 18 Virginia @ No. 10 Notre Dame w No. 21 USC @ No. 17 Washington w W Cincinnati @ Marshall W No. 5 Ohio St. @ Nebraska W New England @ Buffalo Washington @ New York Giants w Carolina @ Houston w W Jacksonville @ Denver W Dallas @ New Orleans GotW Grundy @ Honaker w 17 to 21
  7. Thank you everyone for your thoughts on my son Dylan Cunningham #20 for Battle. We appreciate it. Yes he was a good ball player. He will have surgery and with hope be ready for baseball.
  8. W Abingdon @ Richlands W Carroll Co. @ George Wythe Ft. Chiswell @ Floyd Co. w Gretna @ Radford w Virginia @ Central w Gate City @ Ridgeview w John Battle @ Marion w W Patrick Henry @ Lee Union @ Graham w Rural Retreat @ Galax w West Wilkes, NC @ Grayson Co. w W Grundy @ East Ridge, KY W Hurley @ River View, WV Twin Valley @ Northwood w Eastside @ Chilhowie w W J.I. Burton @ Twin Springs Rye Cove @ Thomas Walker w Tennessee @ No. 9 Florida w No. 11 Michigan @ No. 13 Wisconsin w W No. 8 Auburn @ No. 17 Texas A&M W Louisville @ Florida St. App. St. @ North Carolina w West Virginia @ Kansas w Old Dominion @ No. 21 Virginia w No. 7 Notre Dame @ No. 3 Georgia w Cincinnati @ Buffalo w Baltimore @ Kansas City w Oakland @ Minnesota w W Houston @ Los Angeles Chargers W Los Angeles Rams @ Cleveland GotW W Narrows @ Giles 24-14
  9. W Carroll Co. @ Galax W Radford @ Ft. Chiswell Giles @ Graham W W Ridgeview @ Central Sullivan South, TN @ Gate City W Holston @ John Battle W W J.I. Burton @ Lee W Union @ Letcher Co. Central, KY Lebanon @ Grundy W Marion @ George Wythe W Mount View, WV @ Tazewell W W Tennessee @ Virginia W Grayson Co. @ Rural Retreat W Honaker @ Twin Valley W Patrick Henry @ Hurley W Thomas Walker @ Castlewood W Hancock Co., TN @ Rye Cove Twin Springs @ North Greene, TN W W Bluefield @ Lord Botetourt Pitt @ No. 13 Penn St. W Chattanooga @ Tennessee W Furman @ Virginia Tech W NC State @ West Virginia W Stanford @ No. 17 UCF W Ohio @ Marshall W W No. 9 Florida @ Kentucky W No. 1 Clemson @ Syracuse W Florida St. @ No. 25 Virginia Minnesota @ Green Bay W Indianapolis @ Tennessee W W Seattle @ Pittsburgh W Dallas @ Washington New Orleans @ Los Angeles Rams W Philadelphia @ Atlanta W G(s)otW Pulaski Co. @ Abingdon W 35 to 21 W Chilhowie @ Narrows 42 to 28
  10. Bassett @ Pulaski Co.w W Abingdon @ Gate City W Grayson Co. @ Carroll Co. W George Wythe @ Ft. Chiswell Giles @ Christiansburg w W Central @ Lebanon Virginia @ Battle W Shelby Valley, KY @ Ridgeview W Tazewell @ Graham W Northwood @ Narrows W W Martinsville @ Galax River View, WV @ Grundy W Castlewood @ Honaker W Rye Cove @ Hurley W Twin Valley @ Montcalm, WV W W Patrick Henry @ Eastside Twin Springs @ Holston W W Rural Retreat @ East Mont. W Bluefield @ Princeton William & Mary @ Virginia (Friday) W Marshall @ Boise St. (Friday) W Old Dominion @ Virginia Tech W West Virginia @ Missouri W Texas A&M @ Clemson W BYU @ Tennessee W W LSU @ Texas W Miami @ North Carolina Tennessee @ Cleveland W Washington @ Philadelphia W W Kansas City @ Jacksonville Indianapolis @ Los Angeles Chargers W W Pittsburgh @ New England G(s)otW W Richlands @ Union 24-21 W Chilhowie @ JI Burton. 35-7
  11. Abingdon is very good there line is big strong and will push a lot of teams around. Lucas is the real deal and there qb play was good.. Battle was a lot smaller but not faster.. running back showed a lot of toughness and a lot of our kids went both ways and got very tired we were flat beat by a better team.. On to next week think we will improve a lot by next week
  12. Abingdon in a much closer game than people think. Battle has a strong defense against abingdon strong offense. Will come down to the 4th quarter but I think abingdon avoids the upset.
  13. W Ridgeview @ Burton (Thursday) Northside @ Pulaski W Battle @ Abingdon W Patrick Co. @ Carroll Co. W W Ft. Chiswell @ Rural Retreat W Blacksburg @ Giles W Radford @ George Wythe W Central @ Eastside Gate City @ Richlands W W Union @ Lee W Honaker @ Lebanon Marion @ Chilhowie W W Tazewell @ Virginia W Galax @ Glenvar Alleghany, NC @ Grayson Co. W W Narrows @ Auburn W Grundy @ Twin Valley Tug Valley, WV @ Hurley W W Patrick Henry @ Castlewood Rye Cove @ Jenkins, KY W Thomas Walker @ Cumberland Gap, TN W W Twin Springs @ Northwood East Mont. @ Holston W JMU @ West Virginia W South Carolina vs. North Carolina W Georgia St. @ Tennessee W ETSU @ App. St. w W Virginia Tech @ Boston College VMI @ Marshall W W No. 11 Oregon vs. No. 16 Auburn Virginia @ Pitt W Houston @ No. 4 Oklahoma (Sunday) W GotW Graham vs. Bluefield W score 56
  14. Do you need someone to cover a little from the battle games..
  15. Looked ok... Qb has a decent arm receivers have speed need to track ball a little better... All in all they looked ok.. Starters for both teams only played two series.. They did struggle holding on to the ball on the pitch coat thwm a lot of yards in two drives they mishandled the ball 5 times
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