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  1. CriticalNoise


    better have some track athletes if Jenkins gets the corner say goodbye. He didn't win a gold medal in track at state for being a smart kid.
  2. CriticalNoise


    I dont think adkins stands a chance Jenkins blisters the turf. Union by 14+
  3. CriticalNoise

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    Speed and strentgh may be keys, union has the speed of Jenkins, who won state in track this past year, and Polier is a absolute brute. Hes the equivalent of JJ Watt in high school. Ok i may be stretching that a bit, but Im just ready to see another shootout at Ernie. I refuse to make a prediction on this one. Good luck to both teams, this is a well respected matchup not only between the players but the fanbase as well.
  4. CriticalNoise

    Lee High vs Tennessee High Vikings

    Because they all transferred to union to get away from the pendergraft posse?
  5. CriticalNoise

    Ji Burton at Union

    Yeah i knew he (bolling) transferred to pigeon forge, i forgot about the culbertson gentleman. Was it last year ir the previous year, their QB (thacker) broke his collarbone?
  6. CriticalNoise

    Ji Burton at Union

    Who is Burtons RB this year ?@GoBearsGo
  7. CriticalNoise

    2019 Union Graham

    It was 30+ wasnt it? Either way thats an impressive streak!
  8. CriticalNoise

    2019 Union Graham

    Until appomattox come to town and beat us last year 😞
  9. CriticalNoise

    Thomas Jones Interview

    also all the money they charged for those young kids to attend their "football camp" at UVA Wise when he stood to the side. What a Joke. As @Viking95 mentioned, Jason Witten, take your children to one of his football camps and see how his interaction with the children are. TJ is affliated with a murderer, he's a racist, he's a liar. No one from Big stone here is taking away his athleticism on the football field, we all know his talent
  10. CriticalNoise


    yes he is playing for the Sevier County "Smoky Bears"
  11. CriticalNoise

    Thomas Jones Interview

    He put big stone on the map. hahahaha, also all the race shit he was posting on instagram for a long while. I dont blame you BSG people for not liking him.
  12. CriticalNoise

    The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    No internet warriors here Dave Dierks. Apparently just meteorologist
  13. CriticalNoise


    Congrats to Appomattox. That was the worst defensive game I have watched in a while.
  14. CriticalNoise


    Lies. I've seen more people lined the fences of Bullitt Park and Riggs stadium during losing season than I see at Unions successful seasons now. Football was just different back then
  15. CriticalNoise

    VA Football State Championships 12/10/2017

    go robert e lee!