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  1. V-Cats

    Ridgeview at Ben Hur

    They probably think you guys are headed to Staunton haha
  2. V-Cats

    Any questions for podcast this week??

    How does the demotion of Grayson affect the landscape of 1C?
  3. No one is talking about it, so I will I think this could be a sneaky good game. PH looks better on paper, but the Trojans have more depth, they're at home, and have solid coaching
  4. Abingdon Musselman Giles Radford John Battle Graham Union Ridgeview Grayson William Byrd Bluefield Bland Holston George Wythe Twin Valley Hurley John Ira Burton Rye Cove Thomas Walker Chilhowie Louisville Alabama West Virginia Virginia Tech TCU Florida Stanford Falcons Packers Jaguars Rams Cowboys Patriots Grundy 43
  5. V-Cats

    Any questions for podcast this week??

    Has playing 4A powerhouses Blacksburg and William Byrd ultimately been beneficial or detrimental for Richlands? Is it possible that playing exceptionally difficult competition is a partial reason for the tanking of Gate City's program? Note: I am not advocating playing a cupcake schedule, nor disparaging playing difficult competition
  6. V-Cats

    Richlands at William Byrd

    Byrd no longer has their Superman (Larry Basham), but they're still a 4A school with some talent. I'll take the Terriers by 14 Speaking of which, does anyone know where Basham ended up this year? He was an outstanding high school RB and could have definitely played at least D2
  7. V-Cats

    VOTE for the Week 5 Top 10

    Bluefield Ridgeview Graham Chilhowie Union Pulaski County Virginia High Richlands Abingdon Galax
  8. V-Cats

    Podcast Questions for WEDNESDAY

    I'm sure GC fans would unanimously say Buckingham County
  9. V-Cats

    Podcast Questions for WEDNESDAY

    What are the odds that Darren Reed is the GC head coach before November? Should Virginia High get a tiger cage for their entrance like Oscar Smith has?
  10. Abingdon Parkersburg South Fort Chiswell Narrows (!) Gretna Blacksburg John Battle Virginia High Daniel Boone Lee Glenvar Bluefield Galax Hurley Twin Valley Holston Thomas Walker Patrick Henry UCF (THE defending National Champs) FSU Tennessee Virginia Tech (if they play) UVA Auburn West Virginia Oklahoma St. South Carolina Ohio State So. Cal Falcons Vikings Steelers Redskins Patriots Cowboys Union 50 Chilhowie 57
  11. V-Cats

    VOTE for the Week 4 Top 10

    Bluefield Union Graham Ridgeview Pulaski Richlands Virginia High Chilhowie Galax Abingdon
  12. V-Cats

    V-T Game #102

    As a lifelong Bristolian and Bearcat fan, I can firmly say that THS is the one school I can never cheer for. If ISIS had a football team, and they played the snooty, priveledged school across town, I'd have to pull for the terrorists 😂 I deeply hope we beat them tomorrow, but I'm pessimistic
  13. Pulaski Graham Radford John Battle Ridgeview Sullivan South John I. Burton Union Grayson Grundy George Wythe Tazewell Northwood Galax Narrows Honaker Pike Central Castlewood Patrick Henry Rye Cove Chilhowie Virginia Tech Georgia Tennessee (but I hope I'm wrong) WVU Marshall Clemson UVA PSU Stanford Colts Vikings Redskins Panthers Packers Virginia High 23
  14. AHS BHS Fort Giles Galax Virginia High Lebanon Ridgeview Grayson Graham Marion Narrows Hurley Grundy Honaker Twin Valley Chilhowie PH Holston Harlan UW WVU Marshall UNC UVA UM Bama Miami FSU Union 29
  15. Union Abingdon Upshur Fort Chiswell Blacksburg George Wythe Eastside Richlands TN High Ridgeview Grayson Honaker Chilhowie Bland Galax East Mont Narrows Hurley Twin Valley Patrick Henry Northwood Thomas Walker Bluefield 40 Virginia High 40