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  1. Bulldogs52

    Grundy vs Chilhowie

    Grundy is physical, they’ll keep it close till late in the 2nd half.
  2. Bulldogs52

    Luke Owens

    Damn! I remember trying to have to block him in high school!
  3. Bulldogs52

    Luke Owens

    Luke Owens from Grundy?
  4. Bulldogs52

    Richlands 1st rd game

    Tackle everyone on Grayson Co. offense and you’ll stop them! They run a lot of misdirection!
  5. Bulldogs52

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 11

    Abingdon Princeton  Ft. Chiswell Glenvar Union Grundy Ridgeview Graham  Tazewell Richlands George Wythe Narrows  Hurley JI Burton Eastside Chilhowie Patrick Henry  Rye Cove Virginia Marshall Georgia Texas Michigan Boston College Tennessee Alabama Minnesota Pittsburgh Houston  Seattle  New England GotW Galax 48
  6. Bulldogs52

    Abington 3A

    All I see from his post is ( I can )
  7. Bulldogs52

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 10

    Pulaski Co.  Radford Greenbrier East Graham Giles John Battle Gate City Ridgeview Richlands Virginia Bluefield Galax  Auburn Narrows Honaker J.I. Burton Holston Thomas Walker Chilhowie West Virginia Virginia Tech Clemson Virginia Georgia Penn St. Washington St. South Carolina Kansas City Pittsburgh Indianapolis Los Angeles Rams New Orleans G(s)otW Union 49 Grayson Co. 49  Tazewell 55
  8. Bulldogs52

    Tazewell @ Grundy

    Made sports center, and now he’s in Hollywood!!! 😂
  9. Bulldogs52

    Marion at Tazewell

    Like I said, you can’t coach that!
  10. Bulldogs52

    Marion at Tazewell

    Tazewell lacks the 🔥! Seems like it takes them forever to get pissed off and play ball! Wish the coaches would let me come in and give a pre game speech! You can’t coach that!
  11. Bulldogs52

    2D Power Points (VHSL Helper)

    They take the top 8?
  12. Bulldogs52

    Marion at Tazewell

    You’re not telling me something I don’t already know!
  13. Bulldogs52

    Marion at Tazewell

    Tazewell arm tackles, they are in the backfield in line to make a tackle and totally screw up! And could someone over there in Marion teach #11 how to properly tackle as well before he hurts someone! Every other play he was getting called for a face mask penalty!
  14. Bulldogs52

    Richlands vs Graham

    I feel the Richlands Blue Nader Football Wikipedia is coming out!