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  1. SW_VA_boy

    Patrick Henry vs Chilhowie 2.0

    From your mouth to God's ears!
  2. SW_VA_boy

    Narrows @ Galax moved to Friday at 2 pm.

    Rack 'em up, sack 'em up. Here's to a hopefully injury free game that was as fun as last years.
  3. SW_VA_boy

    Narrows @ Galax moved to Friday at 2 pm.

    In the same boat. Working 3-11 and Friday blacked out for vacation because of the holiday so now I'm stuck at work. C'est la vie.
  4. Must be to avoid the rain on Saturday hurting the gate or that would be my best guess.
  5. SW_VA_boy

    Narrows vs Parry Mccluer KO??

    I've been told there's one on facebook shot from the PM side that shows everything but I haven't seen it myself.
  6. SW_VA_boy

    Narrows vs Parry Mccluer KO??

    Not give the site my traffic anymore. Pretty simple really. Apology accepted. I don't have facebook so I don't know what can be seen but hopefully the video bore out what I stated from where I was standing. As I stated on that other site, this is a situation both sides would be best learning from and moving on from. It's obvious some things and actions need addressed. I hope for all involved that happens.
  7. SW_VA_boy

    Narrows vs Parry Mccluer KO??

    It's sad really. That undisciplined play is the one thing holding PM back. If I'm a part of their administration, the HC would have to answer for why his teams continue to behave this way.
  8. SW_VA_boy

    Narrows vs Parry Mccluer KO??

    And yes there was another from PM that got ejected. Really, both teams could have lost several players. It was not a good moment. Unfortunately, this is the type of things we have started to expect from PM.
  9. SW_VA_boy

    Narrows vs Parry Mccluer KO??

    31 went after Garrret Wolfe after a play. Garrett threw hands in the air and ran directly to the sideline. 31 then grabbed someone else and slammed him to the ground and things kicked off from there. He had been showing his ass all day and was unabated by the officials. I blame it all on the officials for not nipping his actions in the bud in the first half. But just my opinion.
  10. SW_VA_boy

    Narrows vs Parry Mccluer KO??

    So you're glad a Narrows coach got "punked" trying to break up a fight? You're glad someone was injured? And this from a board mod and owner. I expected better but can't say I'm surprised. Glad 99% of the other people from Graham I've met aren't like you. Give me the hammer, I don't give a damn. What would your advertisers think of you saying things like this on their dime? I'm starting to question your intelligence.
  11. SW_VA_boy

    Regional semifinal updates (Playoffs week 2)

    Pretty the same thing that happened in Narrows today. Has been PM's M.O. in the 3 games they've played. I put that on coaching and officiating for not nipping that shite in the bud before it gets out of hand.
  12. SW_VA_boy

    Graham vs Union

    I'll go with word from someone that's heard both if I meet one. I've learned to never assume. Wouldn't be surprised if you're wrong is all I'm saying.
  13. SW_VA_boy

    Graham vs Union

    I just heard a Freeman say "Hold my beer!"
  14. SW_VA_boy

    Regional semifinal updates (Playoffs week 2)

    Chris Via with a LONG TD run PM 28 Narrows 56 2:12 left