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  1. Questions for SWVA Sports Podcast Season Preview

    Defensively, of the 4 first team All-Region LBs, VHS has the only one who wasn't a senior. I believe the others were Vineyard from Graham, Kennedy from Union, and Johnson from Richlands. I know the VHS LB is set to play at the next level, but not Power 5. For the big nasties up front, I really liked the sophomore from Marion. I believe his name was Moss.
  2. Questions for SWVA Sports Podcast Season Preview

    With the Star Power that we've had in our region over the last few seasons having graduated, who are the players, that we as fans should be on the lookout for, to become a "household name" so to speak?
  3. Top 10 SWVA Games (BHC)

    I'd say you're right about that. I know they're near the top of the region in my list, but that's a good thing. VHS laid a HUGE egg in Bluefield last year, so most people stopped taking us seriously, and I understand that history can predetermine the way a lot of people think. That's why its so weird to see Gate City going thru what they are right now. I think we will stay under the radar, at least early on.
  4. Top 10 SWVA Games (BHC)

    It will be a great game, I'm sure. I hope all teams and coaches believe that the Southwest will be a 2 team race. It was kinda fun flying under everyone's radar last year. @swva_havok_fan would agree with the last part, I presume 😁
  5. Top 10 SWVA Games (BHC)

    Lol, I understand completely! Good luck to you guys, as well. No sweat, man. These types of discussions are what brings me back to this board. I thought I knew a lot about SWVA football before I joined a year and a half ago. I've learned a bunch about some programs in that time. If healthy, VHS could possibly make some noise. I doubt into December, but expectations are high in Bristol and not just on a field that's shaped like a diamond! 😂
  6. Top 10 SWVA Games (BHC)

    Not to sound biased, but that should actually be one of the better matchups this year. VHS returns a big majority of a 7 win team from a year ago and Graham will be the team many pick to be the early favorite in 2D. I know VHS is not usually in the discussion for football, but this should be their best team in a couple of decades. Last year, they could play with just about everyone in 2D. They should be better this year. They are one of the very few teams in 2D that didnt suffer a major blow with graduation. I expect this to be a good game.
  7. Top 10 SWVA Games (BHC)

    I have to agree. A few games belong, but I think some top notch matchups were left off.
  8. Top 10 SWVA Games (BHC)

    https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/ten-swva-football-clashes-headline-the-slate/article_4fdefb2a-86f9-11e8-8221-5f5aca227b8e.html Thoughts?
  9. Best Game(s) over the years (playoffs included)

    This would be my all-time favorite that either my son or I didn't play in. As a fan, with no real horse in the race for that particular game, other than being a VHS alum, it was great! Better than most college and pro games I've ever been to.
  10. VA Preseason Rankings

    To me, that makes sense in how he comes up with his numbers in that particular comparison. I can't say for sure, and I may be way off, but I'm not sure it would work if you compare VHS at #6 and Gate City at #17. I know GC had a terrible year last season, but I believe the win total for VHS in the last 4 years is; 7, 3, 6, and 2. If my math is correct, that makes them 18-25 overall. Definitely not worthy of a #6 ranking, if he's not using a "real" factor. I do think you're close, but there must be some other factor that I can't figure out. I guess my next question would be; Why does he, or anyone, do it that way? Being involved in football and baseball at VHS for the better part of 30 years, as a fan, a player, and now as a dad, I fully understand what it's like to be a part of 2 programs at different points of the spectrum, in terms of success. To me, this is actually a pretty cool way to make a case for a program, if we're talking about, say....The Best Program of All-time, or something along those lines. I honestly don't fault the guy for trying something in a modern way, but without just a hint of knowledge, it's nearly impossible to make somewhat accurate predictions, from season to season, especially for programs like Chilhowie and VHS, who are historically mediocre, but are currently in the midst of being successful, or traditional powerhouses like Gate City, who are just mired in a tough stretch. I can easily admit that I know Jack Squat about the upcoming season of 4 of the teams on this list; Magna Vista, Galax, George Wythe, and Martinsville. They may be the top 4 teams for all i know, but i doubt it. They could be the bottom 4 teams, but i doubt that too. What I can say, is that I know a little about the other 16 teams, and I would bet the farm that this list is way off. On a side note, Union is Union. You guys will be at or near the top, come November. At least that's what my computer tells me 🍻
  11. VA Preseason Rankings

    I guess that speaks volumes about his computer, then. 😂 EDIT: His lists are full of laughable entries, depending on said list. I'm just curious as to what algorithm on God's green Earth, formulates that a team that appeared in a State Championship game one year, and returns nearly every starter from that team the next year, deserves to be ranked where Chilhowie is ranked? I really don't have a dog in that race, but inquiring minds want to know😁
  12. VA Preseason Rankings

    This list is absurd. If you read more of their lists, you will see contradictions everywhere. For example, they have VHS ranked ahead of Marion on this list, but in their "Wins Prediction" list, they have Marion winning more games. The real question is; "When will we see the only list that matters?".....the SWVASports.com Preseason Top 10 List 😁
  13. Best Game(s) over the years (playoffs included)

    That was one of those games that as a fan, you were so in to, that you didn't pay much attention to the terrible weather lol. Cold November rain!
  14. Best Game(s) over the years (playoffs included)

    I 2nd this. VHS @ Ernie, 2013, is one of my all-time favorites, even in a loss for the Bearcats. 1 week after VHS pulls the monumental upset at Gretna, they roll into Richlands (for the 2nd time in a matter of weeks) with a ton of momentum. With a minute left to go in regulation, VHS has a 7 point lead and the ball at the Richlands 10 yd line. On 3rd & 8, the VHS 2000 yd RB is stopped short of the first down line. Instead of going down, and letting his team attempt the probable game winning FG, the team captain tries to fight for extra yards to put the game on ice himself, when the Richlands defender makes a spectacular play in ripping the ball free, and racing 90 yds for the tying score. 3 overtimes later, Richlands advances while VHS is left to wonder "What if?" That night had a Major College type atmosphere.
  15. Rivalry Game(s)

    I remember that very well! That game was a HUGE upset. 99.99999% of the time, Tn High beats us because they are bigger and stronger up front. We can usually match their skill players in ability. That was not the case in that game. They were better than us across the board. The Football Gods just smiled on us multiple times that night. We should have beaten them last year. A broken play, with a desperation heave by their QB, right before halftime, coupled with a horrible decision by our QB in the first series after halftime, turned a tied game in to a 10 point lead for them, was the difference in the game. We beat them in every statistic, except the most important one. We should definitely beat them at the Castle this year. We should take a couple steps forward from last year's team, while they should take a step back.
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