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    adsi97 reacted to Tigers_07 in Week 2 score updates   
    3:33 in the 3rd
    Castlewood 26
    Honaker 17
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    adsi97 got a reaction from Chappy in Scrimmage Schedules   
    Shawsville  Virginia I believe
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    adsi97 got a reaction from Bulldogs52 in Scrimmage Schedules   
    Shawsville  Virginia I believe
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    adsi97 got a reaction from Gridiron60 in Richlands at Blacksburg....   
    I agree,no team with less than a 7-3 record should ever make the playoffs.
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    adsi97 reacted to stu_bean in Bearcats vs Bulldogs   
    All I can say is 7:00 can't get here fast enough.  Been waiting for this day since the final game of last season!
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    adsi97 reacted to Bulldogs52 in Richlands 2018 Football Trailer - #Thunder18   
    Other than it being Richlands, nice job Ryan!
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    adsi97 reacted to bhs7695 in VA Football State Championships 12/10/2017   
    I would have thought you'd be constipated with as much sunshine you blow up your own arse......
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    adsi97 reacted to futbolking in VA Football State Championships 12/10/2017   
    I'm surprised G Man allows you to ruin this site the way you have.  I know of 3 or 4 people who no longer post on here directly because of you. Go ahead and insult me if it makes you feel better about yourself...   but before I go, know this..... I will never use "bag balm" that somebody else used as chapstick...Goodbye A Hole.  Swvasports just lost another poster.
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    adsi97 reacted to futbolking in VA Football State Championships 12/10/2017   
    No I'm not a fan of what you say.  Most of what you say is pompous and self serving. And I will not be told by somebody as arrogant as yourself what to do.  
    See you at the games, oops forgot, you don't actually attend the games.  You just talk smack  
    Didn't know I did a jackass imitation so we'll.
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    adsi97 reacted to futbolking in VA Football State Championships 12/10/2017   
    Go be in love with yourself somewhere else.  I'm tired of the PDA. Being in love with yourself is a wasted exercise that bears no fruit.  
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    adsi97 reacted to futbolking in VA Football State Championships 12/10/2017   
    Whatever.  Some of us just like to have a little faith.  Any num nut can pick the heavy favorite 
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    adsi97 reacted to Bulldogs52 in Tazewell @ Virginia High   
    This was posted from a good friend of mine and a fellow teammate back in the day and a coach and role model for our young guys in the community today! 
    I want to take a moment and recognize what our varsity football team done last night. They started off slow. They had a lot of nerves flowing. This is because of their youth. A lot of them are freshman and sophomore players. They fought back against va highs first team and held them scoreless in the second half. A few big plays were made by this young team. They are learning. They are gaining experience. They are taking advantage of this opportunity at playing earlier in their high school careers. The coaches are instilling a hard nosed work ethic into these players. They are making them accountable for their actions. They are molding them into tougher football players. And more importantly tougher hard working individuals. That is a key ingredient to success. Isn't that what we want for our kids. To be resilient and goal oriented. Not look for ways out. Or find excuses. Now as parents and supporters In our area we need to remember success isn't a over night process. It doesn't come gift wrapped. We have to teach our kids to be supportive and positive. We have to teach them that when you get hit in the mouth you have to respond. We need to teach them how to respect our coaches and buy in. The negativity will eat out the core. This has been our problem for years. Now as a community and parents we need to get on board and support them.  I want everyone to think about a teacher or coach who pushed you hard in the past.  They are probably the ones you respect the most. Or learned the most from.
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    adsi97 reacted to Bigrhsfan in Tazewell @ Virginia High   
    That's part or most of what the problem is there now,  the boys need some stability and consistency in the program,  not looking for new coaches after 1 game.  They are young and a new system and small numbers.  Whats needed is patience and support !  It may very well be a long season and tough to watch at times,  but give them some time and let the coaches do their job.
    I know you may not want to hear that from a Richlands fan,  but I do care about their program and kids because my daughter went to school there and was a cheerleader there back in the early 2000's and I use to go to all of their games back then and still try to keep up with what is going on there, so I would love to see them get the program back to where it once was and should be.
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    adsi97 reacted to stu_bean in Tazewell @ Virginia High   
    Fundamentals first, work on execution and be consistent. Just because we had explosive offense last year you can't expect the same this year. Yes the dogs were lethargic on offense in the 1st half but they started clicking and doing better in the second. The coaches will be fine. Talk about mixing it up, how about that fake punt?  It didn't work but almost. These guys should be proud of their effort. The season is going to get much harder. Yes the officials were absolutely terrible. Don't know how they missed several things that happened right in front of them but they missed it both ways. Did it affect the outcome, no. Guys stick with it and more will see the dedication and hard work and we can build back. Be proud that you held their offense to 21 and they got 14 of those on short fields. I'm proud of what the dogs did last night. Just keep your heads high and continue to give it your all. 
    Off my soapbox now.
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    adsi97 reacted to Bulldogs52 in Tazewell @ Virginia High   
    Really gonna start find new coaches already? Get the **** Out her with that bull****! Freshman and Sophomore's playing both ways with a hand full of Sr's on the team. 
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    adsi97 reacted to SpillBoss in Tazewell @ Virginia High   
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    adsi97 reacted to futbolking in New SWD This season or next?   
    Alright folks, let's give Tazewell a break. It will turn around soon enough.  May take a little time, they will still be young and most of their talent will very young.  Hopefully they won't give it up and stick it out and they'll be back before you know it.  Consistency is what they need.  Besides, Colobro didn't coach one single down this season and the other coaches were leading the weight lifting, so they are still in the same situation they were in at the end of the season, without a head coach.  There were several highly quality coaches who applied for the position, including some very good college ball players.  I think they need somebody young and enthusiastic who will get the kids out, that's what it's all about anyway, getting the kids to buy in and come out and play.  Colobro would have been there for 2 or 3 years max...
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    adsi97 reacted to futbolking in Colobro Out?   
    I for one am tired of all of the Tazewell bashing.  The man is 66 years old.  He can give them 2 or 3 years at best and I think he realized that he can't put the time in to rebuild a program.  I think he means exactly what he said and there's nothing to read into it.  I hope Tazewell gets somebody young and energetic who is willing to put in the time.  There is nothing wrong with Tazewell that isn't wrong with most other small schools.  They haven't had a ton of talent.  It was only 2 short years ago that they wiped the field with Graham.... they are very young and it's going to take time.  The Middle School program is taking off and that will help, but those kids coming up are just in the 9th grade.
    Graham had only 18 kids come out for Middle School Football last year, seems like they have some work to do as well...  Let's not expect any miracles to take place from anybody, either.  Sometimes you have to face facts and realize that maybe you don't have a lot of talent coming through right now and need to be patient.  Lord knows as a Graham fan, we had to suffer through about 12 years of Sub Par football.  A lot of that had to do with coaching....but Graham had a TON of talent last season.
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    adsi97 reacted to honestjohn in Round 3 Updates - 11/25/16 and 11/26/16   
    UVAObserver has disappeared, he must be out trying to tuffen up Hurleys schedule.lol
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    adsi97 reacted to old_school in Off-season rumor mill...   
    Only those close to the Tazewell program understand what Allen has been trying to achieve. I hate it for him and all of the younger kids that one of his best players is transferring on him.  
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    adsi97 reacted to UVAObserver in Off-season rumor mill...   
    Gosh, there's so many things...
    Culture of instant gratification.
    Dertrimentally indulgent parenting.
    Undue self importance.
    Lack of loyalty.
    Lack of gumption.
    Contempt for jurisdictional rules.
    Tail wagging the dog.
    Sports above education.
    Me Me Me.
    Turning your back on your friends.
    Turning your back on your teammates.
    And most importantly...
    A mistake.
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    adsi97 reacted to GMan in Altavista objects to playing at Haysi   
    If Altavista is the best team, then they should beat Haysi regardless of field conditions...
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    adsi97 reacted to redtiger in Altavista objects to playing at Haysi   
    I call BULLSHIT!!!  bunch of sissys!
    The field isint in the greatest shape but its fine. I will admit there is little to no grass between the hash marks but its just mud(its not sloppy splashy mud). Its not a dangerous situation.
    Imo theres NO WAY the game gets moved to UVA-W or Richlands(an hour car ride is not "homefield"). If it gets moved I think it will be to Clintwood. The field in Clintwood is spectacular, always is. No one on Earth could find anything wrong with that field.
    Bearcat Bob, the field sits next to the river at the bottom of a valley(suprise suprise in SWVA), not alot of sun and some damp conditions. Its actually a really good field, imo its right there with Bullitt Park, but its definately a step or two behind the field at Ralphs House(Clintwood).  the 1st round of the playoffs there was a major downpour during the game and that resulted in the field being torn up as much as it is.
    If the field conditions posed a danger to the players I would be all about getting the game moved, but thats not the case.
    Before I moved the game to UVA-W I swear I would miove it to Riggs Stadium!
    Its FOOTBALL, its a dirty game. Get used to it!
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    adsi97 reacted to Bearcat Bob in Richlands @ Giles   
    I am doing a study on how long I can keep you knotheads posting on here.  So far, it has been easy...which is usually the case when dealing with insecure personalities.  But it is getting stale in that you are not very original.  Whatcha' got now?
    Bueller? Bueller?
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    adsi97 reacted to Bearcat Bob in Richlands @ Giles   
    You know, some (not all) of you Richland fans are great big ol' arses venting your butthurt over getting taken out to the woodshed by Giles.  A VHS fan simply stated that he thought VHS would have fared better.  So what?  One persons opinion.  Nothing negative was said about R-lands.  Get over yourselves. 
    Maybe that wasn't the best place to post his opinion for one reason; It gave you homers somewhere to vent your frustration.  I was afraid that last weeks positive comments about VHS were all smoke and mirrors. If VHS would have won, I dare say the comments would not have been nearly so complimentary from many of you, based on a few posts in this thread. 
    I have tried to support R-lands because of my own positive experiences playing them back in the day.  But to paraphrase Lance, "damn it is hard".  Many of you have the "new money" syndrome.  R-lands has experienced success for a decade or so and some don't handle it so well (much like Gretna).  Not like "old money" (i.e.: Giles or D-B or even GC, ).  They have been good for a long time and know it but also know how to handle it. 
    One benign comment and you show your true colors (which this week is red-faced with a hint of blue).  I hope this is just an "in the moment" thing 'cause R-lands is better than this (or used to be)....
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