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    Don't know which one you're referring to but I know we will definately miss McKinney and Martin both. They're 2 kids that are fun to watch and always brought it the best they could.
  2. 2017 All-State teams

    6 boys wearing the Green and Gold named to the 1st and 2nd teams combined. Very nice to see their hard work pay off.

    I'm hearing 2 boys from Narrows made the squad. I would think it would be Mikey McKinney and Jake Martin but I'm not 100% on that. Nice accomplishment for them if so. Also 2nd year in a row Narrows has had a rep. Always nice to see.
  4. Appomattox

    Sounds like UVa's gameplan vs Miami. Facepalm inducing.
  5. All Region 1C team

    Region 1C football FIRST TEAM Offense Center -- Gavin Gray, George Wythe, sr.; Lineman -- Christian Brown, Galax, sr.; Derrick Stinson, Narrows, sr.; Josh Cash, Parry McCluer, sr.; Jake Martin, Narrows, sr.; Tight end -- Matthew Mullins, Narrows, sr.; Quarterback -- K.J. Moore, Covington, sr.; Running back -- Dougie Peoples, Galax, sr.; Marcellius Dawson, Parry McCluer, sr.; Devin Owens, Eastern Montgomery, jr.; Receiver -- Gavin Pruett, Narrows, sr.; Khorey Hull, George Wythe, sr.; Aaron Felty, Eastern Montgomery, sr.; Kicker -- Richie Romo, Auburn; Kick returner -- K.J. Moore, Covington, sr.; All-purpose -- Conner Call, Bath County, soph. Defense End -- Parker Coe, George Wythe, sr.; Matthew Mullins, Narrows, sr.; Lineman -- Jake Martin, Narrows; Christian Brown, Galax, sr.; Ben Sowers, Rural Retreat, jr.; Linebacker -- Mikey McKinney, Narrows, sr.; Landon Thompson, George Wythe, sr.; Dougie Peoples, Galax, sr.; Ed Tyson, Covington, jr.; Back -- Ian Lowe, Narrows, sr.; Back -- Cameron Chestnut, Auburn, sr.; Kent Bullock, Covington, soph.; Ethan Robinson, Galax, sr.; Punter -- Deacon Beamer, George Wythe, sr.; Punt returner -- K.J. Moore, Covington, sr.; All-purpose -- Cameron Chestnut, Auburn, sr. SECOND TEAM Center -- Jabari Williams, Covington; Offensive line -- Ben Sowers, Rural Retreat; Josh Fischer, Parry McCluer; Quarterback -- Deacon Beamer, George Wythe; Running back -- Ravvon Wells, George Wythe; Mikey McKinney, Narrows; Receiver -- Cole Walker, Parry McCluer; Kicker -- Josh Fischer, Parry McCluer; Kick returner -- Ravvon Wells, George Wythe; Defensive end -- Chase Kantsios, Narrows; Defensive lineman -- Desmond Jones, Covington; Josh Cash, Parry McCluer; Linebacker -- Jake Bowman, Narrows; Dalton McPherson, Craig County; Defensive back -- Chase Blaker, Narrows; Sean Gardener, Bath County; Punter -- Kyle Sloss, Craig County; Punt returner -- Ravvon Wells, George Wythe; All-purpose -- Ben Deplazes, Craig County. Offensive player of the year Dougie Peoples, Galax. Defensive player of the year Mikey McKinney, Narrows. Coach of the year Kelly Lowe, Narrows.
  6. Pulling for you to get there is what I'm saying. You did it last week late. Y'all can do it again.
  7. Where was that last week??? I kid, I kid. Get it straight Tide and go play in Salem.
  8. Sound like some mess you would expect to see Lindside.
  9. Was wondering why I hadn't heard it on the radio yet. Such BS.
  10. Chilhowie @ Galax

    That would mean both the general, social media using, public and also the VHSL would have an iota of common sense in either case. However, we all know that isn't the case.
  11. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    I was thinking more like Starkvegas, but either works.
  12. State Championship game times at Salem

    Just Classes 1 and 2. Class 1 at noon, Class 2 at 4. Classes 3 and 4 are in Williamsburg. I think 5 and 6 are in Norfolk.
  13. WV state championship games

    Been that way for as long as I can remember.
  14. Galax @ Narrows

    What a miserable life you must lead. I almost feel for sorry for you. With Dook, at least we all know it's a act. With you, I'm not so sure.
  15. Galax @ Narrows

    Truth hurts sometimes. As I have said before, sometimes this board is like a job. You've got to leave your feelings in the truck.
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