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  1. New SWVA Sports Pod Series

    Calvin is another good one. He was an unbelievable athlete. I watched him both as a Buc, and as a minor league Philly!
  2. New SWVA Sports Pod Series

    Trazel Silvers. Didn't make it to the NBA, but was a Globetrotter and played professionally, overseas. Last I heard, he lives in Johnson City. A discussion about being a Harlem Globetrotter would be interesting. I don't know him personally, but I grew up in awe of him, and I've never been a big basketball guy. He and my cousin were best friends growing up, and I watched him dominate a couple of times as a Rebel.
  3. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    They are definitely poised to make a run this year.
  4. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    I agree on all points! Well said.
  5. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    Those are definitely impressive wins. The good thing about a young team having success in baseball, where baseball is so dependent on repetition and muscle memory, is that that team can possibly have a real chance at winning a State Title when they're older. Being bigger, stronger, and faster than your opponent is usually a successful formula in football, hence why 1A and 2A State Champs would absolutely get waxed by the 6A State Champ, 10 out of 10 times. Those things don't guarantee the same amount of success in baseball.
  6. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    That's one school. As great as they have been, that does not transcend over the entire sport in this area, like it does in baseball. I see what you are saying, but it's apples and oranges. For instance, nowadays, very rarely can schools in SWVA, cross over into NETN and compete in football or basketball or even wrestling, outside of one or two special teams, depending on the sport, and depending on which era you're talking about. That's not the case in baseball. Many teams from SWVA have beaten teams from NETN over the years. I'm not saying at all that it can't be done in other sports. I'm saying it's more common in baseball to not only beat bigger schools, but also to send kids to the next level. It's not my opinion, it's fact. Although it does play some role, sometimes, enrollment of a school doesn't always mean quite as much in baseball. In my opinion, it's because of the lack of physicality in the sport of baseball. Bigger, stronger, faster doesn't always mean as much in baseball, like it does in other sports.
  7. Deleted topic. No interest from board.

    I hope it does pick up some. Maybe it is too early. There should be some really good baseball being played this Spring. I understand that football is more popular around here, and in my opinion, rightfully so, but the average sports fan who may not be big into baseball, should try watching those teams you mentioned. There are way more kids from around here who play baseball at the next level, than any other sport, by a very large margin. Again, my household is football first, but some of the area's top athletes play baseball, and they are very fun to watch compete. If my math was right, I counted 4 D1 commits, and possibly a couple of future D1 commits, last night in Abingdon's lineup, alone. People can look at last night's score between VHS and Abingdon, and say "What's the fun in watching a blowout? Baseball is boring as it is." That's the beauty of baseball. It was a 2-1 game in the 5th, a 5-1 game in the 7th, before Abingdon exploded and the wheels fell off for VHS. It was a dogfight between 2 talented teams, until the end, when the team with more talent, finally pulled away. I would like to see a bit better following for baseball in the area. Back in the Fall, there were a number of interesting storylines that kept us all tuned in, because until late, we didn't know how things were going to shake out. Basketball season had great storylines as well, in boys and girls. GC, Graham, Eastside, and a couple of others carried the SWVA flag for deep, post-season runs, while the girls had WC, VHS, Ridgeview, Eastside, Rye Cove, and a couple others, who heleped show where great 1A and 2A basketball were played in the state. Baseball, more than any of the other big sports, year in and year out, is the one sport where great 1A and 2A teams can hang with, and even beat, in-state, or out-of-state schools that are 3, 4, and even 5 times bigger than they are. That, for me, adds a unique and interesting prospective to my sports fandom. *slowly steps down from soapbox 😂
  8. An early look into the 2018 season

    I will have to check that book out. I have family in Richmond. I hear there's a lot of specializing in that area, too. I've heard a number of HOF athletes and coaches talk about the importance of a young athlete playing as many different sports as they can handle. One of the Braves' big guns from the 90s, actually talked about it during his HOF speech. The bad part is, my ever decreasing memory wont allow me to remember exactly who it was. I believe it was Glavine. If it's good enough for guys like that, it's definitely good enough for me. I also read an interview with Urban Meyer a few years ago and he mentioned that if he has one scholarship to offer and two very similar recruits, but recruit A played multiple sports and recruit B specialized in just football, that he would go with recruit A every time.
  9. An early look into the 2018 season

    I agree 100%. My son doesn't even touch a baseball after the season is over in June, until he starts his off-season regimen sometime in December. He is being recruited in both sports, but football is his true love. He loves baseball, but definitely not enough to play year round. Playing one sport year round can not only hurt a kid mentally, with burnout, but can also harm them physically. I read a great article recently that talked about year round baseball. It had quotes from a number of different people in it, including world renown doctor, Dr. James Andrews. Dr. Andrews is behind Little League changing to pitch count from innings pitched, because of the staggering number of Tommy John surgeries he had preformed on kids 12 and under. Most cases were because of overuse. It also talked about how pitchers are wearing their arms out by the time they get to high school, because of overuse. The body needs time to recover after so much time of putting it thru the repetitive movements that come with Baseball. Dr. Andrews also mentioned that pitching a baseball is "The most unnatural movement for a body part, that can hurt a child in the long run, in all of sports". On a lesser note of importance, most college/pro scouts prefer to see their prospect playing multiple sports.
  10. An early look into the 2018 season

    I spent 16 years on the board and coaching at Bristol LL. Made it to VP while being over a number of age groups. When I decided I couldn't give 100% to the league because my own kids were so busy, I stepped down to watch them. My daughter is a Senior, and my son is a Junior. When they are both gone off to college, I hope to get back in it one day. It's such a valuable thing for kids of all types to get involved in. Unfortunately, LL numbers are in such a steep decline in so many places, I'm not sure how it can rebound and trend upward. For the more serious ballplayer, that will play in high school or even beyond, being a part of a travel ball team can be an awesome expeience, if you have the right group....and I don't mean kids. 🤣 Nowadays, going to the right travel tournament can give a kid way more exposure than even their own high school can. We're very fortunate at VHS to have only had 2 head coaches, with 7 combined State Championships, since the early 80s. Our current coach has connections in the baseball world from coast to coast. Most schools arent as lucky. So many people down travel ball because of the potential expenses. Although stuff can add up quickly, us po' folk from Bristol "Balled on a budget" for years. It can be done!
  11. An early look into the 2018 season

    We did the same exact thing, most of the time, when our current VHS group was 8,9, and 10 years old. We played up in a number of tournaments. At least for our group, it was very beneficial in getting them ready to take the field for VHS as young underclassmen. We had a couple of years where some of our group went their own separate ways for a couple of years in travel ball. My son, for example, was able to play for one of the top organizations in the area, in their first 2 years of existence. He played all up and down the east coast at 12 and 13. He played up in most of those tournaments because we had an outstanding group of kids, who are now multi-year starters at schools like Abingdon, Science Hill, Greeneville, and even one who is a 2 sport standout at Baylor High School in Chattanooga. There weren't any teams in this area that could compete, so we branched out, and boy, did we ever find some competition! Liitle league has always been a wonderful organization, and I will always support it, but I would recommend to anyone, that if you have a good group of kids that are the same age, and will be in high school together, you should definitely hit the travel circuit as much as possible. There are things kids can learn at a young age in travel ball, that they simply can't in LL.
  12. Baseball is not as popular here as football lol Delete
  13. Baseball and Softball Schedules

    VHS Baseball Mar 26 Abingdon FCA Tournament at VHS 6:00 Mar 27 Tennessee FCA Tournament at VHS 6:00 Mar 30 TBA FCA Tournament at TBA TBA Apr 3 Cal Ripkin Tournament Myrtle Beach, SC TBA Apr 4 Cal Ripkin Tournament Myrtle Beach, SC TBA Apr 5 Cal Ripkin Tournament Myrtle Beach, SC TBA Apr 10 Tazewell 7:00 Apr 11 Richlands 7:00 Apr 17 at Marion 7:00 Apr 20 at Abingdon 7:00 Apr 23 John Battle 7:00 Apr 26 at Lebanon 7:00 Apr 30 at Tennessee 7:00 May 1 Graham 7:00 May 3 Marion 7:00 May 8 at Tazewell 7:00 May 10 at Richlands 7:00 May 11 at John Battle 7:00 May 15 Lebanon 7:00 May 17 at Graham 5:00 May 21 SW District Tournament TBA May 24 SW District Tournament TBA May 25 SW District Tournament TBA May 29 Regional Tournament TBA May 31 Regional Tournament TBA Jun 2 Regional Tournament TBA Jun 8 State Tournament at Radford, VA TBA Jun 9 State Tournament at Radford, VA TBA
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