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  1. PH shocks everyone on this board today! 34-24
  2. I can’t help but think this rain coming through will only help the underdogs, especially in single A. It will be interesting to see if it will slow down the speedy running attack of PH and we all know Chillhowie loves a nasty forecast. thoughts?
  3. Just curious if anyone has upsets they are confident in or will the chalk run the board in the opening round?
  4. What is the "other board" referenced above?
  5. My bad, I am new to the site and didn't realize that you have to have made a certain number of posts before asking a hard question. Obviously, I feel like the guy was a great coach with a great track record but eventually old father time will catch up to us all. At some point Blue72, I am sure your forum posting game will slip a little bit and you will not be able to jump all over a new member asking a simple question like you did so well here.
  6. My prediction is it is 13-8 Hurley after the first quarter but ends at 42-21 PH.
  7. Am I the only one that thinks it maybe time for Mance to hang them up?
  8. I think PH will role in this one and I doubt that we see much of Brown or Smith in the second half. I will be excited to see if Brown can do what he did with his first touch as a freshman and return the opening kickoff.
  9. I was at that game and you were exactly right. PH gave Abingdon everything they wanted in the first half and could have easily been 7-6 if PH chose to kick the ball on 4th down each time they had it in the redzone instead of going for it. Now that being said, I think it speaks more to PH having a better set of starters than most expect than it does to Abingdon being down. Also, I don't think PH could have kept up with them in the second half due to the number of quality subs that one team has and the other does not. Also, I think Abingdon rolls Battle on Friday and then PH does the same later in the year.
  10. Curious Bearcat Dad what you think of the current defensive staff? I know Price has jumped around in various positions at different schools. Do you think he has what it takes to be successful there?
  11. Ridgeview @ Burton (Thursday) Northside @ Pulaski Battle @ Abingdon Patrick Co. @ Carroll Co. Ft. Chiswell @ Rural Retreat Blacksburg @ Giles Radford @ George Wythe Central @ Eastside Gate City @ Richlands Union @ Lee Honaker @ Lebanon Marion @ Chilhowie Tazewell @ Virginia Galax @ Glenvar Alleghany, NC @ Grayson Co. Narrows @ Auburn Grundy @ Twin Valley Tug Valley, WV @ Hurley Patrick Henry @ Castlewood Rye Cove @ Jenkins, KY Thomas Walker @ Cumberland Gap, TN Twin Springs @ Northwood East Mont. @ Holston JMU @ West Virginia South Carolina vs. North Carolina Georgia St. @ Tennessee ETSU @ App. St. Virginia Tech @ Boston College VMI @ Marshall No. 11 Oregon vs. No. 16 Auburn Virginia @ Pitt Houston @ No. 4 Oklahoma (Sunday) GotW Graham vs. Bluefield
  12. From a talent standpoint I do think Brown is a better ball carrier. They do have very different styles where Humphrey’s was more of a smash mouth bowling ball type of running, Brown is an upright runner with strong vision and top speed once he gets on the outside. Brown came close to some of Dakota’s numbers with about 150 less carries last year. He also is someone to watch in the return game, having returned several for six.
  13. I was at PH/Roanoke Catholic. I will say that I feel like PH is legit this season. They were able to control the line of scrimmage most of the day especially with the 1's in. I thought that may be a problem with some of there losses from last year but that didn't seem to be the case on Saturday. Also, they are opening up the playbook a little more as well. IMO, Brown was the best player on the field and feel like he could have another great season. This is a kid that ran for 2k yards and scored over 30 TDs last season so the expectations should be very high.
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