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  1. Maybe we should outlaw crack, pedophiles, and drunk driving.......wait we did that too. I'm almost certain when and if we outlaw assault rifles bad people will obey these laws. I to have children 19 and 21 and I worry EVERY time they get in their cars.Not for fear of the misused assault rifle but the misused auto. IM not in the military and I don't race cars but I have assault rifles and cars that go over 100 MPH (bet you do to) and I don't abuse either one. But people do and have always broke the law. we cannot wave a magic wand and make all assault rifles go away, they will be available for people who don't care about the law. Just like drugs.
  2. Yes futbolking is right NOBODY needs assault rifles.........NOBODY. Come to think of it NOBODY needs a automobile that will do 100+ MPH right off the lot ether........NOBODY. We buy these things because we WANT them. And i'm willing to bet my next paycheck (which will be quite nice by the way) that the misused auto kills more than the misused assault rifle. We should post speed limits, wait we already did that. Damn law breakers.
  3. We should just outlaw killing......Oh wait, that that has already then done. Think the "killers will obey the a new assault rifle laws.
  4. The Ruger LCP makes a nice carry gun for those of you that have a concealed carry licence, The .40 S&W m&p makes a nice home defence weapon. checkout the newly released 9mm S&W shield, cant find them locally yet.
  5. When and where is the shady scrimmage?
  6. Although I think Zimmerman was morally wrong, I believe he will be found innocent by Fla. state law. The facts as WE know them are, Zimmerman did not brake any laws by being there, or approaching the kid. The law was broken when the kid attacked him if that is indeed what happened. By Fla.state law Zimmerman had the right to defend himself by the definition of the stand your ground law. Although the thought of civil unrest, and the bad taste of the Casey Anthony case could be a factor.
  7. The person Zimmerman was talking to was no officer it was a dispatcher and all she said was "we don't need you to do that". Telling him " not to follow" is NBC and CNN spin. Not a lawful order.
  8. Not that it matters, but I think the two teams involved are narrows VA. and a Blfd. VA team. The only association with WV. is the venue. the Blfd. VA team represented by a VA. attorney was reinstated into the league by a court of law because a video that clearly showed that narrows was at fault. The Blfd. VA. team is scheduled to play tonight at 8:00. As you make a fool of your self the facts has been reported in the local media.
  9. I will agree this is not the best Blfd. team we've seen over the past few years, I think everyone is making their predictions on what they saw or heard about vs. PC. I believe they simply had a very bad night, They did much better the week before vs. a better Christiansburg team. Also this is the same group of kids that did quite well in much of the second half last year vs. Graham. 24-14 Blfd.
  10. From what I understand about Ravenswood, to use the speed and quickness of QB Cole Starchier they would benefit from a dry field as well. I think with the diversity if this Blfd. team they would handle wet conditions better than Ravenswood.
  11. I am a little surprised that Blfd's J.V. does so well simply because of the freshmen that start or see a lot of V. playing time would be ineligible for a J.V. game.
  12. What time will those of you that are going to tailgate set up Fri. morning? Or will it be Thurs. night?
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