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  1. Peach Bowl

    Exactly how many wins does #4 have over that same 4 loss team? My point exactly...see above. And...you really don’t know whether they are a top 4 team or not. You are just going by your best guess...but I’m sure your best guess wouldn’t have had UGA and Bama both losing to Auburn...and UGA’s loss was pretty embarrassing.
  2. Peach Bowl

    By your logic, UGA and Bama both losing to a 4 loss team speaks volumes as well. Regardless, no team should lose their last game before the selection and get in.
  3. Peach Bowl

    Now, with the win, the folks picking and choosing the CFP teams are left with egg on their faces for the second year in a row. The only undefeated team in the country sits outside after beating a team that owns a win over 2 teams in the playoff. I’m an Auburn fan, but it is what it is.
  4. Peach Bowl

    Folks can say what they want, but through a half, UCF has shown they belong in the playoff. I stand by my original assessment that they do as well. The Peach Bowl should’ve been an Iron Bowl rematch.
  5. Cross-bracket or not?

    Both teams had injuries. An Auburn injury sustained in the Bama game is a big part of the reason UGA beat Auburn last Saturday. Auburn's entire game plan is predicated on running the football, and both of their top 2 RBs were banged up...one hasn't played in nearly 2 months.
  6. Cross-bracket or not?

    If Auburn is healthy they are as good as anyone. I'm sure UCF will be fired up for that, but not to the extent as if they were in the Playoff. So, I don't think the Peach Bowl will be any indication of how UCF would've played vs. another opponent.
  7. Cross-bracket or not?

    That's not how it works in any level of football. Granted, at the high school and Pro level you can lose the last week and get in...but the difference is that in high school, over half the teams make it and roughly 1/3 of the pro teams do. In college, it's 4 out of 125...and with the importance put on the final weeks by the committee, no one should be able to lose their final game and back in to the CFP...I don't care who it is, what the money is, or anything else. It's apparent that the CFP is all about appeasement and ratings...a sham.
  8. Cross-bracket or not?

    Exactly...and we saw what happened to them. Shoulda been Oregon.
  9. Cross-bracket or not?

    I'm still waiting for someone to tell me the last team is to lose their final game before either the CFP seedings, or the BCS Selection, or just a bid to a regular 'ol Bowl with a possibility to win a national championship. Until that is answered, Bama's inclusion is a sham IMO, and nothing you guys can argue or say will change that. If you lose your last game, you don't deserve inclusion..period. You should have to win under pressure to get in...not lose and get in anyway.
  10. Cross-bracket or not?

    Have you even watched UCF this year? I have. They could compete with any of the top 4. As for teams who could beat Clemson, we know Syracuse can beat Clemson...so, I think nearly anyone in the Top 25 would have a puncher's chance of beating them as well. IMO, the best team in it is Oklahoma.
  11. Cross-bracket or not?

    There are a few teams with a chance to beat Clemson. Tell me again who all the other teams are who lost their last game before being selected for the CFP...or to play for the National Championship in any scenario. Bama shouldn't be there, period. The CFP has proven to be just artificial contrived drama for the sake of TV ratings...and fans just lap it up. It's no better than the BCS was.
  12. Cross-bracket or not?

    Bama's best win was a 3 loss team...and their second best was a 4 loss team. Their schedule looked good on paper, but they went 1-1 in the only 2 legit challenges they faced. they weren't good enough to even get to the SEC Championship, but were deemed a week later to be somehow better than the team that beat them to knock them out of even going. People can say what they want about FSU, but even with the QB they aren't that great. Seeding Bama this year is a joke...bottom line. Like I said earlier, no P5 team had a legit argument if they were left out of the 4 seed...committee should have seeded UCF.
  13. Cross-bracket or not?

    Without a serviceable RB, that’s quite possible. But, regardless of where the games happened, it’s quite possible none of us live to see a team knock off two #1’s in a 3 week span again. Still doesn’t change the fact that there was no team with a clear argument for the 4 seed. Committee shoulda proved to the world that they mean what claim to be true and seed a non P5 considering the mess we had at the end of the season. Here’s some food for thought: since they went to the CFP format, how many teams have made the playoff after losing the last game they played prior to the seeding? Only one...Bama. I’m sorry, they just don’t deserve the bid. If they wanted a one loss team that lost their last game, they could’ve taken Wisconsin. At least their loss came in a conference championship game and was closer than Bama’s loss. Lol...the Bama bias is simply pathetic.
  14. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    The play happened right in front of me. The blocker had his right hand grabbing the neckline of 82's shoulder pads, and his left was on the shoulder full of jersey. From the home side, the hold was more than obvious.
  15. Cross-bracket or not?

    Folks said the same thing about the 2006 Boise State team, and we all saw what happened there. For what it is worth, UCF's opponents have a better combined winning percentage this year than Boise's did in 2006, as well. So, under what circumstance would a non P5 school belong? None of them play really tough schedules. I've watched UCF play 3 games this year, and they could give any of the teams in the CFP fits. IMO, VT would find a way to lose at least 1 of the games on UCF's schedule...possibly 2. The UCF score vs ECU is surprisingly similar to Tech's.. All I am saying is that there is no clear #4 this year, and the CFP committee claims that there is a way for non P5 schools to get in, and this was their chance to prove it with no P5 really having a legit argument as to why they would be left as the #4 seed. The committee failed to do so.
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