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  1. Richlands @Graham

    If Disney is underwater, I'll likely take the family to the Burke's Garden Sandals Resort
  2. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    I regret not getting to watch Joe Stiltner play. I do remember all the buzz about him. The Roanoke Times did a feature article on him during his senior season. Instead of a basketball shot in uniform, they had a large photo of him sitting on his motorcycle with a leather jacket looking like Arthur Fonzarelli.
  3. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    Anybody who was a starter on an ACC team should be in the conversation. Nice article yesterday by BHC's Tim Hayes on Gate City's Josh Shoemaker. Obviously a great basketball player, but I really enjoyed watching him on the gridiron as a 6'9" QB. http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/history-with-hayes-shoemaker-paved-a-path-from-gate-city/article_c8f2f4ec-f740-11e7-91c8-df44512ca5a7.html
  4. Gate City @ Ridgeview

    If GC makes it to the title game, he'll need about 34 to 35 ppg
  5. Peach Bowl

    Is this the song, @swva_havok_fan? Or does UGA's band have multiple songs that are horribly annoying?
  6. Region D projections (Boys)

    Yes, @swva_havok_fan is keenly aware that Grayson Co is Region D. But with prayers, electroconvulsive therapy, and intensive counseling sessions, he'll be ready to watch the Pack again come August.
  7. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    Not many people remember Powell Valley being a basketball powerhouse well before its football fame. I found a couple articles talking about the epic Hamler-Marsee match ups in the mid '70s. PV's coach was extremely frustrated that the UT and VT scouts at the game were not interested in his player. They favored Marsee (a 6'5" guard) over Hamler (a 6'3" forward). Anyone know if/where Hamler played ball in college?
  8. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Since eclipsing 2,000 late in 4th Q against Lakota East Union-31 John Battle-33 Floyd Co-33 Abingdon-47 Season Points: 430 (through) 12 games, 35.83 ppg Career Points:~ 2,144 plus 1/12 @ Ridgeview1/19 @ Lee High1/23 @ Central-Wise1/26 Union1/27 Cleveland (TN)1/30 @ John Battle2/2 @ Abingdon2/3 Pulaski County (Adam Ward Classic @ Salem Civic Center) 2/6 Ridgeview2/7 Daniel Boone (TN)
  9. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    Hamler's 2,096 points is remarkable. But 1,924 career rebounds? That is sensational!
  10. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    Odell Hodge was a 6'9" center ('89-'92). There was a 3 point line but most of his points were in the paint.
  11. Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    Southwest VA 2,000-point club Stacy Ervin (Twin Springs) Steve Marsee (Pennington) Brad Nuckles (Council) Danis Simmons (J.J. Kelly) Winston Terry (Jonesville) Jeff Owen (Cleveland) Mike Collins (Flatwoods/Thomas Walker) Barry Hamler (Powell Valley) Ben Valley (Honaker/Lebanon) Adam Hood (Rye Cove) Andrew Adkins (Coeburn) David Mitchell (Coeburn) Source: Bristol Herald Courier, 2-11-11, Tim Hayes And now: Mac McClung (Gate City)
  12. Pre-1970 Champions

    @Bluefield researcher, I can't thank you enough for sharing the wealth of information you have gathered over the years. I love local sports history but know just enough to confuse others. I read about how Marshall Johnson would work relentlessly to gather every score from across the state when he was with the AP....about how he spent his retirement years in the state library poring over microfilm researching Virginia high school sports...about his chronicling the prep history of schools, coaches, and players...about he would painstakingly research and update records after every season. It sounds like you, sir, and Mr. Johnson were cut from the same cloth.
  13. Gate City/Union @ UVA-Wise

    Gate City-Boone had over 2,700 in Gray. Per the UVA-W site, Prior's capacity is 3,000 for sporting events. I think fans better get there early or risk being turned away.
  14. Pre-1970 Champions

    There wasn't a consistant method to determine a champion. I believe it was mostly based on the votes of sportswriters across the state considering regular season results only. Example: Graham won the 1962 state championship with a 9-1 record. Though I have heard of schools trying to match-up top teams (e.g. East vs West) after the regular season for the title. I'm sure the voting method was extremely controversial. Marion's 1930 team was 10-1-1 and has a "state championship trophy"; however, VHSL recognized a different team that year. So yes, @Plywood_King, much like the AP-UPI-USAT annual polls debacle prior to BCA/BCF/CFP. (records per @Bluefield researcher Yearly Record Thread).
  15. Right or wrong, all three Smyth County Schools (Marion, Chilhowie, and Northwood) would keep coaches that long with sub-par results.
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