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  1. Hokie777

    I been working on the chain...gaaaang...

    Looks like after the play they were lining up for another down.. And yes I am not blind ..smh
  2. Hokie777

    Graham vs Union

    Grahams qb is really good.. looks like a heck of a db also.. Could be the difference maker.
  3. Hokie777

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    Weather suppose to be around 50 degrees this Sat! Should be a great atmosphere! Looking forward to this game. I'm taking the Pack 28 -14 .. key being no turnovers and great pass defense!
  4. Hokie777

    Graham vs Union

    I'm rooting for the Union Bears. Fumbles killed them in the Abingdon game. Think they had 5. Field conditions may be a factor again next Sat. Watched last years game between these two teams . Will be a much different game Sat. Think Union is down from last year and Graham is up. Without James Mitchell this is a tougher game versus Graham. Hoping for a 28-27 Bears win!
  5. Hokie777

    Richlands at Ridgeview

    Don't think these teams have ever met! Should be a great game on Rose Ridge! Everyone's thoughts on this game!
  6. Hokie777

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Hope to see the battle between the 2 R'S next week at Ridgeview! Richlands and Ridgeview!
  7. Hokie777

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Is there a running clock in playoff games?
  8. Hokie777

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    42-0 Wolfpack ..4 minutes left in half over Central.
  9. Hokie777

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Ridgeview 21 -0 over Central. Matt Sexton with 87 yd td.. Central fumbled on Ridgeview 13 yd line. 1st play after fumble is the td for the Pack.
  10. Hokie777

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    14-0 Ridgeview over Central
  11. Hokie777

    1st Round Playoff Updates (11-9-10/18)

    Ridgeview 7-0 over Central
  12. Hokie777

    More Heartbreak for Richlands Community

    Very Heartbroken to hear this about Devon. He played in our FCA Va -Tenn All Star Game at Science Hill and was such a nice young man. The best player ever to represent Va versus those Tenn guys. He scored 3 touchdowns and rushed for nearly 150 yards against Tennessee's best. He was our MVP. I followed his career at Marshall . What a great career for the Thundering Herd. Prayers for his family, friends, and the Richlands community.
  13. Hokie777

    TSSAA Playoffs

    12/16 OR 11/16... 12/16 is near Christmas!
  14. Hokie777

    James Mitchell...

    I spoke to James a few days ago. He mentioned Clemson had their eyes on another tight end. My personal thought is that he will be a Hokie. I could be wrong. He did get an offer from Georgia and his older sister attends college there....