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  1. sup_rbeast

    Chilhowie Field

    IMO, Chilhowie earned the right to play the game wherever they choose. It's football, if they want to play in the mud then the game should be played in the mud.
  2. sup_rbeast

    Graham vs Union

    They had 2 worse point margins in back to back home losses in 2012.
  3. sup_rbeast

    Akers Out at GC?

    Not even making that comparison...just saying the nostalgia over Saunders is overblown. Take into account that during his tenure at Kelly he was 5-14 vs district teams with winning records. (Wins were PV 99, Pound 00, Appy 01, Coeburn 01, Clintwood 02...that's it).
  4. sup_rbeast

    Akers Out at GC?

    Never said it was bad, just said he didn't exactly burn it up...the results show that to be true. Besides the PV win in 1999, he didn't beat hardly anyone he shouldn't have beaten on paper. In his 3 playoff games at Kelly, he was 0-3 and the cumulative score was 97-13 with 2 shutouts...that comes out to an average of roughly 32-4.
  5. sup_rbeast

    Akers Out at GC?

    He didn’t exactly burn it up at Kelly...he won roughly 3/5 of his games and was 0-3 in the playoffs. Really, the biggest thing he accomplished was beating Powell Valley in 1999...and that’s about it.
  6. sup_rbeast

    Graham vs Union

    This one will be decided on the LOS. If Union can control the ball and clock on offense, and pressure the QB and stop the run on defense they win. If they can't Graham wins...it's that simple.
  7. sup_rbeast

    GC Head Coach

    Well, there is some truth to it...if not, I wouldn't have posted it. It's been verified.
  8. sup_rbeast

    GC Head Coach

    A reliable source says a certain former Davy Crockett HC is interested in the GC job...
  9. sup_rbeast

    Akers Out at GC?

    Exactly...the talent has to be there regardless of who is coaching it and vice versa.
  10. sup_rbeast

    Scott County championship

    Their preseason benefit game wasn't exactly a blowout during the half with the starters playing. Twin Springs started the year with a bunch of young kids who have had to grow up on the field during the season. I'd say due to that they have probably improved more as a team than Cove has overall. That being said, I also think that Cove has the edge in experience and has more good players at this point than Twin Springs has...but it's a rivalry, so who really knows what impact any of those factors will have on the game. I think this one will be close...whoever stops the other team's run game wins. RC 27 TS 22
  11. sup_rbeast

    Score Updates: Week 10 (10/25/18 and 10/26/18)

    My money says regardless of who is hired or whatever, there will be a political circus getting it done...lots of political bloodletting.
  12. sup_rbeast

    Score Updates: Week 10 (10/25/18 and 10/26/18)

    That may be a moot point by now...
  13. sup_rbeast

    Score Updates: Week 10 (10/25/18 and 10/26/18)

    You never know, the board and other powers that be may opt to extend him for 3 more years!
  14. sup_rbeast

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    According to four seasons, his record as HC at PV was 44-16-3 over 6 seasons (28-11-3 in the LPD)...3 playoff wins, all in 1982 and all on the road. He was 4-1-1 vs. Appalachia. He coached PV to their first LPD Title, their first Region D Title, and their first State Title...all coming in 1982. Best season was in 1982 as well with a 12-0-1 record. That comes out to a .698 overall win percentage over 6 seasons. (.666 district win percentage)
  15. sup_rbeast

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    Folks tend to forget that Robbins won 3 State Titles in his first 8 years at PV (85,89,90). Thomas Jones first year would have been Phil’s 10th as a the coach. His other 4 all featured a Jones at TB but those weren’t exactly one dimensional teams.