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  1. I've answered your questions, told you my opinion and both of you morons just can't comprehend for shit. That's cool. It's been real. Thanks for the laughs, boys!
  2. Do you seriously not see your self-contradiction? I will go ahead and give you a break down first. I will try to use the same crayon I used earlier.... There is either 100% sure or not. Black and white. I have a strong faith in Christ, but it's not 100% percent definite he exists. I believe he does and that he died for my sins. We all find out when we die. It's the same principal as our resident official. He believes it's illegal but he's not 100% sure, which makes it his opinion. I'm not saying that his or your opinion is wrong. I just have a different belief. I'm not disputing the "leading with the hands" part of the rule. It's the part of whether or not Dalton saw our player or not. ONLY Dalton knows the answer to that for sure. Not you, not me, not ANYONE on this site. I BELIEVE he saw our player at the very last second, because he took a shot and was able to keep from going down. Just my belief. Nobody has to agree with it.
  3. He also said he would like to have another angle and that he doesn't like to make calls unless he's 100% sure. Checkmate
  4. Congrats! 5 years on a message board is unheard of. Thanks for the welcome. Maybe you should look up the definition to the word OPINION. Like I've said before, I will side with the guys who get paid and are trained to make this call, not someone on a message board who I don't know. I will continue to try to be respectful to posters who have something to add. Have a good day!
  5. My opinion has not changed. Great contribution to the post, though! You had a chance to fix the trainwreck and failed! Most posters I've talked to on this site are pretty cool. Word of advice, don't fall into that same trap of being another Keyboard Warrior, who gets his rocks off on talking **** behind their computer. The mods do a great job of running this site, but I don't envy them. Its gotta suck to have to deal with some types of people. I'm not saying you're one, but why call a thread a trainwreck, but not try to add to it to make it better? The only poster I've had an issue with so far, accused me of getting upset because he disagreed with me. There are a few who have disagreed with me. I'm not upset in the least. There's really nothing left to say on this topic that hasn't already been said on both sides. I've tried a number of times to say the we will just have to agree to disagree. My opinion hasn't changed because it's just that, my opinion. It's not going to change, but I respect the opinion of the other side. It's also already been established that the important part of this scenario is that we keep Mullins in our thoughts and prayers.
  6. I don't mind at all to have a civil discussion about this play. As I stated in one of my earlier posts, at first I was completely convinced it was legal, then I had some doubt creep in, then I contacted my referee buddies and asked for their opinions. All posters, with the exception of one, have made respectful contributions to this topic. I appreciate the pics! I agree that the rule is terrible. Unless a kick goes into the end zone or out of bounds, this rule will be broken almost every kickoff. That doesn't include the times it will happen during offensive drives.
  7. They've just always brushed our football program off at VHS, but will tell you in a heartbeat that they are the official news station of the State Champion baseball team lol. My kid plays both, but it still kinda gets under my skin after all these years. I'm out of likes, but you bring up a good point. We kinda like being the dogs too! 👍
  8. That's true with the paper, but I feel your pain when it comes to news coverage. WCYB is in Bristol Va, yet they have a love affair with all things Tennessee. Schools like Happy Valley and Cloudland get more coverage than the Bearcats, unless it comes to baseball. Then they ride the coattails of a school who has won, on average, one state championship every 3.5 years, over the last 26 years. When they do cover us, it's usually negative For instance, our news station has Thursday Prep Picks. Most of the time, we're not even featured. That's been the case for years and years. 3 Fridays ago, we were actually featured against John Battle. All 3 "experts" picked Battle. That's fine, but they were wrong. Move to the following week, we were featured again, against Tn High. They all picked Tn. High. I don't blame them because Tn. High has won nearly 3/4 of the games in that rivalry. This time they picked correctly. Last Friday, against Wise, we were actually featured for the third week in a row. I couldn't believe it, until they opened their mouths. The female "expert" started by saying they have received some backlash from VHS supporters for not picking them yet on the season. So she at least admits that she may have underestimated VHS and she picks the Cats. The next "expert" echoes the backlash statement and says he tired of hearing it, so he picks the Cats so he doesn't have to hear about it for a week. Our main sports anchor and 3rd "expert" says he doesn't care about the backlash and picks Wise. He was wrong. They move on to the next game, while laughing and joking about VHS. It's been this way with the news for decades.
  9. Hayes isn't bad. I didn't mean to come across as saying that every article by every writer stinks. I just meant that there aren't very many times where the coverage of local sports either.... A) does not have factual errors, in regards to Onceadog's post above, or B) doesn't show favoritism to the Tn. side. I understand that there are more readers/viewers on the Tn. side, but both the paper and the news station are located in Va. I can see how my post may come across as me dogging everyone to do with both media outlets. Maybe I should have said "For the most part". Some are better than others. They have all had their share of mistakes. If I had to pick the most reliable in my lifetime, it would be Sacco for me, as well.
  10. I did, over an hour ago.
  11. It really doesn't matter who writes for BHC, or for that matter, who the sports anchors on WCYB are. They cater to the Tennessee side. Always have, always will. My son plays both baseball and football at VHS, and I've seen so many comical errors made in write-ups in the paper or on news broadcasts, that most people I know in Bristol, read and tune in more for the laughs, than to get actual news, when it comes to local sports.
  12. Not everyone. I'm a lifelong Bristol resident, and the BHC drives me nuts!
  13. This seems to be one of the better matchups this week. It's my understanding that Lee has a slight advantage in the big boys upfront. That will be the difference for me. I'll take Lee in a close one.
  14. Ok. I tried. Some people just fail at comprehension and fail at life. YOU seem to fit that mold, tough guy. You can keep going if you want, I'm sure most of the posters on this site are getting a good laugh at your expense. I know I am, thank you! Good luck to the Warriors (not the Keyboard kind, just the football kind). Hopefully they rally around Mullins and play hard for him the rest of the season As far as me and you go KW, we're done. Have a good one!
  15. You had 12 hours, and that's best that you can come up with? I still have yet to talk to a smart, Internet Tough Guy! If I could draw it out in crayon for you, I would, but since I can't, I'll do my best to explain "bitter" to you. I had a few different posters who disagreed with me. I didn't call any of them bitter. I called YOU bitter because of your particular response. We disagreed, that's fine! YOU had to take it a step further, and get personal. YOU were the only one who responded with more than just your opinion on the matter. YOU were the one who tried to say that YOU knew how I would feel if it were my son or one of our players. I call it as I see it, and if YOU would just take a couple of minutes and read the entire post, you would see that everything I just said is 100% true. YOU would also see why I STILL believe that was not an illegal hit. YOU or anyone else can disagree, that fine. It doesn't change my opinion in what the VHSL officials told me. You have 2 choices; We can continue discussing this or any other subject on this board in a civil manner, like adults, or..... YOU can keep getting personal, like a brave, strong, Keyboard Warrior(pun intended) and I'll just end it now. I have no intentions on continuing the latter. In the short time I've been here, I've seen GMan swing his Great Hammer of Justice. I'm not interested in being part of that. I just want to talk about local high school football with other adults. Make the choice!