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  1. I dont think so, just because they gave taz a game doesnt mean a hill of beans!!! taz and marion are closer in talent that marion and graham.
  2. I dont think so! west stokes sucks its like beating Auburn or Bland. pump the breaks!!! grayson will beat them next week!!
  3. well when daddy feeds him the ball all the time what do you expect??
  4. hmmm flipped a switch, hard to flip a switch when all you do is run power and no semblance of a passing game. nothing against galax but you guys don't have the skilled players of past years!
  5. well that's a bunch of BS! if they had enough bodies to play they should be playing and if they still cancel just to cancel they should be forced to sit out the next sport they play. BASKETBALL!! VHSL needs to grow a pair and step in or this will continue!! If I was an AD and I was in certain teams conferences Bland, Auburn, Craig county... I just wouldn't schedule them at all.
  6. dont need to out athelete them just need to play physical off the line on 8, he struggles with press and blitz qb, that will beat them.
  7. radford is over rated. graham with beat them by 21!!!!
  8. Tazewell will be one and done in the playoffs while graham will march on to the region finals! Guess they never heard of karma or never tug on supermans cape
  9. if they played for tazewell all we would here is how great they are and how all are D1 and best line in past 50 yrs in the state
  10. Grahams line is the engine that makes them go!! Best south of Roanoke and probably top 5 in state in all classes. plug in any running back and they will be successful with the holes those guys blast open.
  11. Galax fans are about as bad as graham and Tazewell fans. you guys beat a terrible hedgville team and then wanna talk about how great you are!!! that team won 4 games in the last three years so keep patting yourself on the back.
  12. and...... sounds like the one position they need is qb, anyone who throws to pick 6's well cant be good
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