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  1. Beamerball

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    Well, I'll have to say that Pennington has a pop. of around 1700 and Jonesville around 900...so, seems more likely you'd probably see more Pennington at events and such.
  2. Beamerball

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    Agreed, that battle would be fun to watch, but that's all I'd say. I still long for a day when we can get past Pennington/Jonesville and rally around Lee High as communities coming together for the kids. Starts with the parents.
  3. Beamerball

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    So many complain about the same things, but when the same people run or you have person for a position, it will never change. We so desperately need people to step up and step in to fight against the old regime.
  4. Beamerball

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    I hate hearing this stuff. I'm so sick of those excuses. It doesn't matter where you go, in some way those people will always be a problem. Success has been found at Lee under the right circumstances. Sanders had a good thing going before going back home to Mississippi....Williams retired at a bad time..right before the season started. Girls basketball had a run for a while not long ago. Boys have seen off and on success over the years. Roger Morris proved the baseball could be turned around...and he did it in just 2 years with a program that had a long losing history, unfortunately he retired quick. Softball had some years under Twigg before he retired. Lee used to have a strong track program. I hear so often... I do understand better opportunities exist and I don't blame anyone for reaching higher. There are good people here though and I believe in due time, if the right people step up (and I've seen some encouraging news in some good, young ones running for office this upcoming election), then good things can come. It takes people who are willing to settle for a little less I guess and to have real thick skin...but they do exist. I hope people see some good in finding places like Lee to work and turn things around.
  5. Beamerball

    2019 schedules

  6. Beamerball

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    He may have been on the staff but he wasn't head coach, Palko (another they shouldn't have let go) was the head man. Coomer was the HC the year before Palko and I believe he was a coordinator under Sanders.
  7. Beamerball

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    Boys basketball vacancy too as Coomer resigned also... https://www.leedaily.com/2019/03/15/coaching-changes-student-recognition-lcps-board-march/
  8. Beamerball

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    2A pretty strong this year...the 4A champ GW-Danville only had 2 losses this season...one of those to Martinsville in the reg. season (both reg. season game with M'ville decided by less than 3 points). Radford also beat the 3A champ Northside in the tournament at Salem.
  9. Beamerball

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    You'd think after all these I've put together I could do some without a mistake... ­čÖä
  10. Beamerball

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    Wednesday scores: 5A boys - Maury 57 Freedom´╗┐´╗┐ (South´╗┐´╗┐ Ridi´╗┐n´╗┐g´╗┐) ´╗┐49 5A girls - Princess Anne 69´╗┐´╗┐ Thomas´╗┐ ´╗┐Edison´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐55 (*10th State title, 6 consecutive State title) 6A girls - Woodbridge 64´╗┐ Cosby´╗┐ 43 6A boys - Landstown 79 Lake Braddock´╗┐ 60 Thursday scores: 3A boys - Northside 60´╗┐ Phoebus´╗┐ 58 (*1st boys basketball title) 3A girls - Spotswood 66 ´╗┐Hopewell´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐56 4A girls - Lake Taylor 61 Pulaski´╗┐´╗┐ Count´╗┐y 29 4A boys - George Washington 55´╗┐´╗┐ Louisa ´╗┐County´╗┐ 44 Saturday schedule: 1A girls - Parry McCluer vs. Surry County´╗┐, 11 a.m´╗┐. 1A boys - Surry County vs. Eastside´╗┐, ´╗┐1 p.m´╗┐. 2A girls - Central-Wise vs. Greensville´╗┐ County, 4:´╗┐30 p.m. 2A boys - Radford vs. East Rockingham´╗┐,´╗┐ 6:30 p.´╗┐m.
  11. Beamerball

    Softball/Baseball Schedules

    Be nice too if they'd just play the finals on Saturday.
  12. Beamerball

    VA Girls State Tournament brackets

    Semifinals updated.
  13. Beamerball

    VA Boys State Tournament brackets

    Semifinals updated.
  14. Beamerball

    State semifinals

    I probably won't be posting much, if any, updates....just getting it started.
  15. Beamerball

    State semifinals