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  1. Marion at Virginia High Part 2

    Congrats to the Canes! They wanted it more. Thanks again to another team and coaching staff showing great sportsmanship to my son after the game. He's seems to have earned the respect of every opponent he played against this year. Good luck to you guys the rest of the way!
  2. 2017 SWVA Sports 2A Bracket Challenge

    C'mon, people!! This is "November Madness". Where are the BracketBusters? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I may go down in flames, but i have nothing to really lose, and it'll be a fun ride down!
  3. Marion at Virginia High Part 2

    To be honest with you, I have always wondered that myself lol. It was one of my dad's favorite sayings when I was growing up. I heard all of those you mentioned, more times than I can count๐Ÿ˜‚ Good luck to you guys as well. I imagine BSG will be rocking, tonight! I would definitely like to see a rematch. If it does happen, our schedule in a 4 game span would be Marion, Richlands, Marion, Richlands. I bet that hasn't happened very often!
  4. Marion at Virginia High Part 2

    Good luck again to the Canes! To the Canes' fans, travel safe and dress warm. It's gonna be colder than a well diggers' *** tonight! Here's to another competitive, injury-free classic! There's no better place to be on a cold Friday night in November than a high school football playoff game๐Ÿ˜€
  5. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    It didn't take me very long to figure out how your reading comprehension skills lack strength. If you didn't notice, my screen name is BEARCAT DAD. I don't have a horse in the race as far as who I want to win this game. I would be fine if VHS gets the chance to play either in the 2nd round. Region D is far and away the deepest region in 2A. There is not one or two runaway teams that are just 100% going to win this region. Most every team in this region has a decent chance to win it. Some a little more than others. I sat back and gave you a chance to come up with something relevant for why you felt that Union was done. You failed. With that said, Richlands absolutely has a chance to beat Union. Union is the top team for good reason, but they are far from invincible. Richlands' outstanding defense has kept them in all 10 games of a brutal schedule. They have a defense that can slow Mitchell and the Union offense down. To me, there is only one heavy favorite in the first round in Region D, and it's actually not in the 1v8 matchup. This will be a great game that NO ONE knows who will win. I threw you some scraps, Troll. Consider yourself lucky.
  6. Union vs. Richlands rematch

  7. Bullit Park vandalism

    Ridiculous! Good luck on finding whoever did it!
  8. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Oh, ok. I see now. That was meant for BearDawg.
  9. Union vs. Richlands rematch

    Huh? My one-worded post says "Battle"
  10. Union vs. Richlands rematch

  11. SWVA Sports Top 10: Week 12 Submissions

    1. Bluefield 2a. Union 2b. Graham 4. Giles 5. Ridgeview 6. VHS 7. Marion 8. Richlands 9. Abingdon 10. Chilhowie
  12. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 12

    Nice! You would definitely be in rare company. In 10 years of being around that kid while he's played baseball, football, and basketball, I can only think of one time that an announcer has gotten both his first and last name right on the first try lol
  13. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 12

    Lol One of our starting CBs is named Taurean Bizzel. It's "tor-e-an biz-zel" but usually pronounced "tor-een bi-zzel" at away games lol
  14. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 12

    I understand! Lol Every PA announcer in the region makes the same mistake with Lathrop lol
  15. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 12

    Great job on the podcast! 2 things; Maybe a little love for the VHS defense? ๐Ÿ˜‚ With no help from the offense, kept Richlands to one of their lowest score totals of the season. Also kept Marion, Chilhowie, Tazewell, Lebanon, and JSB to some of their lowest point totals as well. Also 14 to Union while starters played in benefit game, and one of Union's scores started on our 4yd line after a turnover. Graham scored 45 but only had one offensive drive for a TD that started on their side of the field. 3 turnovers gave them short fields, KR for a TD and a pick six. Very underrated defense in the region with a potential All-State LB. VHS QB's name is spelled Lathrop but pronounced Laythrop Looking forward to next week's episode!
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