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  1. FCA -Little Caesar's All Star East-West Senior Basketball Games are Sat. March 16th at UVA Wise. Girls game is at 6pm . Boys play at 7.30pm. West girls are coached by Robin Dotson of Central and Donnie Frazier of Ridgeview. East girls are coached by Gary Breeding of Abingdon and Katie Cox of Va High. Boys West coach is Mike Elkins of Lee High . East Coach is John Hubbard of Holston. 3 point contests and Slam Dunk challenge at halftime.
  2. Hokie777

    VA Boys State Tournament brackets

    Radford by 4 Eastside by 3
  3. Hokie777

    Gate City vs Radford

    Zac Ervin has the game of his life . Scores 42 points and carries GC to a 70- 66 victory Tuesday at Pulaski.
  4. Hokie777

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    I saw the video of Dean today and his cheap shot. Should have been ejected from the game in my opinion.
  5. Hokie777

    East teams to watch out for

    Just curios as VHSL state championships are just a month or so away... who are the top 1A and 2A boys and girls teams the West needs to watch out for?
  6. Hokie777

    Central at Gate City

    Dean of Gate City scored more points than all of Central team.. 40 Dean Central 36....
  7. Hokie777

    Zac Ervin 2000

    Thanks for info! Was curious if Zac averaged 40 points per game for the rest of the season if he had a chance to catch up with Mac?
  8. Hokie777

    Zac Ervin 2000

    Zac Ervin hit the 2000 point milestone last night! Just curious how many points separate Mac McClung and Zac at this point ?
  9. Hokie777

    2018 Arby's Classic Thread

    Looks like DB doubled and tripled team Ervin and Dean and shut their point production down... not sure if Va schools can follow that pattern but it wouldn't hurt to try.. thoughts anyone?
  10. Hokie777

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    This time of year can be so hectic! Folks are stressed out with late minute shopping and in a rush! Merry Christmas my friend to you and your family! I hope you can enjoy some leisure time and rest with your family!
  11. Hokie777

    Gate City vs Science Hill

    Who wins?
  12. Hokie777

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    Hey! You got me there ! Was in a rush when responding ! Was not trying to be combative! I'm just from the area where these two girls Bailey and Dee battle each other! God bless!
  13. Hokie777

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    Everyone has left out Bailey Frazier of Ridgeview --Player of the year and signed to play with Pikeville.. And Dee Cvetnich of Central Wise will be playing college
  14. Hokie777

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    Who does Hamilton Campbell play for?
  15. Got to think Zac Ervin of Gate City would be top of the list.. what other guys would deserve top 10 status in SWVA?