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  1. They're saying Jazaire Reed and Cam Allen both questionable for Graham. I'm thinking they won't play.
  2. So what day is Graham playing? Thursday or Saturday?
  3. Guess they didn't update that page. It was on 98.7 last Friday anyway
  4. http://www.g98radio.com/2017-tazewell-bulldogs-football/
  5. http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/college-football-uva-wise-rallies-to-win-first-game/article_50fe5ae8-8ecd-11e7-8e9e-930a574607a9.html
  6. Gabriel Sesco 6'7
  7. They missed most of the first half with technical problems. Second half was shown several minutes delayed.
  8. http://www.rodneysportsnow.com/2017/08/fort-chiswell-pioneers-regrouping-with-a-young-team/
  9. I heard they were at Mitchell.
  10. I think Collier from Bluefield has some offers from WV State, Glenville State, and UVA Wise
  11. or somebody from Salem
  12. 100.9 FM
  13. "In the fall of 1989, a sinkhole developed under the High School. A student was picking up trash outside the school when they fell into the sinkhole. The school was evacuated and in order to keep disruption to a minimum while scientists and geologists studied the sinkhole, the high school students shared the same facility with the middle school students for several months. A "split schedule" was instituted in which the high school students went to Graham Middle School in the early morning hours while the middle school students went to Graham Middle School in the afternoon. After it was determined that it would be too costly to build a new facility and once the sinkhole was deemed stable, the sinkhole was filled in and standard school schedules were restored. To this day, the site is monitored for structural changes." http://www.ghsacademicfoundation.org/history.html Graham won the state championship that year despite the disruption.
  14. Blacksburg also won state in 1989 after 6-4 regular season
  15. Yes, 1989. He was #23 in this video. I think he was injured in this game and missed the final against Southampton.