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  1. RichlandsAlum

    NBA history best players

    That Sixers group was definitely fun to watch -- especially if you were a Sixers fan (which I was at the time). I didn't personally witness the '92 Richlands state championship game. I was away at college then and had to stay and take the Graduate Record Examination on the exact date that the Blues captured the title. And yes, the amount of information that folks have to contribute and are willing to share here is pretty unique.
  2. RichlandsAlum

    NBA history best players

    Kinda relevant, but I would offer up the 1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers as the all-time best combination of talent on one team. That starting lineup -- Dr. J, Moses Malone, Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney, and Bobby Jones -- only lost 18 games all season (including the playoffs).
  3. RichlandsAlum

    Pulisic to Chelsea

    This isn't in response to anyone or any other post (I'm a big "to each his own" kind of guy) but the pace of the game is one of the things that appeals to me most about soccer. At the professional level, it's great to see highly skilled players plying their trade for at least 45 minutes straight without commercial interruption. The simultaneous competitions (including international play) also enhance my appreciation of the sport. Haven't seen USMNT live yet, but live matches at the upper levels of soccer that I have attended have been a blast.
  4. RichlandsAlum

    great coach left us today.

    Outstanding coach who earned widespread respect, including that of this Hokie fan. May he rest in peace.
  5. RichlandsAlum

    Pulisic to Chelsea

    This past summer I was very confident that Pulisic would be coming to Anfield. Although I'll admit to being disappointed -- particularly knowing that the Reds will have to see him twice a year in Chelsea blues -- Shaqiri has proven to be a great (and economical) addition to the lineup and we may have the opportunity to duplicate that somewhat with Fekir. Timing of the announcement coupled with loss to City also makes for a bad couple of days. Still cautiously optimistic that this is our year, but I do think the EPL race will ultimately be tight down the stretch. If Liverpool stumbles against the bottom of the table (as the Reds have been prone to do) the next few weeks, that would certainly make things a lot more interesting overall. That said, I agree completely that this is a great thing overall for American soccer and I'm glad to see Pulisic receive this kind of personal recognition and reward.
  6. RichlandsAlum

    NC Football Playoffs Start Tonight

    Go Cougars! We lived in the Vance attendance zone the last few years that we lived in Charlotte. And although we didn't have a direct connection, we were counselors for our youth group at church and a lot of our kids there were part of the first classes at the school. Attended many games in the earliest days of the program, so it's nice to see them do well.
  7. RichlandsAlum

    VA Championship Updates

    Great going, G-Men! You've done Tazewell County and the whole of God's Country proud.
  8. RichlandsAlum

    Way Too Early VHSL Class 2 Preseason Poll

    Caught them last night against Liberty. My take is that the Bulldogs are very talented and extremely well coached. Can't gauge too much from that particular outcome -- a 39-28 Martinsville win -- because Liberty still isn't quite ready for prime time (the unexpected run in the football playoffs having impacted preseason training). But I do attach some significance to the Dogs' win over E.C. Glass. Even though they are breaking in a new coach, the Hilltoppers are still a tough out -- and a victory margin over 20 is a big deal. Expecting/hoping for a better outcome when the Minutemen play down in Martinsville in a couple of weeks. But I am pretty impressed with the Dogs overall -- and they should be even better within the next year or so.
  9. Much as I like to take some good-natured shots at my Bedford County neighbors, I have to give Staunton River credit for ingenuity on a trick play based on a "granny style" backwards pass. Video is included in the attached link -- the play itself starts at the 1:50 mark. https://www.wdbj7.com/content/sports/Patrick-Henry-at-Staunton-River-499470191.html
  10. Allow me to clarify. It's not that it had been 6 years since they beat Amherst. Last night's victory was apparently the first for Liberty (formerly Bedford) Middle School in ANY football game since 2012. My 2nd born son is a member of the team (mostly bench sitting WR/DB this year) and he was only in for a couple of plays. But he and his teammates are walking a little prouder this morning. I asked him what they did to commemorate a win the next day in school (like wearing their jerseys, for example). He obviously didn't know. Sorry that this isn't SW Virginia related or probably even of interest to very many people. Just wanted to indulge in my own little Moment of Zen.
  11. RichlandsAlum

    Abingdon 3A

    Yep. I see it now. And that is a huge integrity gap within the ratings methodology. I would guess that it arose as a scheduling argument (to eliminate the statistical "penalty" associated with playing teams in lower classifications). But that's another really good reason for the VHSL to revisit classification overall, IMO. Seems like a 4 class system (or 5 at most) would work if districts were comprised completely of teams within the same classification.
  12. RichlandsAlum

    Abingdon 3A

    Thanks, Union_Fan. That makes sense. So the difference between LB and Abingdon is presumably a result of LB playing 4A schools and gaining the associated benefits.
  13. RichlandsAlum

    Abingdon 3A

    The existence of that kind of policy would be news to me. And if there were such a thing, it's hard to see how Abingdon could be allowed to benefit from it as there is no real argument for them being "required" to play down. Looking at the current VHSL rankings, Abingdon and Lord Botetourt have identifical records. But LB is outpointing them by a healthy margin (including bonus points). Guessing that margin is mainly due to the fact that Abingdon is playing teams in lower classification than Bottie.
  14. RichlandsAlum

    Abingdon 3A

    Beginning by admitting my own ignorance.... but is that actually happening? I thought the ratings were calibrated in some manner corresponding to classification (whereby you get greater benefit by beating schools in higher classification).
  15. RichlandsAlum

    Abingdon 3A

    Beginning by admitting my own ignorance.... but is that actually happening? I thought the ratings were calibrated in some manner corresponding to classification (whereby you get greater benefit by beating schools in higher classification).