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  1. UVA Wise

    There was a good size crowd at the VHS/RV game. As I was leaving after, there were a lot of people heading in.
  2. Region D Brackets

    Our girls are finally playing as a team. I fully expected for us to lose this one by 20+. They picked a great time to play their most complete game of the year.
  3. An early look into the 2018 season

    Who's bragging? I take it you mean AHScoach. In his mind, VHS isn't that good and doesn't stand a chance against the Falcons. I was hoping this thread could be something SWVA baseball fans could use as a preseason discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of their own teams. Not a pissing match between fans of rival teams.
  4. An early look into the 2018 season

    I have heard the same thing about both of these young men. Unfortunately, I have not seen the kid from GW, but I hear he is the real deal. I agree that Lebanon should be improved this year with a lot of young talent. They're probably one more year away from competing for the District.
  5. An early look into the 2018 season

    Actually, Sweetheart, that's exactly what you did. If you can determine how good or bad a team is going to be, ya have to know a little something about them. Someone from Abingdon accusing somebody from ANY other town of being on a "high horse", may be the funniest damn thing I've read on this site, since I joined nearly a year ago. Abingdon may very well beat VHS twice this year. The Cats are 2-3 against the Falcons over the last 2 seasons, so I don't think its a given. Enjoy the final year of the Falcons being relevant in sports in SWVA. You guys have had a cute little run. Since you like to "call" so many things, call me when your baseball program is relevant for 4 decades, like we have been at VHS.😉
  6. An early look into the 2018 season

    I'm glad to see that you know so much about the VHS baseball team. I'll play along for a little while because I'm bored. Since you graced us with "A-Town" knowledge on VHS baseball, I'll return the favor and answer your question in your previous post about whether or not your Falcons can make a run in 3A. The answer is easily a "No". You guys have no pitching. It's why you can't make it any farther than you have. You have a tremendous middle infield, a hitter returning from injury, who is dynamic at the plate, and you should have the strongest Top 5 in a batting order in the region. You guys will score a bunch of runs staying in a 2A district, but will meet the usual fate in the playoffs, without a whiff of a State title game. As far as Tazewell goes, yes they will have a good team that includes the region's top pitcher. District winner doesn't always mean best team in the District. For example, in the 2016 season, VHS went undefeated in Conference play. They loaded their schedule with stronger non-conference games. Grayson County won the conference with one loss.....to VHS. VHS also beat GC in the Conference tournament championship game AND in the Regional championship game. GC made it to the final 4 that year, along with VHS. They had a really good team, but only the 2nd best team in the Conference. I stand by my assessment of this year's VHS baseball team, and yes they have a number of kids who won't start, that can start for a MAJORITY of teams in our region.
  7. An early look into the 2018 season

    If they're going to make a serious run, it will have to be this year. I'm not sure what their school record for Runs Scored in a season is, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them challenge that record. They did lose a couple of big bats from last year, but they do have a few great hitters coming back. Plus, they have a player committed to a D1 school, who missed nearly all of last year, who will be back healthy this year. They don't have a lot of great pitching, but they do have a few kids who have live arms. That's usually good enough until a team gets a few rounds into the playoffs.
  8. An early look into the 2018 season

    A very deep outfield, a lineup that should hit well 1-9, one of the top catching prospects in the state, and they should be very solid defensively, all the way around. They have a top notch 1-2 combo at the top of the rotation. There will be some new faces to fill out the rotation. I have confidence in a couple of the new faces being able to transfer their game to the Varsity level, without much trouble. If this team has a question mark, it's "Who's going to fill out the pitching rotation after the top 2?" There will be at least 5 kids who don't start for VHS, that could start for any team in the district, and a majority of teams in the region. This is not me being a cocky prick or anything like that, it's just how things are. This VHS team has a TON of depth and are extremely experienced in competitive baseball. I truly believe that this is the deepest team that VHS has had since the 96-97 teams that combined to win about 30 out of 31 games(give or take), before the 97 team got caught looking past a weak Caroll County team in the regionals, to a powerhouse matchup against Dan River. The success those two teams had, allowed them to crack USA Today's Power 25 list of the top 25 high school baseball teams in the country, in '97. Those 2 teams produced a high number of D1 talent, and 2 kids that were drafted by the Marlins. You can actually add 98 into this as well. They had a big group play at the next level, but lost their State Championship game. The big thing with this group, is that they will need to stay level-headed, and be ready for every opponent's best shot. They do need to get a little better at being able to "Man up" when things aren't going their way. Hopefully they, and every other team, stays as injury-free as possible. The good thing is there will be only 2 Seniors for sure and maybe a 3rd one, who will see any significant playing time. All of this with no new recruits! Who woulda thunk it? They start off with 2 very tough teams in Tn. High and Abingdon. VHS will see what they're made of, early!
  9. Missing game results

    Glad to help!
  10. Missing game results

    VHS Boys also lost both games at a tournament in Lynchburg on 12/28-12/29. I do not remember the scores, though. EDIT: Boys lost to EC Glass 63-30 on 12/28 Boys lost to Heritage on 12/29 but I can only find the score after the 3rd and not a final
  11. Missing game results

    VHS girls did not play their 3rd game at Hilton Head. The first snowstorm in the area in 40 years, messed the schedule up for the entire week.
  12. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    I graduated the same year as Shoemaker. He was a pretty good baseball player too. We first played against each other in LL All-stars in baseball and against each other in football from middle school, all thru high school. Definitely one of the top 4 athletes I played against in high school, along with J. Houseright, C. Beasley, and Boo Sensabaugh.
  13. Hold Backs for Sports in High School

    In years past, in Bristol, if an athlete repeated the 8th grade, they went to an institute we had called Tri-cities Christian. They are no longer around, so I'm not sure what kids do nowadays. At least over the last few years, VHS has not really had any prominent athetes be held back, that i know of. Unless it happened well before 8th grade. We're not usually associated with holding back. We're more of the "Recruiting for baseball" type lol
  14. http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/local-briefs-mullins-competes-in-prep-football-all-star-game/article_441fc2a6-fbf3-11e7-bba2-8f03c6df5409.html Good to see another player from SWVA get to represent the area. Especially one who lost a big chunk of his Senior year.
  15. Hold Backs for Sports in High School

    I have been over and over this topic with my friends and family for years. I have had a number of people from little league and travel coaches, to high school coaches, to even our former Superintendent, approach me on this topic about my son. He will graduate at 17. He will be a 4 year starter in football and baseball, will more than likely receive a number of post-season accolades for 3 of those years, and has recieved serious intrest from a number of colleges from FCS to NAIA in football, and D1a to NAIA in baseball. Even though I made my decision years ago, and I don't regret it, I still question it from time to time. I questioned the decision a little more, when he was a 14 year old heading in to his first Varsity football season. After about 3 or 4 games, I knew he was going to be fine. I still wonder what it would have been like, had he been just a Sophomore this past fall, while leading VHS to their best season in 2 decades. The reason we decided not to hold him back was purely for academics. He has a 3.8 GPA and no matter how much I love watching him play ball, there was no way I was going to risk stunting his academic growth, in the slightest. I'm sure he would have benefited from the extra year, physically, but he seems to be doing just fine the way things are now. With that said, I believe every kid's situation is different. I think every family should make the decision based on what is best overall, for their kid, without any influence from anyone outside of the family. Just my 2 cents ?
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