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  1. He was a no show at practice today
  2. Hammer? whats the hammer? and go watch is was not much more than that. if that. so if someone doesnt agree with you, you want the so called HAMMER dropped what ever that might be!! good grief.
  3. I think your thinking of number 17 isabelle kid whos dad played at bluefield. the kid who just moved in from texas is a big big boy. As for the safeties it will be Edwards, Floyd, corners will be watkins and tydrez. thats the rumor anyway for db
  4. hahahahahahaahahahahaha, i needed a good laugh, i hope you got good news in regards to your previous post about bad news in giles.
  5. I have to agree i dont remember seeing him out there at all after the abingdon scrimmage where he got toasted a few times. I saw, 25, 8, 1, and 23 as their DB's all season. now he may have played mop up but i dont count that.
  6. Is it crap talking if true?
  7. Hes not 6/2 320, He is 5'8 369 just fyi
  8. Is this in reference to all they hype Tazewell offense is getting with their dink and dunk 1.6 air yard completion percentage that they are bragging about?
  9. All I know is after watching the taz bulldog radio newtork on facebook Tazewell might want to cancel the Riverheads game or ask to play JV. They will smoke you all by 70!!!
  10. so out of 443 students 97 playing??
  11. It seems like only two teams is C, any other teams have a shot? besides Giles and Galax, good buddy of mine thinks GW should be in mix. He said they return all 11 starters and get a skilled kid back who missed with most of the season with injury. Not to familiar with the schools down there but seems galax is champ until someone walks the isle and takes it.
  12. Heard Galax didn't look good in 7v7 vs Pulaski, they only scored 1 td, final was 7 to 1. I know, I know 7v7 but need to score more than 1 TD if going back to state.
  13. Anyone heard of schools having low numbers yet? My guess is bland, auburn, and covington who didnt finish last season.
  14. Yea they should. Princeton a good QB, and good line, GW returns everyone would be a good game
  15. I sure have hit a nerve with this!! GW is catching all kinds of shrapnel!! Not sure why they canceled on graham last year but sounds like everyone in C was proactive and the only one who wasn't was GW and they are short 1 game
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