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  1. Bearcat Dad

    All Region selections

    It’s 100% about how much their coach “goes to bat” for them at the meetings. It’s an extremely flawed process, believe me. Especially if the coach is an egomaniacal jackass. Im not a bitter dad either. My kid has been one of the most decorated football players to come out of VHS in decades.
  2. Bearcat Dad

    Local players in FCA Game.

    Thank you! There are some fantastic athletes on his team and the opposing team. A few legit studs that are already P5 commits. Yeah, I’m VERY happy about the temperature! I watched some of the practice for the two teams last night. That is, until I could no longer feel my nose, fingers, and toes! Lol
  3. Bearcat Dad

    Local players in FCA Game.

    No problem! I hate that both games are tomorrow. I would like to watch this game as well, but I’ll be at UVA-Wise watching my kid in the VHSCA game.
  4. Bearcat Dad

    Local players in FCA Game.

    There is no one for VHS named Noah White. Jalon Dingus is playing with Watkins and Lathrop.
  5. Bearcat Dad

    All Star Saturday!

    Here’s a more recent list of local players. Gabe Sesco from Graham is in the VHSCA game as well. http://www.timesnews.net/Football/2018/12/11/Seniors-to-don-pads-once-more-on-high-school-gridiron
  6. Bearcat Dad

    VA Championship Updates

    Congratulations, G-men!
  7. Bearcat Dad

    All Star Saturday!

    It’s my understanding that they started mixing them up when they moved the game to Wise, last year.
  8. Bearcat Dad

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Good luck to the G-men!
  9. Bearcat Dad

    Chilhowie/Riverheads, Part II: VA 1A Championship

    Good luck to the Warriors!
  10. Bearcat Dad

    All Star Saturday!

    Just released today. Looks like I’m wrong about my kid playing for Mance! Lol
  11. Bearcat Dad

    All Star Saturday!

    🤣🤣 Thanks! I’m excited to get to see him take the field against great athletes from all across the state. I’ve always heard great things about Mance as a person. It’s definitely easy to see he’s a great coach. He stopped us after our game against them in the regular season finale, and told my kid that he was looking forward to the chance to get to coach him.
  12. Bearcat Dad

    All Star Saturday!

    The VHSCA has not released their rosters yet.
  13. Bearcat Dad

    Podcast Q&A

    Which teams were the biggest surprise and biggest disappointment in 1D and 2D?
  14. Bearcat Dad

    Scrimmages good ones ? Girls

    As of today, it’s still scheduled for 4:00
  15. Bearcat Dad

    Akers Out at GC?

    Yeah, they could score some points, especially during his first year. He implemented the spread offense, back before it took over the game like it has now. It could be flashy at times.