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  1. Eastside Head Coach

    My understanding is that's been tried a few times, but didn't work out for various reasons. 😕
  2. Norton

    Apparently, the stapler story was true, but not the whole story. Heard he was reinstated yesterday. http://www.thecoalfieldprogress.com/sports/norton-school-system-suspends-adams/article_50ff3968-3f3a-11e8-837b-93bb45006810.html

    Not sure about 6A, but there were kids from 4A and 5A.

    Wondered that myself. I have no clue.

    http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/vhsca-all-star-football-union-s-mitchell-ends-prep-career/article_920e4d26-e2d9-11e7-adae-4783b5a2d80b.html http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/vhsca-football-wcc-s-mullins-had-a-season-of-nightmares/article_ca6783a4-e220-11e7-9a18-4b64c6a4e99c.html http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/gregory-phil-robbins-hard-at-work-making-sure-the-pieces/article_f126e2c0-e2e6-11e7-bcb5-f319a7f5aeae.html http://www.timesnews.net/Football/2017/12/16/Following-in-his-dad-s-footsteps-Turner-coaches-Red-All-Stars-to-win.html?ci=stream&lp=4&p=1

    I did. I would estimate a 1000 people there. It was a defensive struggle. Neither offense had any spectacular plays, but some great individual plays and performaces. The Red team's QB was very small, but absolutely tough as nails. My first all star game, and I enjoyed it. Would definitely go again if it's close by in the future. Lot of good athletes. Beidleman for Giles really stood out at DB. Heard his name a lot. Glad to see Dalton Mullins from Central get to play after his season ending injury. He snagged an INT for the Blue team. Mitchell scored the only TD in the first half for Red. Made a couple of really good catches.
  7. James Mitchell is a.....

  8. I may have to put you back on the nice list. :)
  9. What that guy says don't count. He says a lot of things. Lol People get caught up in stuff on social media. That's why I stay off of it.
  10. I just searched the Appo/Union post on preps and couldn't find where anyone said that Appo paid the refs. I did find people complaining about 2 calls specifically. I think those complaints were very legit. Personally, I believe there were no congrats to Union because most Appo people were 100% certain that game wasn't going to be close and when Union came a hair from winning they couldn't admit that Union had a good enough team to beat Appo. I will give you props for rectifying the Mitchell comments. I do sincerely appreciate that.
  11. Appomattox

    I don't think he meant it quite that way. :)
  12. Appomattox

    Fixed it for you... I will give Appo tons of credit for winning the championship this year, but "ruled" is definitely not a word I would use.
  13. That would be because we knew any support of our teams would be taken as an insult by posters on preps. In 2015, fans from SWVA, not just Union, said that Union would beat Glenvar because of the Bears' passing attack. We were immediately attacked and ridiculed because, and I quote, "I'm not saying I think Glenvar will win this, but if they lose, I don't think it will be because of their pass defense." And, of course, that's exactly how Union won. In 2016, just the mere utterance of "I think Union can beat Appo IF we do this, this and this" was perceived as "Appo is not good and can't beat Union." The same thing was said when Richlands expressed ANY hope they could beat Appo in the championship game. And this year, R.E. Lee and Union both had more total yards and first downs than Appo. Union's game was 1 pt closer, but look at all the congratulations on preps for Lee. None for Union. Had you looked at the majority of the posts on preps you would have thought Appo beat Union 40-0. There is a very real bias on preps against teams from SWVA. It's not in our heads. It's real. I've never understood how supporting your own team can be an insult to another. We should always support our team and think they can win. Why even play if you don't think you can win. Those of us that are on here and preps both have learned that, and keep our comments limited.
  14. Appomattox

    Interesting. You'll have to keep us updated on that.
  15. Podcast Questions--End of the Season Show

    You may have already planned on 1 or more of the following, but... A season review.....best O, best D, best players.....overachieving teams, underachieving teams.....crazy plays or happenings before,during, or after games this year......best coaching.....players that will be missed from each team....most thrilling games. A look ahead to next year.....teams to look out for, teams that may surprise, teams that will be down, teams that will be on top......a way too early prediction of district winners for next year......top players to watch for.....
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