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    Say what you want, at least Virginia actually had championship games though.
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    Is what I am hearing true?

    I read on Facebook where a family was riding around on a golf cart in Cherry Grove and a car came by them and started egging them. They also had a 5 month old baby on board. When witnesses tried to chase the car down, they allegedly pulled an AR-15 on them. I'll stick to Surfside for now. Speaking of Surfside, swing by Bubba's Fish Shack and try the blackened Mahi. You're welcome in advance.
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    Is what I am hearing true?

    We live in MB (Carolina Forest area). Saw that story on the news last night but there was no mention of the AR-15.
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    Only in Liberal states and commonwealths.
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    Liam McPoyle

    Is what I am hearing true?

    I've been looking for VRBO near the confluence of Mudlick and the Clinch.
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