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  1. Bulldogs52

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 5

    Hidden Valley Musselman, WV Giles Radford Patrick Henry  Graham Union  Ridgeview Grayson William Byrd Bluefield Bland Holston  George Wythe Twin Valley  Hurley JI Burton Castlewood Eastside  Chilhowie    Virginia Alabama West Virginia Virginia Tech TCU Tennessee Stanford Atlanta Washington Jacksonville Los Angeles Rams  Seattle New England GotW  Grundy 63
  2. Bulldogs52

    Bluefield @ Tazewell

    And I think it may have been 28 to 14 at the half.
  3. Bulldogs52

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 4

    Abingdon Parkersburg South, WV Fort Chiswell Giles Gretna Blacksburg John Battle Virginia Daniel Boone, TN Lee Glenvar Bluefield, WV Galax Riverview, WV Twin Valley Holston Thomas Walker Patrick Henry UCF Syracuse Tennessee Virginia Tech Virginia Auburn West Virginia Oklahoma State South Carolina Ohio State USC Atlanta Minnesota Pittsburgh Washington New England New York Games of the Week: Union 52 Chilhowie 56
  4. Bulldogs52

    River View @ Tazewell

    Wing T
  5. Bulldogs52

    River View @ Tazewell

    Dawgs need to get the freshman Mike Jones more touches in games. That kid is gonna be something special! Harris and Jones both in the backfield would be like thunder and lightning!
  6. Bulldogs52

    Score Updates 9/7/18

    24 to 16 Tazewell 7:13 2nd
  7. Bulldogs52

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 3

    Pulaski Graham Radford John Battle Ridgeview Sullivan South, TN JI Burton Union Grayson Grundy Marion Tazewell Bland Galax Narrows Honaker Pike Central, KY Thomas Walker Patrick Henry Hancock Co., TN Chilhowie Virginia Tech Georgia Tennessee West Virginia Marshall Clemson Indiana Penn St. Stanford Cincinnati Minnesota Washington Carolina Green Bay GotW Tennessee, TN 60
  8. Bulldogs52

    River View @ Tazewell

    Definitely need a win, to keep the young guys spirits up especially with Bluefield rolling next. After that the Bulldogs have a very reasonable schedule ahead of them!
  9. Bulldogs52

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    So was Richlands stomping the color guards flags and twisting they’re cleats in them the right thing to do? Just asking for a friend!
  10. Bulldogs52

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    What’s funny is the Richlands people on Facebook saying how wrong it was!
  11. Bulldogs52

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    I was kidding!
  12. Bulldogs52

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    I just wish the Bulldogs would tackle with that form, minus the body slam, we may be 1-1 now if not 2-0. 😂
  13. Bulldogs52

    Score updates 8-31

    3 Bulldogs injuries from chop blocks, typical G-Men
  14. Bulldogs52

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    Statistically sarcasm lol.
  15. Bulldogs52

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    I'm gonna call a blow out by one team or the other! 😋