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  1. sup_rbeast

    Union at GC

    What is strange is that in the years before Tom Turner took over the Appy program, they ran the same exact version of the T that you guys ran...they had the same coach.
  2. sup_rbeast

    Union at GC

    It leaves the outside wide open with a lead blocker for the back. I never knew of Appy to run it, either. The FB Trap or Blast sets it up and one or the other should be a staple of any run based offense, IMO. You get that counter toss in the hands of a fast back and that's 3-4 big plays per game.
  3. sup_rbeast

    Union at GC

    As long as #43 is getting chunks on his off tackle carries, the PA off those would be tough to defend and is an easy pass to complete. Just run flags with both TEs...that is a staple of most T Formation offenses. Union hardly uses it, if ever. The addition of the counter toss off the FB dive would be nice, too. Both of 'em gain big yards if the D isn't honest.
  4. sup_rbeast

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    Definately could’ve been a lot worse. He pretty much just dumped him. He could have driven his shoulder into him as he took him to the ground or came down on top of him with all his weight...but he didn’t. That alone tells me he wasn’t trying to hurt the kid.
  5. sup_rbeast

    Week 2 grudge: Union @ Richlands

    Union is very much still a work in progress. Honestly, I think Union is better on both sides of the line than Richlands is. Even so, Union won the 3rd phase of the game pretty handily...special teams. The blocked punt in the end zone was a direct result of Union’s punter putting the ball inside the 10 on consecutive punts. Union had some pretty nice returns setting themselves up with field position, too. Besides the bad longsnap, Union pretty much dominated that phase of the game and it showed up in field position. When teams are even, special teams is usually the deciding factor. Winning the turnover battle 3-0 doesn’t hurt your chances, either.
  6. sup_rbeast

    Ji Burton at Union

    I agree BigWinners...it may prove tough to slow down a team who likes to pass a lot. But, at the same time, the D is easy to adapt and adjust, so we will see how it all plays out. I don’t think Union showed much as far as wrinkles and looks on O or D the other night. Another thing...regardless of stats or the boxscore, etc, let’s not forget that Union held a 35-6 lead heading to the 4th, and quite a few of those passing yards came in the final quarter. It will be interesting to see on a week to week basis how the D is tweaked to best defend given opponents. Honestly, I don’t see that base D being abandoned at all. I think it will prove to be more than adequate once the players really find their individual grooves and become more solid in their roles.
  7. sup_rbeast

    Ji Burton at Union

    In order to stay in that defense, the CBs have to lock on to the widest receivers, and the OLBs have to be able to cover any receivers split out inside of them. Basically, the safety has to be able to account for a TE releasing downfield. It’s essentially the same D that PV ran for 20 years or so. In order for teams to have success, they usually had to effectively use the TE and slot receivers. If that was the case, it usually came down to whether or not the rush could get to the QB before he could find a receiver. If it did, the offense was toast...if it didn’t, the game would usually turn into a shoot out. Personally, I like that defense...but the rush has to be overwhelming on passing downs or it becomes a boom or bust situation.
  8. sup_rbeast

    Ji Burton at Union

    That’s spot on. With 8 in the box, the CBs are going to have to be on an island with the widest receivers...and be up close and physical off the line. No way around that unless you want to give up easy throws and catches. The OLBs are going to have to be able to cover as well ...which they did pretty well last night. That D is great if you have the personnel to run it, though. Time will tell.
  9. sup_rbeast

    Ji Burton at Union

    Union was spotty tonight, and definately a work in progress. On D the thing that jumped out at me was the CBs. It would probably help to line them up in a position where it is easier to deny slants or crossing routes and attempt to force the WR toward the boundary. Then, just let them run with the WR and make athletic plays on the ball. The way they are playing the front 7, that seems to me to be the most sensible thing to do. Also, the tackling in the secondary has to improve. On O, it’s a mixed bag of highs and lows, but the one constant is that 43 is a force out of the backfield. In the short term, Union would be best served to grind it out on O and try to limit teams on D. I don’t think the play we saw tonight will resemble the play in mid season. They have enough talent at the right places, just have to get in sync and play hard and they should be fine. That said, I could see this team going anywhere from 10-0 to 6-4 depending on circumstances and/or injuries. They played well enough to win tonight but were really sloppy in spots. A win is a win, though...on to week 2.
  10. sup_rbeast

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

    I was looking at the BSG P-Nut teams in the local paper earlier. I counted 121 kids spread over 4 teams. Granted, those kids are from both Appy and BSG, but solid numbers none the less.
  11. sup_rbeast

    Most wins by town

    The way I understand it that the Appalachia Training School was renamed Central High, but both were really the same school using the same building. Bland was built because Central High was dilapidated and a new building was needed.
  12. sup_rbeast

    8 Man Football

    Scaling back equipment would do more to limit concussions than more advanced equipment would, IMO. As a player, if you know you are going to feel it every time you dish it out, it makes you more judicious. I’m not saying to take pads away, but more like keep advancing helmets but leave shoulder pads etc. at mid 90’s levels. Just my two cents.
  13. sup_rbeast

    Most wins by town

    From my understanding, Central was in Appalachia. When the building that presently houses the police station and water department in BSG was built, that school was Bland. The mascot for both was Buffalos. Here’s a link from the SWVA Museum: http://www.swvamuseum.org/AfricanAmericanSchools.html
  14. sup_rbeast

    Most wins by town

    Bland High School Buffalos
  15. sup_rbeast

    Peach Bowl

    Exactly how many wins does #4 have over that same 4 loss team? My point exactly...see above. And...you really don’t know whether they are a top 4 team or not. You are just going by your best guess...but I’m sure your best guess wouldn’t have had UGA and Bama both losing to Auburn...and UGA’s loss was pretty embarrassing.