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  1. Hokie777

    Zac Ervin 2000

    Thanks for info! Was curious if Zac averaged 40 points per game for the rest of the season if he had a chance to catch up with Mac?
  2. Hokie777

    Zac Ervin 2000

    Zac Ervin hit the 2000 point milestone last night! Just curious how many points separate Mac McClung and Zac at this point ?
  3. Hokie777

    2018 Arby's Classic Thread

    Looks like DB doubled and tripled team Ervin and Dean and shut their point production down... not sure if Va schools can follow that pattern but it wouldn't hurt to try.. thoughts anyone?
  4. Hokie777

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    This time of year can be so hectic! Folks are stressed out with late minute shopping and in a rush! Merry Christmas my friend to you and your family! I hope you can enjoy some leisure time and rest with your family!
  5. Hokie777

    Gate City vs Science Hill

    Who wins?
  6. Hokie777

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    Hey! You got me there ! Was in a rush when responding ! Was not trying to be combative! I'm just from the area where these two girls Bailey and Dee battle each other! God bless!
  7. Hokie777

    Top 10 Girls Basketball Players In SWVA

    Everyone has left out Bailey Frazier of Ridgeview --Player of the year and signed to play with Pikeville.. And Dee Cvetnich of Central Wise will be playing college
  8. Hokie777

    Top 10 Basketball players in SWVA? And why!

    Who does Hamilton Campbell play for?
  9. Got to think Zac Ervin of Gate City would be top of the list.. what other guys would deserve top 10 status in SWVA?
  10. Hokie777

    Local players in FCA Game.

    Best wishes to your son! I'm sure your very proud! And looks like the temperature will be warmer for players and fans!
  11. Hokie777

    Local players in FCA Game.

    Sorry on that! Great guys! Please don't be offended.
  12. Hokie777

    Local players in FCA Game.

    Sorry! Noah White plays for Unicoi County! Thanks Bear Cat Dad for the correction!
  13. Hokie777

    Local players in FCA Game.

    For the East Abingdon..Tyler Thayer---Gabe Boothe--Jake Crosswhite-Sean Canada GW -Jacquez Younger--Tyrus Green-Weston Gordon--Caleb Meade--Isaiah Sawyer-- Honaker--Cameron Fry--Connor Wallace Va High--Noah White--Sean Watkins--Jamison Lathrop Chilhowie- Anthony Blevins -Trevor Williams - Todd Martin Marion - Dylan Roberts - Austin Thomas- Nick Reece-- Easton Medley Patrick Henry--Isaac Eldreth--Gene Pecina--Brady Stiltner Richlands-- Trey Brown - Jacob Cole -JJ Hess Holston --Gavin Allen --Ethan Guerrero- Eastside--Mason Hall -Jessie McCoy- Justin McCoy Castlewood -Brue Mullins -Caleb Meade Battle -Nathan Tiller-Judd Shaffer Other players from East are from Tenn High , Sullivan East, Unicoi County, Johnson County and Unaka Coaches Michael Crist -Va High -Joey Carrol -Marion and Michael Mays -Tenn High West Roster- Local players Isaac Stapleton -Gate City Matt Gibson -Rye Cove Cole Burke -John Lane - Twin Springs McKinley Dale -Central Ridgeview-Mason Mullins-Quin Turner- Carson Sykes -Derek Maine Lee -Blake Lewis -Dewayne Garrett- Ethen Wynn Rest of West Roster comes from Dobyns Bennett-Science Hill -David Crockett, West Green , South Greene , Sullivan Central, Sullivan North, Elizabethton, Daniel Boone, Happy Valley, Cherokee, Sullivan South Coaches Shawn Witten Elizabethton, Bill Etter -Dobyns Bennett- Cody Baugh -Cherokee Game is at Dobyns Bennett , Sat , Dec 15th at 1pm
  14. Hokie777

    FCA Game

    For those interested the FCA Game has been moved from Emory to Dobyns Bennett High School because of field conditions at Emory. Game will still be Sat at 1pm.
  15. Hokie777

    All Star Saturday!

    Sent you a priv message ok