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  1. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    It was actually 28-21 entering the 4th with final score being 49-21, but it was far from a drubbing. Game was very close and competitive throughout. Hope Saturday is as entertaining as that game.
  2. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    That's great!! My heart goes out to any player on any team that gets hurt.
  3. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Come on down guys. Wear your Giles gear. You'll be more than welcome.
  4. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Seating for visitors is roughly 1000 wheelchair accessible, aluminum bleachers, but that's cheek to cheek. Not sure if Graham's band will attend or how many fans will come. Pizza at concessions will be good, hotdogs are OK. Not sure if they will for Saturday, but they've had taco soup and baked potatoes lately. I'll add a couple of places to eat in addition to what the other guys mentioned. I've never been, but my daughter loves the Union Grill in BSG. If pizza is your thing, Doughmakers in Norton is hard to beat. Parking inside the Park should be accessible until at least an hour before the game. Anytime closer and you may be parking along the many streets outside the entrance. Safe travels!
  5. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Absolutely, come on down!
  6. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    And UVA said Graham didn't hold back. ;) It's OK, we got players with grandkids. Lol
  7. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Only one can throw and catch the ball at a time too. However, Graham and Union both can't focus on just one player or formation. Lot's of play makers for both teams to defend. That's what makes this a great matchup!
  8. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    As of now, weather will be perfect.
  9. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    The QB from Letcher was by far the best passing QB Union has seen this year. The kid could throw it 50 yards and put it right in the hands of his receiver. He was the best scrambling QB also. That was all in the first half. Adjustments were made and he wasn't a factor at all in the 2nd half. Battle's QB was the best running QB we've seen. Marion's QB looked great in warm-ups, but was a non-factor in the game. According to Battle's coach, they didn't have any trouble moving the ball on Graham, but turnovers killed them. Have only seen video of Graham. Obviously, they have lots of athletes and speed. Hard to judge that speed from film. Union is in for a tough game. They HAVE to control the line and conduct time consuming drives to win. They CAN'T allow Graham to get 2 or 3 scores ahead. We're simply not built for comebacks unless we miraculously find a passing game. We will need to pressure Allen without giving him lanes to escape the pocket. Going to be a fun game, and I really think the pressure is on Graham more than Union. Not sure how many of Graham's current team came to BSG in 2015, but I remember this quote from Palmer in the BDT.. “We play in the Bluefield and Graham game so they can’t bring nothing that we haven’t seen before as far as a crowd goes,” Graham head coach Tony Palmer said. “We could care less about what their crowd is going to be like, we are just concerned with what happens on the field... But after some communication issues, false starts and time outs the environment did make a difference. Maybe not in the outcome of the game per se, but it did on some plays. Maybe those plays turn out to be key plays and then affect the outcome. Just hope The Park is as lively on a Sat afternoon as it is on Friday night.
  10. Round Two Score Updates

    With you both. Day games just aren't the same.
  11. Union vs. Marion

    Have to admit, I didn't expect that at all. Hats off to Marion for not quitting. They fought till the end. Hope we can keep that energy up for Graham. Go Bears!
  12. Round Two Score Updates

    Yep. It went Union, Glenvar, Appo, Graham
  13. Giles vs Appomattox

    I'm not very familiar with FUMA, but according to their own site, Appo and Goochland played the same team. If that's true, Appo's D isn't anything like it was last year. http://athletics.forkunion.com/index.aspx?path=football_prep
  14. Union vs. Marion

    For your convenience... http://www.wcyb.com/sports/11-10-17-friday-night-huddle-part-2/654841315 And another angle from WJHL... And Union/Richlands is the first game on each. You're welcome.
  15. Union vs. Marion

    I wish I was as confident as some of my fellow Bear fans, but I think this will be a hard fought game. My biggest concern isn't Ford running the ball between the tackles, but getting the ball in space along with Marion getting a passing game established. Hopefully, Union will not be as one dimensional tomorrow night as they were last week. Better weather equals more fans. The Park will be rocking! I'm going with Union 21-14.
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