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  1. When you been da best fo so long Americas Team or SWVas team or whatever. When dat empire falls the people revolt. Just ask Rome, da Dallas Cowboys or da Vol fans. Vols were #1 one time too. We Hokie fans in Radford but we neva had anything so we cant complain. LOL. Sum peeps forget its jus high school football. To your point Ryan4VT if you want change be da change you want to see. Correct dude? And you a Hokie fan I guess Ryan? I watched the game yesterday. Tuuuurible. Tuuuurible. Gotta have dat focus eva game.
  2. That's right! That's right! The Cats on the way up! Viewing area? The Cats will be viewed soon! On the way to state! Bug things poppin for the Cays this year in football!
  3. My boys here in Radford had a crazy game with Gate City last year. The white kid had mad skillz. Now that he is gone and going over what I saw in the playoffs here is my preview for this way to early basketball poll. Feel free to comment. 1. Radford - Our guys havent forgot the last game they played and who they faced. Word on the Avenue is the Cats want a piece of that title held by Gate City and plan on taking it by force. Bobcats take it all this year. No questions. With QMR, Cormany, Jones and company we will have the title in hand come March. But for Gate City all you have to say is No Mac McClung.... No State Title. Nice run but it's done now. 2. Dan River 3. Goochland 4. East Rockingham 5. Martinsville 6. Appomattox 7. Central-Wise. - Had friends who went to watch Gate City play this team in their conference tourney and said without the Mac kid this team would have beat them. Gate City is upset early by this team this year. 8. Gate City - Watched Gate City play at Radford. Without the Mac kid they do not go anywhere. The tall white kid Irving is good but not as good as the pogo stick.The other kid Deans I think it is didnt do much that I saw. They will be very easy to guard and what I saw from the program not very athletic or tough. The Blue Devils get one year to experience a championship. It's back to normal this year with the Cats. 9. Glenvar - The Landers had a young team last year and played very competitive. Keep an eye out. Tie 10. Robert E. Lee - Staunton - New head coach in second year and they lose a transfer guard and Vaughn who is going to Old Dominion. Lee will be competitive but not their old selves. Getting stunned in state took some steam out of their sails. If Lee makes it out of East somehow they get the Cats. Not much better for them again either. Tie 10. Central Woodstock
  4. 1. Union 2. Ridgeview 3. Graham 4. Abingdon 5. Chilhowie 6. Marion 7. Richlands 8. Giles 9. Radford 10. Grayson County
  5. Ok. Time to eat crow. Gate City and the Mac dude was for real. They beat us Radford dudes fair and square. My boys are working everyday to avenge that game for next year but the football.team? We are not the greatest but from what I hear from people near Bristol a poll position at 17 may be a little high for the Devils here in football.
  6. Confusion is wat gonna be happenin when all you dude's from Graham, River, Mahtinsville an GC iz runnin to da exits lookin to leave afta Radfrod spank dat a.
  7. Eva blind squirrrel finds a nut eva once in a while in da woods. Jus no blind squirrels in Radford homie. All da nuts where you be livin. True dat.
  8. I breed CHAMPS bro. All dat come from Radford are CHAMPS bro. Don't come at me like u know me. Graham iz just Radfords steppin stone to GLORY bro. GC done had all da GLORY dey want dis year. GC peeps gonna be so upset when dey get upset an don't win state. Lata Devils. Lata GMen. Lata Widcats and Dawgs. Lata Wise whoeva u are. From da way dis board talk bout Wise we already know who dey are. Dey is everybody's b. B stands fo Bobcat baby!!! I be thinkin it's Bobcat time!!! STATE CHAMPS 2019!!!!
  9. Why would dey follow da Graham Wise game? Evabody knows G gonna walk all ova Wise. Region D ain't got nuttin baby on Region C. G did beat da Dawgs from the Mahtinsville. Dawgs weak dis year tho. River gonna run all over da Ville. Then Radford gonna run all ova da River. GC tonight? No chance. Union upset da Grayson County peeps. GMen prob gonna win it all. Graham plus defnitely GC Wise all those teams players waaay overrated. Graham region championa. Radford gonna blast on da Highland peeps dis night. Cats gonna win da region @OUR house. Region campions will be toasted in. Radford tomorrow night. Next Saturday we go in one step closer to dat ring!! Go Cats Go!! Radford STATE CHAMPS!!!
  10. Three mo games and we be dem boyz!! We gonna own Region C!!! Hear us comin Dawgs? Cats? Hey GDudes, MacJrDevils? Hey dudes We comin! The Boyz are Comin!!! We gonna be around town fo a loooooong time. No seniors here dudes!! We gonna take state 2018! We gonna take state 2019! We gonna take state 2020! We Dem Boyz!! We Makin Noiz!
  11. Don't ya worry homie. Mac gonna get all da focus he want when da b-oyz from Dan River or da Cats get a hold of him. Mac can't hold our jocks. Team that played last year was as weak or weaker than dese boyz so we isn't worried bout you boyz. All dis team does is put mo points on da board than last year's. We saw the GC Dan River game. Bros told me to watch a big white dude, a small pg and da quarterback. Said he could bound. I said who da qb? I aint see no qb on da floor. I see no dude who be a qb eva man. Dude dat scored 60 whateva dat night? If I took 23567 shots i coulda scored 60 whateva too dawg. Come on dude. Straight now. GC just one dude. Radford is a team. A MANs team. A grown MANs team. A REAL grown MANs team bro. We gonna show da River who da best. We gonna show all Region C who da best. GC gonna be lucky if they even get da see us. Straight up homie. Radford the next state CHAMPS. Read it bro. CHAMPS bro. Don't matter how many As they put behind us we gonna rule da world!!! We gonna hold da trophy and da Cat fans gonna sing. We Dem Boyz. We Makin Noiz. State Champs 2018. - The Cats!!!
  12. Bobcats just waiting to see who we will face. Dan River or Martinsville. It don't matter tho! Gate City betta hope no one shows up. Its gonna be some 'Cats and some 'Dawgs. Either way the Devils are done! How? My boyz went to watch down at Gate City tonight. Had to stand near the mat. Bout didn't get in. Thought they would be early at 4. Watch the dude Mac. Said all the boyz in the candy cane pants did was talk to him and he tooks it personal. He tried an make em look bad. Forgot bout his boyz on the floor. Gate City just need to mark it down. Those boyz got at most 4 games left but if they can only barely beat a bunch of candy cane pant legged pretty boyz it ain't gonna happen for em against a bunch of backwoods muggerz from Grayson County. I'm gonna make my final pick and say that Gate City has at most 4 games left. No.way they make it past us much less Dan River in the state quarters or semis. McClung gonna get talked to all night from these boyz up here and he gonna forget about his team and go for records and try to talk trash but we gonna win state. Go take all dem records you want white boy we gonna wear the jewelry and shine up our rings off that record book you in. G-town ain't gettin nuthin but HYPE!!! McClung, Erving and whoever else forget it! Sound like a bunch of lawyers. Morton-richardson, Jones, Cormany!! Now that be champions boyz!!! The State Champion 'Cats! Dan River gonna drown dem Devils. Radford gonna drain Dan River. RADFORD gonna destroy the Lee boyz! RADFORD - STATE CHAMPS 2018!!!!! FIRST YEAR BACK!! ALL YOU IS WHACK!!!
  13. Wow! I did not know Grayson was in Region D. Changes everything for me. Grayson will take that region. They gave the Bobcats a great game! I predict they win the Region! Makes our path to a championship even easier!
  14. Go Bobcats!!! Region D Quarterfinals 4)John Battle at 1)Graham 3)Lebanon at 2)Wise Central 1)Gate City vs. 4)Virginia High 3)Union at 2)Grayson County Region D Semifinals Graham vs Wise Central Gate City vs Grayson County Region D Championship Wise Central vs. Grayson County VHSL State Quarterfinals Region D Champion - Grayson County Region C Runnerup - Dan River Region C Champion - Radford Region D Runnerup - Wise Central VHSL State Semifinals Radford vs Dan River VHSL State Championship Radford vs Robert E. Lee VHSL Class 2A State Champions Radford Bobcats
  15. Go Bobcats! REGION 2C TOURNAMENT PAIRINGS No. 13 Gretna at No. 4 Appomattox No. 12 Buckingham at No. 5 Glenvar No. 11 Floyd County at No. 6 Chatham No. 10 Nelson County at No. 7 Giles No. 9 Fort Chiswell at James River Byes: No. 1 Radford, No. 2 Martinsville, No. 3 Dan River 1)Radford___________ 16)Bye______________. Radford 8)James River______ 9)Fort Chiswell______ Fort Chiswell 4)Appomattox_______ 13)Gretna___________. Appomattox 5)Glenvar____________ 12)Buckingham______ Glenvar 2)Martinsville_______ 15)Bye______________ Martinsville 7)Giles________________ 10)Nelson County______Giles 3)Dan River____________ 14)Bye_________________ Dan River 6)Chatham_____________ 11)Floyd County________ Chatham Region C Quarterfinals Radford vs Fort Chiswell Appomattox vs. Glenvar Martinsville vs. Giles Dan River vs Chatham Region C Semifinals Radford vs. Appomattox Martinsville vs Dan River Region C Championship Radford vs Dan River Region C Champion Radford Region C Runner-up Dan River VHSL State Quarterfinals Region C Champion - Radford Region D Runner-up- Wise Central Region D Champion - Grayson County Region C Runnerup - Dan River VHSL State Semifinals Radford vs. Dan River VHSL State Championship Radford vs Robert E. Lee VHSL Class 2 State Champion Radford Bobcats
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