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  1. At this stage in the game I don't think Castlewood could have found anyone better.
  2. I think so too. I think it may make Ridgeview more multiple/unpredictable like Haysi used to be under Colley. Ridgeview's inability to run the ball against good teams really hurt them last year I thought.
  3. He's got all his targets back. Alot of his success came from either chucking it deep to Beavers or throwing a screen to Beavers. Ridgeview struggled to adjust when teams doubled Beavers. Would probably help to move him around in the formation or put him in the slot. Hill came on some towards the end of the season.
  4. I would have a hard time believing that. I think silence speaks volumes.
  5. Hadn't heard Edwards was leaving too. Why is he leaving? All these rumors floating around. Trying to make sense of it.
  6. We must have not heard the same rumor......
  7. Unless Ridgeview can find some way to run the ball I don't think they can win. Play calling has consisted of run up between the tackles two plays, get stuffed, and then try to chuck it deep to #7 to bail them out. Ridgeview has played 3 good teams and are 1-2 in those games. They are only 2-3 plays away from being 0-3 in those games. I think they may be better defensively than they showed last week but I guess we will find out.
  8. Been a very interesting Cumberland district season. Twin Springs and Thomas Walker winning and Burton and Eastside at the bottom.
  9. Play calling has definitely been suspect. It would be nice to see some variations in Ridgeview's formations as well.
  10. #7 is the explosion. If Abingdon is able to take him away it will be a long night for the Wolfpack.
  11. Eastside sure has become a powerhouse in the Cumberland.
  12. Did you not say in a previous thread that Union was the best team in the region right now?
  13. Where are you seeing team and individual stats for Ridgeview? I would be interested in seeing them if you could share a link.
  14. I'm a little disappointed as I was expecting a little more action in this thread. I'm not sure how this one goes. Both teams have lost significant talent from last year and haven't really played anyone as a measuring stick so far this year.
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