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  1. Union_Fan

    Gate City @ Central

    I really think GC is at least a touchdown better than Central, but I also thought Lee was a TD better than Central, so who knows. This game could be a barn burner. I like GC, 35-28.
  2. Union_Fan

    Central @ Lee

    After the victory over Lee, really hoping they can defeat Grundy.
  3. Union_Fan

    Battle @ GC

    At this point, in this crazy season, no telling what might happen...with any game.
  4. Union_Fan

    2D Power Points (VHSL Helper)

    Depending on bonus points, entirely possible.
  5. Union_Fan

    Abingdon @ Union

    I think they get quite a bit of competition in the Mountain 7 as it is strong in all sports. However, they could benefit greatly by scheduling some Tennessee schools that wouldn't kill them in travel.
  6. Union_Fan

    Battle @ GC

    They'll have a chance to prove that with a win over Central Friday.
  7. Union_Fan

    Abingdon @ Union

    They are the only 3A school in SWVA. It was either join a 2A district or travel 3 days by mule each week to River Ridge district opponents.
  8. Union_Fan

    Marion at Tazewell

    I'm feeling much better about the Lee/Union Dinner Bucket trophy now. 😂
  9. Union_Fan

    Battle @ GC

    No. They had to win out and still needed some help.
  10. Union_Fan

    Abingdon @ Union

    As long as we have good weather, they won't be disappointed. The Park. Will. Be. Crazy!
  11. Union_Fan

    2D Power Points (VHSL Helper)

    Yep, and next week is a very winnable game for them.
  12. Union_Fan

    2D Power Points (VHSL Helper)

    Unofficial points after tonight. I will do scenarios by Monday. 1.) Ridgeview 7-1 198 24.75 2.) Union 7-1 189 23.625 3.) Grayson Co 7-1 189 23.625 4.) Graham 7-1 175 21.875 5.) Richlands 4-4 162 20.25 6.) Va High 4-4 148 18.5 7.) Battle, John 4-4 141 17.625 8.) Marion 4-4 130 16.25 9.) Central-Wise 2-6 119 14.875 10.) Lee 2-6 114 14.25 11.) Tazewell 2-6 114 14.25 12.) Gate City 1-8 123 13.66667 13.) Lebanon 1-7 96 12
  13. Union_Fan

    2D Power Points (VHSL Helper)

    I wish it were that simple. Union can outpoint Ridgeview, but we will require help from Letcher Co, Central over Grundy, JI Burton over Thomas Walker Tazewell over Grundy for good measure.
  14. Union_Fan

    Abingdon @ Union

    Might as well get this started. Especially since I just saw where this game will be carried LIVE by WCYB. I watched the commercial twice just to make sure I didn't imagine it. A share of the Mountain 7 championship and possible #1 seed in 2D will be on the line for the Bears. An outright Mountain 7 championship possibility for the Falcons. What does everyone think?
  15. Union_Fan

    Chilhowie @ Eastside

    Eastside may get some plays in, but I just can't see them keeping this close.