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  1. mhsalum

    M7 Soccer

    Good to hear about Martinsville. MHS's top goal scorer from a year ago is actually still playing basketball. The Bulldogs should have a pretty good season.
  2. I'm sure that you can do it a little quicker, but online driving directions says that it's 4.5 hours.
  3. Didn't want to start a new thread for this, but what kind of JV team does Gate City have?
  4. now that's funny right there. EH, any MHS fan with common sense shouldn't get too up in arms about that one. we may be lucky to be 4th. the dogs lost 3 starters and play a brutal schedule again. they'll certainly take some losses in the regular season. one thing I would take a little exception to in this thread is the comment about the loss to glenvar last year meaning a whole lot. the dogs stunk up the gym that night and glenvar hit everything they threw up there. martinsville won the regular season game at glenvar. glenvar should be very solid again this year, though.
  5. Martinsville's new coach http://www.wvva.com/story/35435627/2017/05/Monday/tanner-leaves-summers-co-for-martinsville
  6. GC can go through the motions against the majority of their schedule and still win comfortably. That could prove to be detrimental to them in the coming weeks. They may have enough talent compared to everyone else that it won't matter anyways. Time will tell.
  7. I think that there is a lot of truth to the fact that these kids play much better when they're challenged and are guilty of playing down to competition at times. Other than the games GC played at the Arby's, no one in 2A plays the kind of schedule that MHS does.
  8. As far as the basketball, there's not much else I can add. The last 2 games against Giles were similar. Big leads by the middle of the 3rd and then coast home with sloppy, pick-up game basketball. I collect MHS yearbooks - yea, I know that's odd. The oldest one I have is from 1944. The name on the front says Mavahi. So we didn't just make that one up out of the blue.
  9. Obviously there's no clear front runner this year like maybe there was the last several years with MHS and then DR before that. Unless maybe it's GC?? They're who I'm leaning with at the moment, but I'm not completely sold on that idea just yet either. Anyways, these last 2 games hopefully will serve as a wakeup to the Dogs that you can't take your foot off the gas in the playoffs, even against an overmatched opponent. This time of the year, mistakes like that can not only cost you the game, but also your season.
  10. Patrick County schools had over 400 kids out yesterday, so they've shut the whole system down for Thursday and Friday.
  11. yea, to be clear, this had absolutely nothing to do with the game. this was 2 idiots (3 if you count the cheerleader) doing what they do best. the game was over after the first 3 minutes, so there wasn't much to fight about on the court. in fact, the only thing that was left for me and pdfan to discuss after halftime was the crazy number of tattoos many of the players for GW had.
  12. Using GMan's seating scale, some quick math tells me that 1575 normal folks is equivalent to about 750 folks from Gate City
  13. New poll is out. GC moved to 1 in 2A and Chilhowie dropped down in 1A. All those issues for most on this forum resolved themselves.
  14. These statewide rankings are almost always based strictly on W-L record, even though some schedules are as weak as water. Martinsville will likely lose a game or two more before the regular season is over. The Dogs have road trips to 4A GW, 5A Halifax and 6A Franklin County still to go. They'll definitely be prepped and ready for the post season though.
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